Audio-Technica ATH-CKR7TW Review

Airbuds are one of the preferred items when it comes to listening devices today, but it does receive a certain level of ridicule from some. Despite the reactions they’ve been receiving, Airbuds are still a big hit, leaving the premium audio to respond.

Of course, brands like Audio-Technica have responded commercially to this, with their promising ATH-CKR7TW wireless in-ear earphones, marketing an exceptional Japanese lineage.

It’s surely a promising device that has excellent features and specifications, but just how well do these wireless in-ear earphones work? Today, we’re going to look into this product further and see if it’s something worth investing in for all your listening needs. First up, let’s check out what’s inside the box.

Audio-Technica ATH-CKR7TW Review – What’s in the Box?

Our black ATH-CKR7TW wireless earbuds arrived in the usual Audio-Technica package that is clean and simple but with all the details that you’d need to know about the product. The front portion features a huge image of the earpiece while the upper right portion of the box displays the company’s name. On the upper left corner, you’ll find the logo of Audio-Technica while at the bottom of the image is the name of the product and what it is.

You’ll find more details on the side of the package, but it’s mostly about the accessories included inside. There are also instructions printed on the package so you can take a quick look at it before opening the package to see the ATH-CKR7TW.

Once you open the box, you’ll find that the earphones are placed in another box that has a clear plastic cover in front. It’s nice that the company made it this way since you can have a better look at the product even before completely opening the package. Inside, you will find the ATH-CKR7TW itself, eartips with different sizes, a USB cable, a charging case, as well as 3D loops for the earphones. The 3D loops are generally little rubber fins that can be linked or removed from the ATH-CKR7TW to adjust its fit.

The Product

Audio-Technica ATH-CKR7TW Review

The ATH-CKR7TW from Audio-Technica features a unique and distinct style compared to the other wireless earphones that are available in the market. It has a round shape and has a bit of girth which Audio-Technica used to separate the DAC’s electronics from the device’s acoustic chamber. Also, you’ll notice at the top ridge portion of the earphones is the Bluetooth pairing button that also works for playback controls.

Generally, the Audio-Technica ATH-CKR7TW is quite large; yet quite surprisingly, they fit perfectly in the ears without you having to force it in, which is the case in other similar devices. Of course, you can choose the size of the eartips, but sometimes, even the small ones are huge and can be difficult to fit. Anyway, we used the smaller eartips together with the attachable 3D loops or wings.

If you’re expecting to have longer moments of listening to music, you won’t have to worry about any discomfort or pain since the ATH-CKR7TW is made perfectly to provide utmost comfort at all times; this is despite wearing the device for prolonged periods. When it comes to controlling the ATH-CKR7TW, it’s really very simple; the device only features a single button on each side. Speaking of this button, it’s a bit tactile but you can press it easily when wearing the device.

The button on the left side controls the volume; if you want to increase the volume, just press on the volume button once, then twice to lower the volume. The right button functions as the play, answer, or pause button with just a single press; to set the next track, do a double press while a triple press is necessary to go back to the previous track. If you hold the button for four seconds, you’ll switch off the earpiece for that specific side.

When it comes to the case of the ATH-CKR7TW, there is a useful button that displays the battery levels via the LED lights. At the back of this, you’ll find the USB Type-C charging input; and lastly, the button located at the front opens the case’s lid which is durable and sturdy.

What’s nice about this is that you won’t have to worry much about the device popping out of the case since the lid is secure enough to prevent such occurrences. We really liked how securely fit the case is for the earphones since you get that strong, crisp, and solid click when you press the pieces into place. Now after you’ve set the earpieces in place, you’ll just need to close the case to begin the charging process; you can even press down the button located at the center of the case to see how much charge is present.

Product Features

Outstanding Audio and True Wireless Design

You can enjoy excellent-sounding audio with the ATH-CKR7TW earphones from Audio-Technica. These wireless earphones come with 11-millimeter drivers with a special design, featuring pure iron yokes and diaphragms coated with diamond-like carbon. Because of its materials, the device provides high-quality, accurate audio for your listening enjoyment.

Quick, Accurate Response

The housings of the earbuds feature isolation structures with dual layers to separate the electric circuitry from the acoustic space. This delivers quick response and optimal phase.

High Frequencies, Less Resonance

With brass stabilisers, the ATH-CKR7TW delivers reduced resonance and secures movement of the linear diaphragm. Aside from that, the ATH-CKR7TW also has acoustic mesh resistors made from stainless steel to provide enhanced high-frequency response. This reproduces impressive wide-range audio with crystal clear high frequencies and rich, deep-sounding bass.

High-quality DAC and Headphone Amplifier

Audio-Technica’s ATH-CKR7TW  earbuds have the AKM AK4375 DAC and a headphone amplifier which guarantees accurate and clear sound reproduction from the wireless Bluetooth signal. Since it’s compatible with high-degree aptX codec to further enhance the reproduced audio.

Convenient Button Control and Connect App

The ATH-CKR7TW features a mic and an integrated button control for you to conveniently handle music playback, calls, and volume control on smartphones and other various devices. Aside from that, you can also use Audio-Technica’s devices Connect app on their smartphone to easily and instantly adjust the settings of the ATH-CKR7TW.

Heavy Duty Internal Battery

When the ATH-CKR7TW is fully charged, it offers six hours of continuous playback, calls, and other uses. If this runs out of power, you can utilize the charging case which acts as a power bank.

Button Control

The integrated button control provides hands-free call, volume, and music adjustment on your Bluetooth compatible mobile device.

Charging Case

The ATH-CKR7TW offers up to a total of 15 hours of nonstop playback before any charging cables can be plugged in. The earbuds come with its own charging case and when recharging is needed, all you have to do is place the earbuds in the case.

On full charge, the device is good for 6 hours of use and its built-in battery gives you an additional 9 hours of power when fully charged. For recharging, this lasts for around 2 hours.


For the specifications of the ATH-CKR7TW, it makes use of a DC 3.7 Volt lithium-ion battery that lasts a maximum of 6 hours when used. It’s a lightweight device that weighs about 18 grams, whereas the charging case is approximately 68 grams.

It comes with a set of extra accessories such as a a 30-centimeter USB charging cable, eartips with different sizes: specifically extra small, small, medium, and large sizes. Another inclusion with the device is the 3D loop support. The ATH-CKR7TW also includes a single 30-centimeter charging cable where one end is a USB Type-A and the other is a Micro USB Type-B.

The device makes use of the MEMS type of microphone that is -38 dB (1-Volt / Pa at 1kHz for its sensitivity, and has a frequency response that ranges from 50 to 4,000Hz. Also for the microphone, it features an omnidirectional polar-pattern mic for more efficiency. For the ATH-CKR7TW’s operating temperature, it ranges from  5°C to 40°C while it makes use of the Bluetooth version 5.0 for its communication system.

The device has an RF output of 0.6mW EIRP, approximately 10 meters for its max communication range, plus a frequency band of 2.402GHz to 2,480GHz. The ATH-CKR7TW from Audio-Technica also makes use of the FHSS modulation method.

A2DP, HFP, AVRCP,and HSP are the compatible Bluetooth profiles for the ATH-CKR7TW and it also supports Qualcomm aptX audio, SBC, and AAC. For the supported content protection-method, the device utilizes SCMS-T while its transition band ranges from 20 to 20,000Hz.

Using the Product

Before anything else, let’s talk about the fit and make of the device. The ATH-CKR7TW is designed and crafted with precision so you’ll get a build that is just right for your ear. If you need to have the size bigger or smaller, Audio-Technica included different sizes of eartips which are all comfortable when worn even for prolonged hours.

They made it fit adequately so you wouldn’t have to bother with a lot of fiddling just to get the earphones sitting in place – something that we usually have to deal with when it comes to using wireless earbuds. And because of its fit, even with some head movements, there were no instances of the device falling out which was really good.

When it comes to its performance, the ATH-CKR7TW basically has a very clean and loud sound. We noticed that it somehow emphasizes on the high and upper-mids, while the bass and lower-mids are more balanced.

Though don’t worry because it doesn’t mean that the bass isn’t strong and powerful; in fact, its bass response is really good so you’ll still get that thumping bass power that you’d want blending in your music. That said, it hits pretty low, extends adequately, and packs quite a punch; however, the frequency response prefers the higher end.

Sound Quality

For its sound quality, it was excellent and expansive. We tried the earphones with different music genres and we all received rich, nice-sounding music with perfect clarity. The device does not offer any noise-cancelling features, but it sure does block most of the outside sound which was pretty cool

For the ATH-CKR7TW’s soundstage, it is somewhat dependent on how the device fits in your ears. If these are unbalanced in your ears, it gives off a rather wonky-sounding soundstage. That aside, the ATH-CKR7TW has a very solid high with a strong contrast between its lows, light instruments, and rich instruments. The depth of the sounds have lesser contrast that usual due to the increased mid boost that enhances each of the instruments.

Earbuds and Touch Controls

The ATH-CKR7TW’s earbuds utilize the Bluetooth 5.0 wireless technology and includes support for AAC and aptX which was evident while we were listening to music. Even if there were other devices trying to connect to the Bluetooth, we didn’t experience any drop out in the connection which is good.

For the touch controls, all of them were responsive and we were able to easily get used to these. You just need to read the manual to know how many finger taps and gestures are needed for certain functions. When you know what to do, everything will be easy.

The ATH-CKR7TW Earpieces

The right and left earpieces provide you with full control over music playback and calls. For the left piece, it worked excellently and seamlessly when adjusting the volume and it was really easy to press so even when you’re out and walking down the street, you can just press on it lightly and you’re all set. For the right piece, it works just as easily so we were able to easy pause, play, and skip music; it’s also worth noting that answering calls with these buttons was easy so we really liked that.They’re really sensitive so you’ll have to be careful just as well since you might end up making unnecessary calls while using the ATH-CKR7TW.

Overall, the performance of the Audio-Technica ATH-CKR7TW was great and we didn’t have any problems with it. The sounds that it produced were clean, crisp, solid, and powerful, while its bass blended perfectly which gave us that depth we wanted. We also really appreciated that Audio-Technica added a serious thump to their sub and lower-bass registers which, in turn, provides awesome sounds for techno and hip-hop music. For acoustic music, the ATH-CKR7TW delivered clean vocals, smooth guitars and the powerful bass with adequate depth.


With the Connect application from Audio-Technica, you will be able to utilize other compatible devices from the company which will make things easier and more user-friendly. The application includes a variety of guidelines that will help all first time Bluetooth users; plus, it also comes with a bunch of customization options, allowing you to easily manage the settings on all of your Audio-Technica products.

Taking advantage of the company’s Connect app will enable you to alter the Bluetooth codec from the AAC or aptX to a much lower quality SBC. This will soon virtually remove any instances of lagging for better and more enjoyable listening.

If you want to customize things a bit further, you can use the application to set different types of button patterns; yet if you already consider the default pattern comfortable, then you can just leave it as is. Other than that, the Connect application will also let you setup which codec to utilize. And even if there were no other settings present, it is still a very useful application for getting a detailed reading of the current battery percentage, as well as what active codec is being utilized.

Main Features of the Connect App

The primary features of the application includes the FAQ and product guides which will help you better utilize Bluetooth devices for the first time. It displays the battery level of your connected device as well as the Bluetooth codec that’s being used. Not only that, but you can freely alter the Bluetooth codec based on the connection status or sound quality; plus, you can also easily personalize the button functions based on your preferences. Lastly, the app can readily help you find your device just in case you lose this.


The ATH-CKR7TW True WirelessEarphones from Audio-Technica offers top-notch wireless audio entertainment without having to deal with any cables. These earphones do not only have a compact design, but, Audio-Technica developed a variety of technological capabilities for this. With that, the ATH-CKR7TW is sure to to deliver clear, high-quality audio with deep bass.

The ATH-CKR7TW delivers a crisp, clear, and high-quality sound signature, as expected from Audio-Technica. We’re really happy with this product since it provided more than what we expected, such as the audio being in the upper midrange and treble. The combination results in excellent audio for electronica and hip-hop genres. When we tried listening to acoustic music, we heard superior vocals, clear and clean-cut steel-string guitar, as well as deep and detailed bass.

If your favorite music genres are hip-hop, pop, and rock, we highly recommend the Audio-Technnica ATH-CKR7TW.

Where to Buy

You can purchase the ATH-CKR7TW for only $349 AUD from over at the official product page.

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