Apple TV 4K Review – Quality Streaming for a Great Price

This Apple TV 4K review provides you with essential details about the Apple TV. 

The Apple TV 4K works efficiently by enhancing your favorite films and series further. You’ll enjoy watching videos in stunning and vibrant details, not to mention the excellent picture quality that’s life-like. 

With the device, you can also take advantage of content from iTunes and applications via the App Store. Also, you can simply use the Apple TV’s remote to search for what you want. 

The Apple TV 4K also offers faster and optimized performance because of the integrated A10X Fusion chip. This element allows your applications and games to work faster and seamlessly. 

Apple TV 4K

In this section of our Apple TV 4K review, we’ll focus on its hardware and software features. Plus, we’ll also look into its remote, video quality, and the price. 

Apple TV 4K allows you to view films in excellent 4K HDR combined with Dolby Atmos sound.

It has top-notch content from applications like Viki, Amazon Prime Video, Bein Sports2, and Netflix. Get to enjoy “streaming now” Apple Original films and shows coming from Apple TV+.

With that, let’s begin with the device’s hardware features. 

Hardware Features 

For this part of the Apple TV 4K review, we will focus on the hardware. 

Looking at the Apple TV 4K, it appears just like its predecessor. However, there is a difference between the two. It’s the absence of the USB Type C port on the rear of the current model. 

Under the hood, the Apple A10-X Fusion processor is present. It’s the same one utilized for the iPad Pro to have faster processing and better graphics. 

They claim that the current chip is faster than the 2015 model’s A8 chip. However, we find both to be equally quick, yet newer games will take great advantage of this new processor. 

Available Configurations

Configurations available for the Apple TV 4K are 32GB and 64GB. Unless you download a lot of big games, then the 32GB configuration is enough.

It’s because the box streams everything else like videos, photos, and other media. For storage, it’s mainly utilized for applications. 

The Apple TV 4K comes with updated connections like Gigabit Ethernet. It has 802.11ac Wi-Fi connections with concurrent 5GHz and 2.4GHz bands, as well as Bluetooth 5.0.

For the video out, it’s now HDMI 2.0a to back 4K HDR videos. Another great aspect of Apple TV 4K is that it can do Dolby Atmos audio and Dolby Digital surround sound.

Software Features

Apple TV works together with the best television networks, and it has almost all the primary video streaming applications available. Another thing is that it’s the only streamer with Apple TV’s app. It offers a primary place to browse videos from various services.  

You can easily find sports from applications like MLB and ESPN, while Bloomberg and CNN give you late-breaking news. For your favorite shows, you can find them on apps like YouTubeTV, DirectTV, and SlingTV.

Apple TV+

With Apple TV+, get original Apple movies, shows, and all the premium channels you want. 

On the Apple TV application, you can enjoy thousands of movies to rent or buy. Plus, you can take advantage of various cable TV providers and popular streaming services around. 

Everything’s on your Apple TV app and all your screens, making it the best way to watch TV. What’s more, Apple TV+ streams acclaimed Apple Original movies and shows, and you can only find these on the application. 

Watch Cable TV Outside

With the device, you can enjoy viewing top-notch primetime shows, news, and live sports from leading cable providers. Generally, you’ll have all the on-demand shows you want right in the application. 

Ultimate Personalization for your Enjoyment

Get to discover what you love like different shows and movie suggestions made for you. You’ll also receive dedicated selections based on all the things you love watching from various applications you use. 

Watch, Control, and Manage Your Channels

Now you can easily and quickly subscribe to the channels you just want to watch. You can have up to six family members enjoy this feature without needing any new apps, passwords, or accounts. 

Plus, you can even watch offline, which makes everything better. 

Switch from Different Users in a Snap

With the multi-user support in the new Control Center, everyone in the family can easily find the shows they love.  

Plus, the “Up Next” list of music and video collections, as well as recommendations, are tailored to suit your preferences. 

Apple TV 4K Review – The Apple Arcade

The latest major update on the streamer’s software included the Apple Arcade. It turns the Apple TV 4K into a gaming platform that functions with the Xbox and Sony Bluetooth wireless controllers.

Siri Voice Command

It’s also possible to use Siri for searching content from any of Apple’s supported streaming services. You’ll get intuitive statements and questions like “Show me 4K movies on Netflix” instead of resorting to awkward jargon.

Buy, Rent, and Watch in a Single App

It’s generally a home to thousands of films including the latest blockbuster hits from iTunes. 

You can rent, buy, and watch right inside the application with ease. Plus, you can also view all your previous purchases from iTunes without issues or worries. 

Streamlined Streaming Services 

Easily find all your favorite shows from various streaming services like Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, Pluto TV, Hulu, and more. You’ll conveniently find all of these in the app. 

The next section of our Apple TV 4K review will be about the device’s remote control.

The Remote

Now in our Apple TV 4K review, let’s focus on the efficiency of the device’s remote. 

Generally, the Apple TV Remote gives you full control over your Apple TV 4K. You can even use your finger on the touch surface, to make the Apple TV work easily. 

The remote has an accurate surface, so you can casually use your thumb to accurately and quickly find what you want. Just swipe right, left, up, or down with ease.

Apple TV can link to a single remote at a time. So, if you’re planning to play multiplayer games, it’s necessary to have a controller or iOS device with you. With the remote, you can even adjust the volume of your A/V receiver or TV. 

Instant Command Pick-up

Since it has Bluetooth, you don’t have to directly point the remote at your TV. Because of Bluetooth, Apple TV picks up your commands from anywhere in your room. 

If you have it on a full charge, it can last up to three months of use. 

What’s more, it has an included button dedicated to Siri. It allows you to perform various functions via your voice. 

Video Quality

Now in our Apple TV 4K review, we’ll check out the device’s video quality. Its operating system has had continuous updates since its release some years ago.  

It launched with support for UHD videos with HDR-10, as well as Dolby Vision high dynamic range. But as of late 2018, it started supporting Dolby Atmos audio for specific applications. 


4K gives you a crisper and better image because of 4X more pixels compared to standard HD. High Dynamic Range or HDR offers more realistic and brighter colors, as well as greater detail. 

Dolby Atmos

Use Apple TV 4K with a sound system that’s Dolby Atmos–compatible and you’ll get completely immersed in 3D audio. It will send sounds all around you with accurate precision for better listening. 

What we find notable is that this streaming player is the first to be both Dolby Atmos and Vision certified. With that, Apple TV 4K provides you with complete cinematic excellence and experience. 

Apple TV 4K Review – Quality Streaming for a Great Price – How Much is it?

This time in our Apple TV 4K review, let’s focus on the Apple TV 4K’s price. 

If you plan to purchase the 32GB version, it will cost you $149 while the 64GB is $199. You can purchase any of these versions with our affiliate link.

We don’t mind paying for this price since Apple TV 4K continues to get better every time. The original non-4K Apple TV HD continues to sell at a lower price. However, we think it’s better to pay the extra amount to get the Apple TV 4K instead. 

You can even add the AppleCare Protection Plan for the Apple TV. You’ll receive two years of support and service upon purchase of the Apple TV 4K.


We all know that there are a ton of excellent streaming devices appearing today. However, Apple TV 4K is one perfect media streamer in a lot of different ways. 

We think that its integration with the iOS ecosystem is perfect. Plus, it’s also a more enhanced device compared to the 3rd generation Apple TV. 

If you’re a user of Apple products and you own a great TV, the Apple TV 4K is worth the purchase. It’s also an excellent upgrade if you have the non-4K version of it. Additionally, it’s also recommended if you’re a movie buff who often buys or rents new releases in 4K.

Apple TV 4K offers the best streaming video for TVs that are compatible with 4K HDR and Dolby Vision. It delivers an excellent experience, and other features like its remote and Siri voice options make it a better choice.

To sum up our Apple TV 4K review, we highly recommend this streaming device.

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