Asus ROG Ryuo 240 Review

ASUS ROG or Republic of Gamers, despite its popularity, is a relatively new brand. The brand was able to associate itself with some of the best and preferred consumer products that are available in the market today.

When it comes to PC peripherals, it’s safe to say that for now, their branding is best identified with graphics cards and motherboards. And with how well they perform in the industry, this is all set to change.

ASUS is aiming to branch out to reach more areas of computer peripheral designs. Just lately, we were able to check out their ASUS ROG Ryuo 240 CPU Cooler. This is an AIO liquid cooler that is integrated with a 240 radiator.

Aside from this feature, the Ryuo 240 comes with other excellent aspects that make it distinct enough to stand out in the market. It may come off as your regular 240 RGB AIO cooler, but it has a lot more in store for you.

Curious? Well read on and know more about the ASUS ROG Ryuo 240 CPU Cooler. Who knows? It might be something that you’d want to add to your setup.

Asus ROG Ryuo 240 Review – What’s in the Box?

When we got our hands on the Ryuo 240, we really liked how ASUS did their packaging for this CPU cooler. It doesn’t only carry all the branding and colors that are associated with them, but the front portion of the box gives us a nice, clean, and large image of the product. The image includes the fans, radiator, and the CPU block. It also has a nice lightly-embossed silver highlight which is really appealing.

Its rear package gives you all the CPU cooler’s key features, as well as its specifications. What we liked is that these are really easy to read and understand. It’s good that ASUS provided us with great information that shares all the things we need to know about this CPU cooler at a quick glance.

The brand always puts extra effort to their packaging, so it’s something that we can’t miss out as part of the review.

The package opens from the front edge and it comes with an attractive design. It displays the ASUS ROG logo at an angle. We’ve already seen this design and style from ASUS ROG, we’re sure you have too, but definitely never failed to admire and be impressed with the extra touch they give their products.

Out of the box, the included power supply appears similar to every 240mm AIO liquid coolers around. The radiator that’s present seems to lack important features and there are no signs of logos or branding. But if you take a closer look at its pump-head, there you’ll find a bunch of interesting things.

Included in the box are the ASUS ROG Ryuo 240 Liquid Cooler, two 120mm ROG Ryuo cooling fans – Model 12, a pack of brackets and screws, a pre-applied thermal compound, software control USB cable, and a quick start guide.

The Product

Asus ROG Ryuo 240 Review

There’s a lot to talk about when it comes to this ROG Ryuo 240 CPU cooler, and we’re going to start off with the radiator.


The radiator is 272 x 121 x 27 millimeters where 27 millimeters is the height or thickness of it. It’s generally a slim radiator and with 25-millimeter fans included, its maximum height would be 52 millimeters.

The unit’s total thickness is about 55 millimeters when assembled, and this is because of the fan screws’ thick heads.

The Ryuo 240’s radiator is made of aluminum which makes it lightweight. Its FPI count reaches 20 on the radiator so it really makes sense to use high air pressure and airflow. All in all, there are 13 channels available on the radiator, and its edges are angular. Far chambers are thinner which is something common on almost all similar coolers.

There is a 105-millimeter spacing between any of the two mounting holes found on the radiator’s housing, with its fins length measuring approximately 240 millimeters. When it comes to the depth, it measures  about 121 millimeters, and the fin stacks’ total thickness is roughly 24.20 millimeters.

On the radiator, there aren’t any protective platings located beneath its mounting holes, so it’s best to take caution when installing the fans here. This is because longer screws can easily damage the fins that would enhance the performance or cause leakage to the radiator.

If you look at the tubes chamber, you’ll find a sticker pasted here which displays the serial number. For the far chamber, there’s another sticker pasted, which is a standard in all AIO.

Technically, the ASUS ROG Ryuo 240 makes use of a sleeved flexible rubbing tubing for enhanced aesthetics. The tubes are about 380 millimeters long and have an OD of about 10.83 millimeters.

CPU Water Block

The CPU block is the Ryuo 240’s main feature, and it is also integrated with the newest cooling-plate style that features micro channels. These give off more thermal consumption area for the processor heat.

This is a creative feature that diminishes thermal resistance for cooler temps and better performance. It is all because of the 6th generation Astek pumps together with a customized ASUS PCB for more function and efficiency.

Its pump housing is made with aluminum and is 80 x 80 x 45 millimeters. It has a nice black color tone finish and it even looks better in person. The housing comes with a circular design which is just as attractive. You’ll also get to see the 90-degree barb fittings with both of tubes on a similar level.

These tubes can be easily spun as per requirements; plus, there are also three flat cables appearing from the back portion which are middled between its fittings. The flat cables that we’re talking about are the following: a SATA cable that measures approximately 310 millimeters, a 4-pin connector cable that is about 295 millimeters, and one Y-splitter cable that is about 276+ 50 millimeters.

The top portion of the block features an NCVM coating which is where all the interesting things come from. It has the industry’s very first instilled all-colors 1.77-inch OLED display which exhibits almost anything as long as the needed requirements of 1MB or less, and 160 x 128 pixels in GIF / JPEG are met. When you look at the top edges of its housing, you’ll see a text of “Republic of Gamers” printed on each reversed sides facing each other.

The right portion of the block features a plain surface without any form of printing or branding. Its left side has a micro USB port that is inset into the housing, and you’ll find this close to the rear side. When it comes to the design, it has an additional depth when it comes to accessing the port. So once you link the packaged micro USB cable right after installing the block, everything would work smoothly. As for the bottom area, it features a 54-millimeter diameter circular base that is crafted from copper. It also comes with a pre-tested and applied thermal paste.


The fan’s plastic frame is black and has seven impellers which are made to accomodate the high resistance surfaces. Its static pressure rating clearly indicates this. You will also find a reflective ROG eye sticker at the fan’s center. As for the center hub, it has an approximate diameter of 40 millimeters.

On the inner slope of the frame, you will find “Republic of Gamers” embossed; it is close to the top left mounting corner. Compared to the frame’s overall height, the mounting corners have a raised surface. The spacing between every pair of mounting holes is 105 millimeters. Even if the fan’s plastic frame is plastic, its finish resembles brushed aluminum.

For the fan’s backside, this can be assembled using its four arms. One arm has additional inset and width for the cable route. Under the ROG’s eye, you will see “ROG RYUO FAN MODEL 12” printed on this. According to ASUS, these fans offer additional 7% static pressure and 12% airflow unlike other AIOs. What makes these fans much better is that it consumes less power.

Product Features

Live Dash OLED

The ASUS ROG Ryuo 240 is the very first AIO liquid cooler in the world that features an integrated 1.77-inch Live Dash color OLED. It exhibits useful system data like voltages, temperature, fan speed, and frequency.

Not only that, but you can customize animation or image lighting to highlight your clan’s gamertag or insignia.

Subtle, Sleek, & Striking

The Ryuo 240 is infused with the Aura RGB lighting which adds a gentle glow to help light your CPU. It will truly appear as the core of your build just like how a CPU should be. Its lighting effects and color can be customized based on your liking, simply to blend with the OLED display; this also goes for the system colors to get a unified appearance that is completely your own.

Fully Customize of the LiveDash Software

LiveDash is ASUS’ software utility where you can easily adjust the RGB lighting and oLED display settings. You can choose which system stats to keep track of and the select personalized images and graphics to display. It also has an intuitive interface that adjusts the settings step by step. Through this software, you can control the Ryuo’s RGB lighting.

Excellent Synchronization of Lighting Effects

Through ASUS Aura Sync, the Aura RGB lighting can be further improved to achieve harmonized RGB lighting effects even with different external accessories and system components that are enabled by Aura. You can display the type of vibe you want since the Aura software offers full control of lighting throughout every compatible device.

More Compatibility

Another great thing about the ASUS ROG Ryuo 240 is its extended compatibility. You can pair it with the processor of your choice since it is compatible with a wide variety of platforms of AMD and Intel motherboards. It is also fitted with a 38-centimeter tubing which makes routing and mounting easier.

Fan Design Made Better

The radiator fan of ROG has been tuned precisely to perform excellently with the radiators of Ryuo by generating 81 CFM / 5-millimeter H20 for absolute efficiency in cooling.

Fan and Pump Control with Four-Pin PWM

The Ryuo 240 features the four-pin PWM to control the radiator fans and the pump. With that, the ROG Ryuo 240 is able to deliver accurate control for speed to balance its acoustics and performance at all times.

Enhanced Pump Design

The ROG Ryuo 240 comes with the newest design of the cooling plate; this features micro channels that offers increased dissipation of processor heat. It is an innovative feature that helps enhance performance by keeping temperatures low and cool.

Fan Control Software

For the fan control software of the ASUS ROG Ryuo 240, this is the Fan Xpert 4. The primary interface of Fan Xpert looks simple yet great and it makes accessing tools and settings easy. Aside from the settings, it also displays system information which includes your CPU’s temperature, speed, and other details.

The main purpose of the Fan Xpert is to control the CPU fan which is helpful in managing your CPU when you try to overclock. It offers several temperature values for you to know if the fan speed needs to be increased. Basically, it protects and lengthens your the lifespan of your CPU, as well as its components.

Keep in mind that you will require the AI Suite III before you can use the fan control software to access the fans’ settings. You can download this from ASUS’ official website. Under the Fan Xpert software, you will find the ROG Ryuo option; it shows a custom fan curve which you can set, but this is optional. This will only be required if you connect both fans to the Y splitter cable. We mainly used the AI Suite III to check and control the fans’ speed, but we also used it occasionally to track the temperatures.

When using Fan Xpert 4, we were able to set the RPM at 300 in Extreme Quiet mode which is really low and better than what ASUS claims. Fan Xpert can also be used if you need a good balance between fan and CPU speed when you overclock. This is to keep your system’s temperatures low and maintain its performance.

Overall, this fan control program is a great and useful software since you can see complete system information while having full control of your PC’s fans. It’s a great way to prolong your processor’s lifetime.

The OLED Software

ASUS provides us with an all-inclusive software called the Live Dash. This controls the OLED display and is optimized and designed for the ASUS motherboards that function specifically for hardware monitoring. These include CPU frequency, fan speed, voltage, temperature, and more.

You can download Live Dash from ASUS’ official website so you can make it work with your Ryuo 240 or other ASUS ROG coolers. The Live Dash software provides you with a simplified and user friendly interface that gives you and all other users the option to display hardware monitoring statistics  (specific to motherboards from ASUS), logos, texts, animation, banners, photos, and a lot more.

Another good thing about the Live Dash software is that you can use it for the display setup for the OLED. Its Hardware Monitor tab is the place that lets you set parameters such as CPU frequency, temperature, voltage, or fan speed to have the OLED on display.

The next tab here would be the Animation or Image this tab, you have the option of choosing an image to be displayed, either a .jpg or .gif one. The photo should have a resolution of 160 x 128 pixels while its size is limited to 1MB.

The Custom Banner allows you to input customized text which will show up on the display. It is shown together with the ROG logo which is set on the background.

The last would be the Lighting Control which is for setting up the lighting effects, These are similar to the effects that can be found in the ASUS AI Suite. You can also get the chance to create really cool effects, especially if you have some RGB memory as well. All in all, there are a total of six modes available and these are for the addressable RGB lightings on the cooler.

The six modes include Breathing, Static, Flash & Dash, Strobing, Color Cycle, Strobing, and Rainbow. All in all, the Live Dash software is straightforward and lets you choose what should appear on your screen. A very nice feature especially if you’re someone who’s into customizations and such.


Here are the following specifications of the ASUS ROG Ryuo 240:

The radiator has a dimension of 272 x 121 x 27 millimeters and the material used for its body is aluminum. It also comes with a sleeved rubber tube.

It’s good and quite interesting that ASUS bundled the ROG Ryuo Model 12-fans with Ryuo coolers. These are actually the customized fans that have been introduced with the Ryuo coolers, and they completely symbolize the concept of ROG from their designs.

The fans have been rated at 2500 ± 0% RPM, and the static pressure rate is about 5.0 millimeters H20 at 12 VDC.  For the highest airflow rating, it reached 80.95 CFM while the sound pressure has a rate of 37.6 dB(A). As for the power rating, it is 0.60 A and 7.0 W at 12 VDC.

ASUS also included a three-year warranty for their Ryuo 240.

Water Block

  • Water Block Dimension: 80 x 80 x 45 mm
  • Block Material (CPU plate): Copper


  • Radiator Dimension: 272 x 121 x 27 mm
  • Radiator Material: Aluminum
  • Tube: Sleeved Rubber tube


  • Fan: 2 x ROG RYUO FAN Model 12
  • Fan size: 2 Fan Slots (120mm)
  • Fan Dimension: 120 x 120 x 25 mm
  • Fan Speed: 800 ~ 2500 RPM +/- 10 %
  • Fan Static Pressure: 5.0 mmH2O
  • Fan Air Flow: 80.95 CFM
  • Fan Noise: 37 dB(A)
  • Control Mode: PWM

Special Features

  • OLED Display: 1.77 ” Full Color OLED
  • AURA Sync Support: Yes

Package Contents

  • ROG RYUO 240 Liquid Cooler
  • Accesory Pack of Scews and brackets
  • 2 x 120mm ROG Ryuo Fan Model 12
  • USB Cable for Software control
  • Thermal compound (pre-applied)
  • Quick Start Guide

Using the Product

ASUS’ Republic of Gamers brand is well-known for its high-performance devices. Because of that, we also expected good results from the Ryuo 240 cooler when handling temperatures. In fact, its performance is top-notch despite being just a 240 cooler and it even beats the larger AIO coolers.

While using the test system we noticed that the cooler was managing to keep the CPU nice and cool. Its stock performance was at around 46℃ during load and 33℃ when we were gaming. When the PC was at idle the temperature was around 23℃.

This is one of the lowest temperatures we’ve got compared to other coolers that we’ve tested which is why it’s really effective. With these results, we can really say that it is a high-performing cooler.

The cooler would be ideal for those of you that want to overclock and you should see some great results when using the stock thermal paste. If you want to go that little bit further you can swap the stock paste out with a premium 3rd party thermal compound.

For the RGB lighting, the effects looked really great in all six modes. We really loved the colors since it’s not overdone and its lighting is even and smooth, providing better visuals.

Now for it’s overall performance, we really think that it’s worth the purchase. It performed excellently and delivered great results. With this, we think that the Ryuo 240 is worth the purchase.


The ASUS ROG Ryuo offers customers unique and special features for AIO coolers. For the Ryuo 240, it’s the OLED display that you can customize. You can even use your own images and logos to display on its pump module without having to undergo difficult modifications like in other coolers.

This enthusiast-grade AIO cooler retains all the great features of the previous Ryujin model but is offered at a more affordable price.

The ASUS ROG Ryuo also comes with the first embedded all-color display screen in the industry. Its RGB lighting effects make absolutely stunning effects which we really liked.

For the cooler’s fans, it perfectly complements the entire bold appearance of the unit and the best thing about this is that it’s more than the looks. As we mentioned earlier, it delivered great performance and kept our CPU’s temperatures low and cool.

If you’re looking for a cooler that offers both looks and performance, we highly recommend the ASUS ROG Ryuo 240.

Where to Buy

You can pickup the ASUS ROG Ryuo 240 AIO cooler for around $249AUD. For more information head on over to the official product page.

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