Amazon Video is Now Planning to Show Sports

Amazon may have failed to take the rights to show NFL Thursday Night Games, but don’t count them out just yet, there are changes coming to Amazon Video.

It seems that Amazon is planning to enter the world of sports anyways via Amazon Prime Video, and they are about to collide with the likes of ESPN.

Amazon recently hired James DeLorenzo in March as an executive for their Amazon Prime Video services. DeLorenzo is known for his stint in running Sports Illustrated’s digital video service. He was also known more recently for his work at Relativity Media and helping Time Inc launch their 120 sports video joint venture.

It is clear that Amazon aims to work with someone who has vast knowledge in digital sports broadcast.

Aside from hiring the right person, Amazon is also serious in becoming a major competitor as a sports content provider.

To give you an idea how determined Amazon is, they had a higher bid than Twitter in an attempt to get the rights for NFL Thursday Night Games. Twitter offered around $10 million, while Amazon had a bid for $15 million. Unfortunately, Amazon lost to Twitter despite offering more. This gives us an idea just how much Amazon is also willing to gamble to become a major player in sports content distribution.

One of the reasons why Amazon lost to Twitter is probably because of their plan to include the games in their prime services, unlike Twitter that is planning to show the games for free.
There are reports that Amazon is planning to have their own version of ESPN’s Sports Center, and other original sports documentaries. As of now, there are still no final dates for these plans yet. As of now, we could count Amazon’s live sports events coverage.

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Could Amazon become successful in this new venture that they are taking? Feel free to leave your comments below!

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