5 Amazing Gadgets of Police That Work on Crime Prevention

The police have a duty to enforce law and order within any country. Unfortunately, as years pass by, the crime rate increases. What’s more, since we are in a technological era, the crimes have taken a turn as they are mostly planned and done with the help of technology.

No wonder, companies, governments and cities around the world are looking for ways to use the same technology to combat the crimes.

So, what are the 5 gadgets that would help police to work on crime?

The cameras and surveillance

Although these cameras have been in place for years in major cities, It’s highly probable that they haven’t been utilized as they should. Surveillance when properly utilized will prevent crime by deterrence.

When you place cameras on major locations, the criminals will fear being caught and thus reduce the crime rate in that area. Moreover, the CCTV stores data which guides the police with their investigation of a criminal’s past record instead of depending on eyewitnesses.

The police should enhance the use of technology whereby you put a chip on wireless the cameras and video surveillance. This is then used to scan the criminal’s face for face recognition and licensed car plate detection.

However, some may say that using surveillance just diverts the criminal attention to the CCTV free areas. But, with the use of upcoming software, you can track a wider range and preferably the whole city.

Another surveillance tool is GPS which monitors the movement of vehicles thus knowing their whereabouts in seconds. Over the years, the GPS has been used to save the lives of those in crime scenes.

This happens since the police are able to arrive at the crime scene on time using the same GPS that found the scene of the crime.

Lastly, the cellphones which most people own today are underestimated yet they can prevent future crimes. People take images using cellphones and this phone images when followed can lead you directly to the criminal.

Once you get a hold of a criminal you reduce the crime rate and prevent future crime scenes.

Embrace the use of social media

Almost every person will have a social media account. The funny thing is that without your knowing, you live hints about your life on the social media platform. The most utilized is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp.

People use social media to communicate at different levels with their friends while connecting with the different communities around them. No wonder, the police department started the social media group who focus solely on crime prevention via social media.

The police presence on social media is not only for an improved relationship with the police but rather a platform for police to catch criminals sometime. Otherwise, as police, you can spot possible crime plan deter it before it happens.

Additionally, social media will help you share crime prevention tips with your community thus making the community safe from crime. The police department can use the social media platform to enlighten the public on the essence of privacy online. This is because even the criminal is online.

Embracing the use of predpol program

Crime prevention requires the alertness of the community and police so that they can catch the criminals before they commit the crimes. This happens when you understand the history of crime in your area thus understanding the crime scenes.

The software program that does this for you is called predpol. It will help you reason the way a criminal does. It lets you in on the soft target areas. The program uses existing data to predict the next target area for new crimes.

It uses the maps and technology to show where the crimes occurred previously. This data is then used to highlight the crime-prone areas and time it may happen. They also show criminal behaviors and pattern.

The assumption then is that if there are numerous cases of burglaries in a particular area the cases will increase in the future. It’s also likely that the buglers are from the same community thus catching them will prevent future crimes.

After this conclusion, the police increase the patrol in the area with the aim of prevention. This program is still being tested but it’s highly effective in areas that have embraced it.

The harm assessment risk tool (HART)

In most countries, after one is charged with the crime, they are often released until the trial day. During this time, they remain a community threat or not. It’s usually upon the judge to decide who should be released or the amount of bail they should give.

The judge decides whether the criminal is a threat to the society, may harm the witnesses or he is a case of flight risk. All these are done in a matter of minutes. Such a system is imperfect and is open to biases

The HART tool that is embraced by some cities today is an artificial intelligence tool that predicts whether a person is a low, medium or high risk to the society.

The prediction is based on the prior data that it was given.  If the system isn’t interfered with, it may just be more accurate than human judge.

Stay ready for patrols

The lifestyle of a police is where they are often on standby. They are called upon when emergencies occur and it’s mostly a life-threatening ordeal.

Police should stay ready for the call by wearing their protective gear at all times. You will notice that most police wear the best law enforcement boots in the market. This is because you are never sure what you will step on when duty calls.

Therefore, like you protect your head, chest and arms you must protect your feet. When you increase patrols around the country, the crime rate goes down.


Issues of crime have existed since time immemorial. It’s now upon the concerned parties to invest in the above tools to prevent crimes rather than detect them.

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