ASUS Announces AiMesh AX6100 Wi-Fi System

ASUS have announced the AiMesh AX6100 Wi-Fi System, a complete home mesh Wi-Fi solution consisting of two ASUS RT-AX92U wireless routers. Featuring the latest Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) technology, which includes a variety of new technologies that improve Wi-Fi speed and network capacity, the AiMesh AX6100 Wi-Fi System provides extremely fast, stable and strong Wi-Fi connections anywhere in the home as well as future-proof performance and compatibility with current and legacy Wi-Fi devices.

The AiMesh AX6100 Wi-Fi System takes advantage of the speed, capacity and stability provided by Wi‑Fi 6 by using it for the backhaul connection the two routers use to communicate with each other, ensuring that users can enjoy the full networking speeds from their internet service provider anywhere in the home. It also features a tri-band design, which dedicates one full Wi-Fi band to the backhaul connection and two full bands to device connections for maximized performance and stability.

The AiMesh AX6100 Wi-Fi System comes with commercial-grade AiProtection Pro security powered by Trend Micro™ to keep every connected device on the network safe from internet threats. This powerful security software comes with free automatic updates to ensure protection stays current. It also features advanced parental controls to help parents keep their children safe online as well as monitor and control internet usage.

The most powerful mesh system

By combining ASUS AiMesh and the latest Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) technologies, the AiMesh AX6100 Wi-Fi System is a revolution in home Wi-Fi. It uses Wi-Fi 6 as the wireless backhaul connection, transmitting data between the two RT-AX92U routers at speeds of up to 4808Mbps. This ensures that the full speed of users’ internet connections can be experienced on both routers in the system, resulting extremely fast Wi-Fi for all connected devices.

The AiMesh AX6100 Wi-Fi System features a tri-band design that dedicates a full Wi-Fi band dedicated to the backhaul connection and two Wi-Fi bands to connected devices for maximized system performance and stability. Traditional dual-band mesh Wi-Fi systems sacrifice half of the total wireless bandwidth to the backhaul connection, often resulting in compromised performance.

Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax)

With the latest Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) technology, the AiMesh AX6100 Wi-Fi System supports 160MHz bandwidth and 1024-QAM to provide ultrafast Wi-Fi speeds of up 6100Mbps — 4804Mbps on the 5GHz-2 band — RT-AX92U is 2.7X faster than normal 802.11ac 4×4 routers. In addition to boosting Wi-Fi speeds, the Wi‑Fi 6 standard offers a number of other improvements and optimizations that address the massive increase in the number of connected devices in recent years.

The AiMesh AX6100 Wi-Fi System features a combination of OFDMA and MU-MIMO technology that provides up to 4X better network efficiency and capacity. With OFDMA, the data channel is separated into smaller sub channels, so data from different devices can be bundled together to ensure no bandwidth is wasted. This means that one channel can transmit data to several devices at the same time, improving efficiency and reducing latency. These smaller sub channels also enable the AiMesh AX6100 Wi-Fi System to provide up to 80% greater coverage than previous-generation routers. Each AiMesh AX6100 router also has two internal Wi-Fi 6 antennas that are positioned horizontally to improve coverage in multi-story homes. With two routers, the AiMesh AX6100 Wi-Fi System provides up to 5500 square feet of Wi-Fi coverage.

The Wi-Fi 6 standard also helps to improve battery life of connected devices. A new technology called Target Wake Time (TWT) allows transmissions to be scheduled, so connected devices can sleep for longer periods, delivering up to 7X better battery life. Wi-Fi 6 is fully backwards compatible with previous Wi-Fi standards, so users can connect any Wi-Fi device to the AiMesh AX6100 Wi-Fi System and enjoy a seamless networking experience.

Commercial-grade network security for the home

The AiMesh AX6100 Wi-Fi System incorporates AiProtection Pro, commercial-grade security for home networks powered by Trend Micro™. AiProtection Pro keeps every connected device on the network, including IoT devices, safe from Internet threats. It also comes with free updates for the life of the product to ensure protection stays current and effective.

The AiMesh AX6100 Wi-Fi System also comes with state-of-the-art parental controls that let parents keep a watchful eye on how much time children are spending online and set time limits and schedules. Parents can block specific categories of mobile apps and websites and then apply them to all devices belonging to a particular family member, while allowing free access to the rest of the internet.


RT-AX92U 2-Pack is available in Australia now at the RRP of $659.00 AUD.

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