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Amazon Video on Android TV – Is Amazon Prime Instant Video App in the Works?

Owners of Android TV devices know all too well the issue surrounding Amazon Prime Instant Video. It’s never really a problem to begin with since the Instant Video service from Amazon for Android TV has yet to exist. At this point, there’s no Android TV app available and having a customized application to function alongside Android TV is a challenging feat. This is a huge disappointment for Android TV owners since those who signed up for a Prime membership has access to a plethora of video content. Having such access would’ve been a plus for the platform.

While it’s no surprise that Amazon and Google are fiercely competing against each other, both giants refuse to promote each other’s services. In the end, the marketing clash between the two will go beyond than just their Instant Video feature.

Late last year, Amazon took it up a notch by getting rid of its purchasing options for Amazon Video on Android TV, Apple TV items, and Chromecast from its store. Such bold move seemed to have come from Amazon pushing hard for its own TV option sales, the Fire TV, which came around the same time.

But early this week, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, participated in an interview as part of the Code Conference Event. While his topics are centered on just about everything Amazon, he was asked why Google’s Chromecast and Apple’s TV products were pulled out from Amazon’s shelves.

What’s even more interesting was the fact Android TV wasn’t in any of the options referenced in the Q&A given by Bezos. Although the answer would have relevancy to Android TV since the Nexus Player was one of the many items that were removed from the store. Regardless, the answer showed that the Amazon’s Instant Video was the main problem. The company badly wants to integrate it on their devices. At the same time, they’re struggling dealing with certain companies (possibly Google and Apple) in agreeable terms. Amazon refuses to sell its TV hardware options, which don’t have Instant Video.

It stands to reason that Amazon would prefer rolling out their video service. But there’s a big difference between companies selling their own product on a website to preventing customers from using a service without going for their hardware. When it comes to Instant Video, it’s more of the latter.

For the past year, there have been a number of times when a version of Android TV of Instant Video became available. One of them was an optimized app that was made for Sony’s own Android-based TV, which was shared as a sideload APK. This app was created for Android TV and functioned seamless with all Android TV devices. But several days before the APK was made available, the app mysteriously closed itself down. This prevented consumers from utilizing Instant Video once more on Android TV.

But in the end, Amazon agreed to create a licensing deal with Sony for their Amazon Video on Android TV devices. They wanted to make sure those who weren’t using their competitors (Apple or Google), wouldn’t use their service. In an era where OTT video and operating system-based TV hardware options are available, companies should be make sure their users gain access to their services. Not only will it benefit companies but also their industry.

While Bezos points out that this issue should remain a private matter between them and Google, they need to understand that it’s the consumers that are affected in the end. Android TV and Amazon Instant Video would’ve resulted into better offerings when both are compatible to each other.

But there are those who need Instant Video access on their Android TV device through different means. You can make a sideload copy of the typical app and even if it’s not made for Android TV, it’s usable in some way. You’ll have to sideload the main Amazon app since Instant Video app needs a device to successfully authorize your account from the primary app. In a similar manner, you can cast content from your device. It’s not just a pre-installed Google Cast feature, but casting the whole screen of your device. While both aren’t exceptional options, they’re the best that a majority of Amazon Video on Android TV device owners could opt for.

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