Android TV on PC

The Android TV operating system provides users with a great looking and intuitive system for accessing your media content on Android powered devices. The only issue with Android TV is that only a few Android devices come with Android TV so if you wanted to use what is essentially the best launcher out there you had to have one of those few devices. That is until now. People have long been asking how to install Android TV on PC and now the guys over at Geek Till it Hertz has just published a project that allows you to install Android TV on a PC.

This project is based on Android-x86 which is an open source community project that brings the Android operating system over to any desktop computer that is running an Intel x86 processor. The team has then taken the leanback apps that are part of Android TV and has ported these over so that the leanback apps work with PC.

Android TV on PC still has a few things missing here and there, such as you can see the navigation buttons at the bottom and the notification drawer at the top of the screen and the settings menu is still being sorted out. Even with these few things the Android TV on PC application seems to perform better than on the Raspberry Pi with YouTube videos playing perfectly fine and navigating around the system being smooth.

If you would like to give Android TV on PC a try head on over to Geek Till it Herz and give it a shot.

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