AMD Athlon 220GE CPU Review


For over 45 years, AMD is one company that has integrated innovation in high performance graphics, computing, and visualization technologies. These are considered the building blocks for things like immersive platforms, gaming, and the data centers. Millions of consumers from all over the world who work in leading Fortune 500 businesses, as well as cutting edge research facilities for sciences around the globe, heavily rely on various devices and products from AMD on a daily basis. This is to improve how they play, function, and work.

Lately, the company has just announced the availability of their Athlon 220GE CPU and the Athlon 240GE processors. It was announced last September, but we decided to focus on it this time for our review.

We are going to see if the AMD Athlon 220GE CPU works effectively, if it can handle heavy workloads, perform smoothly, and if it is something worth investing in. First off, let’s check out what’s inside the box.

AMD Athlon 220GE CPU Review – What’s in the Box?

We were quite excited to get our hands on the Athlon 220GE CPU and finally, we have. The CPU came in this sturdy cardboard box. The company decided to go with a clean and simple theme for the packaging which is good since there won’t be too many things going on, on the box.

In front, you will find the company’s name right at the top middle of the box. At the center and below AMD, you will read Athlon so you have a pretty good idea what item has been purchased. Beneath this, you will find the words “ processor with Radeon Vega Graphics” written.

On the sides, you will find an image of the Athlon 220GE CPU, the name of the company again on the upper right corner of the box, then the words “AMD Socket AM4” just below the image. On the other side and the back of the package, you will find a variety of information about the device, as well as a few features of it as well.

Inside the box, you will find the Athlon 220GE CPU itself, CPU cooler as well as a few documentations and paperwork. It’s nice that AMD made sure that the device is secure and in place, so it won’t receive any unnecessary damages while in transit.

The Product

AMD Athlon 220GE CPU Review

The Athlon 220GE CPU from AMD is able to clock in at 3.2 GHz at base clock and it also stops there since there aren’t really any active boost clocks for the processor. As previously stated with the present MSI BIOS, the processor is still unlocked, but despite this, we really expect that we will be able to reach even close to 4 GHz on each of the cores.

Considering that the Athlon 220GE CPU is a two core architecture, the company is really doing a great job at managing the clock frequencies. Two cores and a total of four threads at a good price. It really is a good deal for a simple computer to be able to browse the web or to actually do your typical Office tasks like Word, Excel, and the like.

The Socket AM4 means that you will be able to house this processor on any motherboard from the Series 400 collection.

The Athlon 220GE CPU from AMD comes with 2 CPU cores, 4 threads, and 3 GPU cores. When we’re speaking of compute cores, there are a total of 5 present: 2 for CPU and 3 for GPU.  It has a 3.4GHz for its base clock while the total caches that are available include 192KB for L1, 1MB for L2, and 4MB for the L3 cache.

This CPU comes with a 14nm CMOS and an AM4 package, while its PCI express version is the PCIe 3.0. The Athlon 220GE CPU uses 35 Watts for its default TDP / TDP and has a maximum temperature of 95°C. For the operating system that it supports, the Athlon 220GE CPU can go with Windows 10 (64-bit edition), Ubuntu x86 64-bit, and the RHEL x86 64-bit.

Its system memory specifications is 2,667 MHz with two memory channels in total. The Athlon 220GE CPU uses a Radeon Vega 3 graphics model that has a frequency of 1,000MHz. There are a total of 3 graphics cores and it also features a display port for convenience.

Product Features

AMD Athlon 220GE Processor with Radeon Vega Graphics

The Athlon 220GE CPU features the Zen architecture which is highly efficient. It helps the CPU stay cool and quiet for reliable computing. The Zen processor and graphic cores also allow for responsiveness when it comes to your PC’s performance. Aside from that, it delivers a smooth experience when watching HD movies and playing video games.

Supported by the Existing AMD Socket AM4 Platform

The AMD Athlon 220GE CPU features the existing AMD Socket AM4 infrastructure to deliver the newest OC features such as NVMe storage, DDR4 memory, PCIe 3.0 technologies. AMD Socket AM4 is the company’s future-proof platform which targets the fastest DDR4 memory, PCIe 3.0. The AM4 also targets the available NVMe technologies and the first native Gen2 USB 3.1 support on a chipset.

The AM4 Platform also takes advantage of the leading edge features of today and the future with configurable for real-world flexibility, as well as processor-direct USB and SATA connectivity. AM4 infrastructure is designed for a platform that delivers the newest features such as the NVMe storage, USB 3.1 Gen2 support, 4K Display support. It also offers an easy upgrade path to enhance your PC’s performance.

Higher Clocks

Higher clocks allow for AMD’s new Athlon processors such as the 220GE CPU to compete against the entry-level Pentium and Celeron processors from Intel. This is specific to the market of cheap PC’s that do not need a lot of compute horsepower yet benefit from a high integration and a low TDP.

Drop-in Compatible CPU

The new Athlon 220GE CPU is drop-in compatible with 300 and 400 series chipset motherboards that support USB Gen2 3.1 interface, high performance NVMe SSDs, 4K p60 display outputs, and more. Similar AM4 platforms are compatible with AMD’s higher performance Ryzen CPUs, which provide an upgrade path to 8-core Ryzen 7 processors to the owners of the latest systems Athlon-based systems.

Made for Online Gaming

The built-in Radeon in the Athlon 220GE delivers the smoothest eSports gaming experience. Enjoy 720p HD even without a graphics card. To eliminate tearing, it’s also compatible with Free Sync monitors.

Reliable and Responsive Performance

AMD’s computing solutions are all advanced, making these reliable and effective products for everyone to use. Game consoles, airplanes, as well as products of some of the top and most popular companies in the world depend on AMD. This only proves that the Athlon 220GE CPU is a device that works effectively and excellently for a variety of functions.

A Future-Proof Platform

Since the Athlon 220GE is supported by the advanced AM4 platform, it is ready for all the upcoming demands of different types of devices coming in the future.

Using the Product

The Athlon 220GE CPU really shines when it comes to the graphics processing. It’s great since the processor also lets you seamlessly play most games without having to buy any additional graphics processing units or GPUs which is impossible with other similar products along this price range. The Athlon 220GE CPU from AMD also lets you play older and even the latest AAA titles while having these at lower settings.

Some of the games that can be played using the Athlon 220GE CPU’s graphics processing capacities without needing an extra graphics card are DOTA 2, League of Legends, World of Warcraft, Rocket League, Assassins Creed, and a lot more. When it comes to the value present for the Athlon 220GE CPU, we can say that it is truly incomparable.

This is an AM4 socket-compatible processor, and despite its already numerous features and functions, you can even use this on any type of AM4 socket motherboard. The best thing about it is that you will not really need to trouble yourself with BIOS updates which is really cool.

The Athlon 220GE CPU from AMD was able to perform adequately and gaming was smooth and we didn’t really experience issues or problems which is good. All in all, we give this CPU a thumbs-up for its performance.


All in all, the AMD Athlon 220GE is a great product that works efficiently and can handle a number of tasks which is great. Overclocking makes this processor great to use. The AMD Athlon 220GE delivers entry level performance which lets you drop in a dual core processor on the AM4 platform.

The line of Athlon processors from AMD is superior in the low-end for gaming on integrated graphics. For the 220GE processor, this is even cheaper than the other low-end processors from the competing brands in the market. Because of that, we were surprised that this CPU can deliver better performance than what we had expected.

The inclusion of unofficial overclocking makes the deal sweeter and all better; plus, with the graphics processing resources and similar hosts on all of the three models, these level and evens out the playing field right after tuning.

This only means that you can easily score the lowest priced models while still enjoying the same quality performance that the most expensive Athlon series offers. With that, we can say that the Athlon 220GE CPU is an excellent processor that we would definitely offer to anyone who needs a quality, efficient, and excellent CPU at a good price.

Where to Buy

If you want to have your own Athlon 220GE CPU, you can check out the company’s store locator to know where you can purchase this device.

AMD Athlon 220GE CPU Review
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