5 Apps to Help During Property Transfers

Technology has evolved over the years, with statistics indicating that the number of smartphone users around the world will grow exponentially from 2.1 billion in 2016 to 2.5 billion in 2019. The smartphone has become a meeting place between buyers and sellers, and the real estate industry is also taking a bite of this cake. Buying and selling of property has never been more straightforward, thanks to these five apps.


Best for – Millions of property listings

  • Cost – free
  • For – iOS and Android devices

Redfin has long been a favorite among the real estate apps in the market. With a database listing of more than 70 million properties, Redfin updates their site every 15 – 30 minutes. The application allows you to book tours for homes the moment a house that meets your criteria hits the market. It will enable you to beat out any competition. The customer service is quick and efficient. Their in-depth knowledge of local areas gives them an edge above other platforms.

Happy Inspector

Best for – Property inspections

  • Cost – free
  • For – iOS and Android devices

There are several reasons why you would want to conduct property inspections, especially when changing ownership. The primary one is to protect yourself and your interests. Happy Inspector helps over 12,000 businesses globally ease their way through property inspections. By offering highly customizable templates, they reduce the workload required by making the process faster and more efficient.

The app allows you to work while offline and you can so easily switch devices on the go. You can find the App on Google Play store for Android devices or iTunes for IOS devices.

Yardi CRM 

Best for – Leasing properties

  • Cost – free
  • For – iOS

Yardi CRM is especially useful for leasing agents and managers. The company has automated the whole leasing process by providing a custom-made interface for leasing agents that is easy to use with role-specific dashboards. A variety of data can be accessed even when offline. Yardi CRM allows you to get a complete overview of the processes it takes to lease a property allowing you to keep tabs on where specific conversations with prospects have reached. With this information, you can so easily close property deals faster.


Best for – Properties that are not featured in most listings

  • Cost – free
  • For – iOS and Android devices

The Zillow app offers a clean interface with most features similar to the company’s website. The app allows you to search for houses all over the country. The most significant advantage to using this app is the free access to thousands of listings that are not featured in the multiple listing databases which are used by most real estate professionals.


Best for – Negotiation, it allows communication between buyers and sellers

  • Cost – free to download but a fee applies when you advertise your property
  • For – iOS and Android devices

The SQFT app is the first digital platform that brings together both property buyers and sellers by eliminating middlemen. The only fees incurred while using the SQFTx app is a listing fee, which on a typical case can go as low as 1% and a $500 transaction fee. The app allows you to efficiently save costs since you will not have to pay an agents fee that is mostly around 6% of the home price.

Moreover, the app offers a real-time fully transactional platform that allows free, transparent communication between the buyer and seller. The app guides clients when listing a property. You can easily book a house showing using the app, make an offer and ask any questions about the property through the app. 

Going through with the purchase or selling of property without understanding the dynamics of the market can be a crazy ride. Sometimes Agents can take advantage of your ignorance in their bid to make more money. The applications mentioned above will for sure help you reduce the long time it takes to go between agents, help you reduce costs and help increase efficiency throughout the entire process.

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