AORUS M5 Gaming Mouse Review

When you hear about Gigabyte, different types of video cards and motherboards probably come in to mind. The company really is well-known for a lot of computer components, but they also have a collection of excellent peripherals that are under the AORUS brand. One of their most recent additions is the flashy gaming mouse AORUS M5 which is an overall strong competitor against top gaming mice from Logitech, Razer, and SteelSeries.

Generally, this is a very compelling gaming mouse since it features the Pixart 3389 optical sensor. This element is known to be capable of some really remarkable feats, as well as other strong attributes such as the Omron switches which are known to have a really extended life expectancy of 50 million presses.

There are other notable highlights for this device such as the built-in RGB fusion lighting, software customization, and swappable underside gliding feet. If these quick features have piqued your interest, then we’ve got you covered since today, we’ll be focusing on the AORUS M5 gaming mouse to learn more about the device, what it’s all about, and if it performs excellently to be part of your collection of gaming peripherals.  With that, let’s go ahead and check out what’s inside the box.

AORUS M5 Gaming Mouse Review – What’s in the Box?

Our AORUS M5 gaming mouse arrived in a nice, sturdy, and stylish black package which is something common when it comes to AORUS’ devices. The front portion of the box features a huge image of the gaming mouse, while on the upper left corner is the brand’s name written there. Just below the image is the name of the device.

On the sides of the box, there are other details and information about the mouse’s features which is beneficial if you want to have a quick look on this. Now for the back portion of the package, you will see another image of the AORUS M5; but this time, it is numbered and it corresponds to a specifications list which is good.

Once you’re done checking out the box’s exterior, you can go ahead and open the package and see what’s inside. The first thing that you’ll see is the nice-looking M5 gaming mouse which is firmly set in place to avoid it from moving about while in transit. There are also other items inside the package and these include the spare mouse feet, weights, as a few important documentation.

The Product

AORUS M5 Gaming Mouse Review

The AORUS M5 features the optical sensor Pixart 3389 which is considered as one of the most important and the best sensor you can have. The mouse has a 16,000 DPI sensor and it is a mid-sized device designed specifically for right-handed users. Its scale is almost the same as the Razer DeathAdder, but the M5 is a bit slimmer along its midsection, and is a couple of millimeters wider and longer compared to a similar Logitech gaming mouse.

One cool thing about this gaming mouse is that you can freely customize its weight. Its bottom panel is held firmly by a magnet, and has adequate space for up to five 2.5-gram weights. This allows the mouse to reach a total of 130.5 grams; and since these slots provide the weights with a snug fit, you don’t need to worry about the mouse rattling or coming loose while in the middle of a game.

Underneath the hood, the right and left mouse buttons make use of Japanese Omron switches which are considered the best. This is because the switches are rated for a total of 50 million clicks each, hence, its popularity. Though quite interesting, there’s an actual difference between the feeling and sound of the right and left mouse buttons: the left click sounds more tactile and pronounced, whereas the right click sounds and feels softer.

Along each side of the device, there is the presence of anti-slip rubber grips that keep the mouse secure in your hand. Aside from this, the AORUS M5 also features two thumb buttons located at the left facet: two of these manage the DPI settings via default, one scroll wheel that also functions as a button, as well as a standard left and the correct finger buttons. Basically, the great thing about the device is that all the buttons are programmable.

When it comes to the front left portion of the M5, it features a 4-light indicator specifically for the DPI settings which can be adjusted within the device.

Product Features

True 16,000 DPI Optical Sensor

The AORUS M5 gaming mouse features a 16,000 DPI Pixart 3389 optical sensor; this is capable of 50G acceleration and 400 ips which deliver extreme accuracy which is helpful for competitive gaming.

50 Million-Click Japanese Omron Switch

The Omron switches on both buttons of the AORUS M5 give you the a highly comfortable experience yet with tactile response. The switches of the AORUS M5 are designed to have a lifetime of over 50 million clicks.

Optimization for the Best Weight and Balance

The AOUS M5 features an extensive weight distribution system that lets you adjust the center of gravity and weight range from 118 grams to 130.5 grams. This also adjusts the mouse’s accuracy, speed, and performance when gaming.

Ergonomic Right-Handed Mouse

The AORUS M5 is made for right-handed users. Its ergonomic design provides the best comfort since it suits both claw and palm type, letting you hold the mouse in any way you’re comfortable with. The mouse also features anti-slip rubber grips on both sides for you to fully control this.



The mouse uses the optical Pixart 3389 sensor and has a sensitivity of about 50 to 16,000 DPI. Report rate is 125 | 500 | 1,000 Hz, with a 400 IPS tracking speed, 50G acceleration, plus the 32-bit ARM processor. One of the highlights of this gaming mouse is that it features the Omron switch that has a lifespan of 50 million presses, making this a really good device to have for gaming. It also has the standard 3D scrolling and uses the USB interface.


The AORUS M5 measures 128 x 72 x 43 millimeters (LxWxH), and weighs a total of 118 to 130.5 grams. For the length of its cable, it measures just right at 1.8 meters.

Using the Product

When it comes to the performance of the AORUS M5 gaming mouse, it really does perform excellently and has a lot of really strong attributes. Its primary highlight is its sensor – the Optical Pixart 3389 which is a really great offering that gives you a brilliant gaming experience, and even for everyday use.

Pushing the DPI up to a total of 550 DPI on the AORUS M5 improved a lot of things and we can say that it really provided excellent balance between movement and accuracy. When it comes to tracking, acceleration, and speed, the M5 gaming mouse and the Pixart 3389 are an outstanding combination.

The sensor’s speed was notable as well, especially when you’re venturing higher than 500 DPI. The gaming mouse did not show any signs of sluggishness and functioned just as efficiently as other offerings with a similar sensor. The left and right clicks were perfect, and this is all thanks to the built-in Omron switches which have adequate weight and a snappy response to it.

For the illumination, the AORUS M5 gaming mouse is indeed very impressive. All in all, there were three illumination areas which all have vibrant lighting, that is also nice and fully saturated. A spot that we really liked were the side strips since you can make your own customized gradient which will look really nice when you do this correctly.


If you don’t have a Gigabyte software installed in your PC, you will need a total of three installations to be able to take advantage of the full functionality of the AORUS M5 gaming mouse, the RGB fusion, app center, and the AORUS Engine. All of the modifications and customizations are done via the AORUS Engine, and there are three different pages that are especially for buttons, lighting, and the DPI configurations and settings.

The lighting module will let you select between a total of six various settings: from cycling to consistent flashing. But it doesn’t stop there; the strips on either side, are broken down into 10 LED lights that can all have their own color assignments. The scroll wheel features two different color zones – the front and the back – while you can also choose your preferred colors for the emblem as well.

When it comes to the button assignment menu, it lets you reprogram the buttons based on your preferences. The commands can be selected from a list that includes the single keyboard strokes, multikey combinations of your choice, or multimedia functions such as copy, cut, and paste. For the DPI settings page, you’ll dial four varying DPI settings that ranges from 50 to 6,400; just remember that you can’t really change the total number of DPI settings, so you’ll have a total of four instead. The vertical and horizontal DPI can be connected, or you can choose to split then assign them with different DPI’s to each axis. Or, you can also adjust the M5 to different mats by adjusting the lift-off tolerance.


The AORUS M5 is great; it’s one of the gaming mice that has the best looks that matches with the excellent performance it delivers. What we really liked is its customizable DPI, adjustable balance and weight since it helps improve your gaming experience further. So if you’re looking for a high-quality yet affordable gaming mouse that looks really good, then we think that the AORUS M5 gaming mouse is the perfect device for you.

Where to Buy

You can pick up the AORUS M5 for around $79 AUD from your local retailer. For more information head on over to the official product page.

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