Amazon Unveils Own Music Service

Just recently, Amazon unveiled its very own Amazon Music Unlimited, an on-demand music service set to redefine audio streaming by cataloguing millions on music tracks and playlists, and creating personalized online stations. The service also provides integration with its own Alex voice controls.

“Our streaming service is capable of deliver true value to the sheer number of people who we are grateful to consider our Prime subscribers, with an affordable $7.99 monthly subscription. In addition, customers will be thrilled the service is available for Android, iOS, and desktop PCs,” said Jeff Bezos, found and CEO of Amazon.

“If you want to get that sense of music where everything is controlled by voice, go right on ahead and ask Alexa for a free trial. You can even fiddle around on your Echo,” Bezos added. “If you have no idea what the name of the song is, but have some idea of its lyrics, or you want to hear music from a specific timeline, or you’re looking for tracks to suit your current mood, simply ask.”

Amazon Music Unlimited for Prime Members

Prime members are now given more options when it comes to streaming music. There are already millions of Prime members who are streaming music on Amazon Prime monthly. This makes the service one of the most known music streaming services in the globe. Amazon’s Prime catalog, on its own, has increased to over two million songs and thousands of personalized playlists and online stations.

Echo Subscription

Amazon is now providing a “for Echo” plan at a low price of $3.99 monthly. This plan gives you complete access to the streaming service on an Amazon Tap, Echo, or Echo Dot. To opt for a free trial for the “for Echo” plan, simply make a request by asking, “Alexa, subscribe me to the My Music Unlimited free trial.”

If you later want to make a decision to make the most of the streaming service on several mobile devices and/or computers, it’s simple enough to make a standard plan upgrade by adding $4.00 more per month (only for Prime members). Non-Prime members charges you an additional $6.00 monthly.

Echo comes with a plethora of commands for you to play around with.

Revamped App

The app has completely been redesigned. Now, it’s decorated in a stunning and brand new interface showcasing artist photos and album art. The music discovery and playback controls are now headlined front and center. Main features seen in the app include “Home,” which shows off selections made by Amazon Music Unlimited editors to help out subscribers get updated on their favorite and trending music.

The “Recommended” is an option where customers can seek out music suggestions. It’s powered by Amazon’s unique recommendation technology. The “Now Playing” option contains synchronized lyrics, which makes it simple to sing along with the current track playing. Amazon’s music app is now available for iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and Kindle Fire devices.

What’s Next?

The all-new “For Family” plan is set to come in later this year. This option allows as much as six family members to gain simultaneous access to the music app for as little as $14.99 per month. Amazon Music Unlimited will be made available for subscribers in Austria, Germany, and U.K. in Germany.

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