AORUS DDR4-3200 16GB Kit Review

In this day and age, it’s quite uncommon to find a really bad memory kit, and anything with a brand on it will surely perform well in most cases. But when it comes to gaming memories that are extremely necessary for enthusiasts, the market is filled with highly competitive products which make choosing the best one for yourself really tricky.

Luckily, one of the top motherboard manufacturers today, Gigabyte, has included low-costing RGB LED “demo dummy sticks” or modules to its brand-new AORUS RGB kit. This is to let you and everyone else take advantage of 4-RGB DIMMs without really having to pay for a total of four 8GB modules. This is the AORUS DDR4-3200 16GB memory kit, the very first memory product from Gigabyte’s gaming sister brand.

It will give your gaming PC excellent RAM memory with its set of x2 8GB RAM at clock speeds of 3,200 MHz. This is definitely enough for playing and enjoying high-end games since these modules are instilled with RGB lighting to make your gaming PC look better and striking. So without further ado, let’s go ahead and take a look at what else is inside the box of the AORUS DDR4-3200 16GB memory kit.

AORUS DDR4-3200 16GB Kit Review – What’s in the Box?

The AORUS DDR4-3200 memory kit comes in a neatly designed package though it appears quite big for a memory kit. It’s still ok though since the box is thick and sturdy; AORUS probably intended for this to ensure that the memory kit is protected during transit.

Let’s get back to the exterior: the box features black and orange accents which is common for the brand. The front of the package features the name of the product and a specifications sticker to give you more details about the kit. You have a photo of the modules to let you have an idea of how these look. On the front label, you will see that the DDR4-3200 is better enhanced for the Gigabyte RGB Fusion app.

Now at the back of the package, you will find a detailed list of the AORUS RGB series memory’s features. Aside from these specifications, you will also find information about the four memory modules. Two of these are DDR4 3200 MHz modules while the others are two RGB-infused demonstrational modules.

When we opened the package, the first thing you’ll see are two huge plastic containers which securely hold each of the two DIMM sticks. The memory module carries a rather solid weight which only indicates that the build of these products is of high-quality. These are protected by a thick plastic cover which is really good for added protection.

When we removed this, we were focused on the impressive design of the DDR4 memory; and considering that this is AORUS’ first attempt with memory modules, they sure have nailed it on the simplistic design that would surely attract a ton of gaming PC builders around. Of course, they included a User Installation Manual inside the plastic case.

Honestly, there isn’t really a big deal when it comes to installing memory, but we think that it’s nice of AORUS to actually educate general consumers of how to properly install PC hardware even if they aren’t really doing this for the first time.

The Product

AORUS DDR4-3200 16GB Kit Review

When we got our hands on the DDR4-3200, we noticed that there were two different types of kits present for the AORUS RGB memory. The first set is the actual product, while the second is a distinct demonstrational module that will let you easily populate all the memory slots that are usually present on motherboards.

For the most part, these two kits that are present are generally identical. Both of these feature a silver-brushed aluminum heat spreader with the logo of AORUS on both sides. There are also a couple of accent holes and cuts that will let the LED lights shine through.

There are two main differences on the surface of these two kits: the memory kit has a basic label that identifies the memory while its demo module indicates that it is the RGB module. The second difference between the two would be the golden connectors. The demo module only requires a couple of connectors to give power to the LED lights; it requires data connection for the lighting controller, as well as the RGB Fusion software.

There are a couple of other differences between the demo modules and the actual memory which can easily be determined by the different labels and missing pins of the demo’s parts. AORUS makes use of 2-millimeter brushed aluminum heat spreaders that are attached to a ten-layer PCB.

The entire-width light diffuser is stamped with the AORUS pattern that isn’t really that visible when the lights are active. At the top-most edge of the memory, you will find the patterned light diffuser of AORUS which evenly distributes lighting that comes from the five present RGB LED lights.

All the memory from the kit measures 39 millimeters long and though they may seem a bit weighty, it only goes to show that AORUS didn’t skimp on the materials when producing this product. As for color combinations, there aren’t any other ones available but the silver theme looks really cool and really noticeable since most motherboard PCBs and PC cases are often black.

When all RAM is mounted, you’ll notice that there’s very little space between each of them, and we think that this is actually good if you prefer to have the RGB bling appear as seamless as possible. We’re really glad that the heatsinks are also silver and have a pretty good and cool design for metal enclosures.

The AORUS DDR4-3200 memory kit actually has a couple of pretty cool specifications despite being their very first memory product. The kit that we received has been optimized with a clock speed of 3,200 MHz and it consists of a total of four DIMMs – two of which are 8GB  DRAM modules while the others are RGB modules.

All in all, this memory kit makes up a total of 16GB of capacity. Listed below are the specifications for this DDR4-3200 memory kit:

The DDR4-3200 has an XMP 2.0 performance profile and has a user-friendly layout that makes the process of installation easy. The following series of motherboards that the DDR4-3200 can work with include Intel platforms (X200, 299, and 300) and AMD platforms ( X399, and the AM4).

A really nice thing about the DDR4-3200 from AORUS is that it complies with the industrial standard, JEDEC DDR4 and has a lifetime warranty for your convenience.

Product Features

Here is a list of the features of this DDR4-3200 16GB memory kit, as well as short yet detailed descriptions about each of these.

A Unique Design Concept

AORUS Core gets their inspiration and idea from the aerodynamic wings of a falcon, integrating a multi-layered design that exhibits finely shaped contours. We really liked its sleek metallic exterior that is not only visually appealing, but is also tough and durable. Plus, it simply symbolizes the advanced technology of AORUS Core with this futuristic style and design.

Enhanced Memory Composition

The memory kit is designed on a ten-layer and finely engineered PCB that guarantees to give you high performance and stability of Samsung’s B-Die ICs. Furthermore, the heatsink of AORUS’ RGB DDR4-3200 16GB memory kit is crafted to give you the best performance for better function.

It’s great that the company made use of high-quality materials to make heat dissipation better, as well as guaranteeing the stability and efficiency of this memory kit. The presence of the light diffuser adequately adds polish and more balance to the RGB LEDs that are present.

Engineered for Uniqueness

This new DDR4-3200 RGB memory kit is designed to be one of the best products to date, delivering absolute performance for every gamer and PC user out there. Its glossy finish and luxurious design make the memory kit stand out from their competitors. The evenly distributed LEDs plus the aluminum heatsinks simultaneously offer you both impressive style and effective heat dissipation.

Exclusive Light Effects

The AORUS DDR4-3200 memory kit supports a total of 11 lighting modes where five of these are new light modes that are exclusive for AORUS’ RGB Memory. The newest modes that add to the uniqueness of a system include Color Strobe, Color Cascade, Cascade, Color Droplet, and Droplet.

Exclusively Aesthetic Industry-First RGB Infused Demo Modules

Fill your DRAM slots without really breaking your budget just to get a better-looking rig. The DDR4-3200 from AORUS keeps the same design of original memory sticks and is highly compatible with the RGB Fusion software. It’s a great feature since you will be able to easily customize the LEDs on your memory any way you want.


Memory Type

  • DDR4


  • 16GB kit (2x8GB)

Multi-Channel Kit

  • Dual Channel Kit

SPD Latency

  • 16-15-15-36

SPD Speed

  • 2133MHz

SPD Voltage

  • 2V

Speed Rating

  • PC4-25600 (3200MHz)

Tested Latency

  • 16-18-18-38

Tested Speed

  • 3200MHz

Tested Voltage

  • 35v

Heatspreader Color

  • Silver

LED lighting

  • Yes

RGB Fusion/ RGB Fusion Link

  • Yes

Package Memory Pin

  • 288

Performance Profile

  • XMP 2.0


  • Limited Lifetime


  • Intel Platform : X299, 300 , 200 series motherboards
  • AMD Platform: X399 , AM4 series motherboards

Using the Product

There are two ways to set up the effects for your lights. If you have a compatible motherboard from Gigabyte, then the full control is offered by the regular RGB Fusion Utility. If you don’t have one, you can still easily modify the flashing and color modes via the RGB Fusion Link.

As mentioned earlier, there are a total of 11 effects that are instantly applied; there’s an option to switch these off and another that can adjust the speed of relevant effects via the slider on the device’s right-hand portion.

In the software, you are given a variety of methods for managing all the RGB features that are linked to the motherboard. When testing these functions, we were able to try out all the options in Basic Settings and we were also able to keep colors in sync between the DDR4-3200 and the motherboard.

For the Advanced settings, we were able to easily manage the RGB functions individually and based on our preference.

We really liked AORUS’ patterned light diffuser since it was able to do a really great job with keeping colors even across the strip. After a couple of hours, the lights were still stable at how we set them which is really great. All other lighting effects were great and the color changes stayed in sync throughout the whole testing period.

RGB Fusion Utility & Link

The RGB Fusion Utility is the company’s own utility for customizing the lighting effects of various devices that have RGB LEDs on the system. Now, Gigabyte ensured that it is compatible with the AORUS RGB Memory kit with offerings of new cool features.When it comes to its new UI design, it is more user-friendly and much easier to work with. You will be able to readily adjust the brightness and speed of the flashing lights via the app’s integrated scale. Plus, you can create your personal profile to fit a different style or theme.

Now for the RGB Fusion Link, it is a software app that lets all users without Gigabyte motherboards to easily control and manage RGB-enabled components like the AORUS RGB Memory.

Before we focus on the performance of this memory kit, let’s talk about its aesthetics. When we’re talking about these two actual DDR4 modules, we can say that the AORUS DDR4-3200 is by far the most sleek and best-looking RAM available today. This is due to its brushed metal finish which leaves the heat-spreaders looking really great; and the way it reflects just exhibits sheer quality.

Its appearance gets even better when you start throwing in some custom RGB lighting; and honestly, we aren’t really huge fans of RGB lights; but with the DDR4-3200, we definitely are since it’s one of the best.  We loved how the LED effects worked since they were seamless and weren’t too bright; definitely great to let the other components have their fair share of LEDs through the side panels.


With the DDR4-3200 memory kit, you will surely enjoy lower latency when it comes to the synthetic benchmarks. The write & read speed surprisingly had a good boost so when we tested the speed of the DDR4-3200 for read & write, it was definitely up there with a really good score. Given that it went up against the faster kits in the market, it was really a surprise and actually a good thing.

Overall Performance

After all the tests, the results show that the AORUS DDR4-3200 memory kit performs excellently at stock speed. Overclocking was really easy and we were able to maintain the XMP timings.

Overall, as the DDR4-3200 memory kit’s speed increased, we were able to see a balanced boost in the performance scores.


The AORUS memory kit is not only impressive when it comes to its build quality and design, but it’s also an excellent option for gaming systems and even general PCs as well. This is really a good start for AORUS as a new entrant in the growing memory market.

It’s a really good memory kit since it is compatible with both AMD and Intel-based systems such as the X-470 and Z390 PCH platforms which allow quicker memory support for the newest generation of processors.

The AORUS DDR4-3200 is a very impressive memory kit since it performed better than what we expected; plus, it can also be overclocked easily which makes it even better.  For their very first entry into the memory market, the DDR4-3200 from AORUS sure is a very impressive product.

It performed very well and can even be easily overclocked. Add in the second set of RGB’s and you will get an outstanding memory kit that’s quite difficult to beat.

So, if you love your RGB in most places, and plan to utilize a dual-channel memory, then we highly suggest the AORUS DDR4-3200 16GB memory kit to you.

Where to Buy

You can add some RGB RAM goodness to your battle station for around $349AUD. For more information head on over to the official product page.

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