2016 is the Year for Android TV and Cast Enabled Speakers

Last year has seen the launching of Google Cast which was last seen at CES. From last year to now, the pickings for Cast has been few and far in between which may not be Google’s expected results. AirPlay from Apple did not fare as well because of the preferred wireless home audio from Sonos. This year though promises new pickings from Google when it announced that a great variety of manufacturers will be using the technology of Cast to integrate into the speakers.

Where Apple failed, Google might be able to pick up with this new onslaught of Cast technology that just may compete effectively with Sonos. Out-of-the-box speakers using the Cast technology will be used and created by giant companies such as Sony, Philips, Denon, Pioneer, LG, Raumfeld, Onkyo, Harman/Kardon, and Bang & Olufsen. The type of speakers they have in mind is not based on brand alone which can actually be matched or mixed but give you the Cast technology of function in multi-room synch to make the speakers play the same tunes and sounds in every room of your home.

On the same positive note, the Android TV platform from Google will have significant changes this year. Android TV has already been put in place for their TV units from manufacturing biggies such as Philips, Sharp, and Sony but new kids on the gadget block are not far behind which include names such as Bang & Olufsen, Hisense, Arcelik, TCL, Vestel, and RCA.

It remains to be seen whether these newest gadget additions from Google will become part and parcel of every household’s living room, but one thing is clear: the company wants to make a name in this particular market. The kind of partnerships Google goes to the trouble of creating as a means to stand above the competition makes 2016 an exciting year to watch out for.

Do you have any experience using Sonos and Cast? Do you think Google will be able to beat the competition and make these creations a necessary part of our living rooms? Please send in your comments as you watch the happenings of 2016 unfold.

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