10 EdTech Life Hacks Every Student Needs

There comes a moment in the life of every student when college obligations put too much pressure and you need a hand to help carry a portion of the load. With technology becoming more and more available in classrooms, software developers placed their efforts to provide all sorts of effective apps that can provide us with tools to perform both complex and mundane tasks much easier. Some of these tools are more valuable than others; therefore, we have decided to create a list of 10 EdTech apps that every college student should use in order to make college life less stressful.

Mobile MS Office

This is a free app that allows you to use MS Office documents on your mobile device, which is excellent if you wish to do some quick text editing while you’re away from your computer. Furthermore, this app allows you to access any document you previously uploaded to OneCloud or Dropbox. The textual documents that you create using the mobile version of MS Office are compatible with the desktop version of the software, as well.


This is an amazing app that allows you to learn through a gamified user interface. Different sets provide you with means to learn foreign languages, mathematics, and all other subjects that you need help with. In fact, more than 90 percent of the students claim to have higher grades thanks to Quizlet because it’s simple and user-friendly interface allows meaningful learning concept through a quiz-like experience.

Essay writing services

When the deadline draws near and you still haven’t finished your essay, there’s not much that could be done in order to avoid failing. Hiring an online essay writer that could provide you with a plagiarism free essay in the shortest possible timeframe is the best option you have at your disposal. There are many services you can choose from, some of which could deliver papers in just a few hours.


Although a lot of people tend to dismiss the usefulness of this online free encyclopedia, Wiki is a great resource of information. There is much information available and most of them have links to information resources to confirm the arguments you find. This is useful because you can go deeper with your research and find out even more about the topic you are investigating.

Google Voice Typing

This is one of the most useful tech hacks for those who don’t like typing or aren’t certain about their spelling. More than just writing down your words, this piece of software allows you to translate your words into a vast number of foreign languages so it can be used as a translating tool as well.


Taking notes during a class is much easier with a software solution like Evernote. Available for both desktop and mobile devices, this app allows you to type or handwrite notes, apply labels, even download web content for research purposes. Evernote works across a number of platforms so you can use it with different OS solutions.


With classes, homework, and life outside the campus, it’s sometimes difficult keeping your schedule. Doodle allows you to create schedule and plan meetings, set pools that your friends could take part in, and it also allows collaborative use so your friends could contribute to your planning.

Google Docs

In order to use this web-based app you only have to create a Google account, which is free. Google docs give you access to online word processing, table documents, and multimedia content storage. The best thing about Google docs is that you can grant access to your friends or share files that they can edit or simply just let them take a look at your work.

Top Documentary Films (TDF)

When your research material is not enough to satisfy your academic requirements, you have to consider alternative options. TDF provides you with a huge amount of all sorts of useful video material that can feed your hunger for knowledge like no other platform.


History is difficult to study if you don’t have access to archives. However, if you’re doing your research in the middle of the night, there aren’t many libraries available that you can go to and dig for old newspaper and research articles. Kiosko allows you to dig deep into the history with resources dating back to 1945.


We really hope these EdTech software tools will help you with your college career and make your learning and research easier. They are here to save your time and help you cross those bridges that you couldn’t walk over on your own. In case you have some additions that you think also deserve a place on this list, let us know in the comments, we would like to know what you find useful for your academic progress.


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