Ballistix Elite DDR4 Kit Review

Today, budget CPUs have an identical number of cores as the previous flagship RAM; plus, users demand increased speed from these. With that, the features alone already increases the efficiency and impact on your experience. The classic old sticks allow you to chat with friends and surf the net; thing is, you’ll need RAM that is better and more capable, especially if you want to lead your team to victory.

With that, if you want to achieve victory during your gaming moments or just want to have an effective and great memory RAM kit for use, then the Ballistix Elite 32GB DDR4 RAM Kit may just be the thing for you.

Today, we’ll be talking about this DDR4 RAM Kit, specifically the BLE4K8G4D34AEEAK model, to see if it’s just as good as the company claims it to be and if its features & performance are something that you’d consider adding to your rig.

Ballistix Elite DDR4 Kit Review – What’s in the Box?

As we expected from this RAM, Ballistix made use of the same standard packaging they utilize with their other memory products. The kit comes in a thick and durable cardboard outer box with transparent windows right at its front. To describe it better, the Ballistix Elite 32GB DDR4 RAM Kit is set in a sleek-looking box that is covered with a diamond plate-pattern. You’ll be able to take a peek at the modules within the container via the window located in one corner.

The rear portion of the package is also concealed using a similar pattern with a silver splash-through right in the middle. This means that the kit is included in the Elite category of Ballistix’s lineup.

To continue, there’s a triangular-shaped flap present which has a magnet in it; this is to keep it sealed properly. On the upper right corner at the back of the package, you will also see the lifetime warranty logo that is prominently displayed. More on the packaging, it is made up of a clear plastic that leaves the RAM visible for you to see. The back of the container has a description of each available memory series and is written in different languages.

This Elite memory kit has a sturdy and sleek design with a nice black finish, making it a really attractive RAM which we really liked. Just keep in mind that this RAM only comes in one color, so if you’re into modifications and are searching for other colors, you’ll only get black with the Ballistix Elite line.

When you pry the box open, you will see the DRAM modules in matte black. The outer portion of the container states that the Ballistix Elite is a gaming memory, but a lot of enthusiasts know that it’s a code stating that the RAM is fast.

Other items that are included are the plastic clamshell containers that hold each of the modules. If you are searching for any documentation, you’ll find Ballistix’s site at the back of the box and notes that suggests checking out their page for more details.

The Product

Ballistix Elite DDR4 Kit Review

The Ballistix Elite DDR4 RAM is considered to be slightly low profile; from the tips of its contacts to the heat spreaders height, it measures 40 millimeters. There’s a big logo of the company on one portion of the RAM, while the crucial model number, timings, and speed are all listed on the opposite side. The heatsinks are crafted using aluminum, and are removable; this is quite handy if you’re attempting to install a much bigger air CPU cooler.

The memory kit is around 41 millimeters tall with four screws that need to be removed if you plan to get rid of the heatsink that is present. Removing this portion will give you a couple more millimeters to work with once you install the CPU coolers.

This DRAM module features memory ICs that populate a single portion of the PCB; with that, there are a total of 8 ICs / module. The IC side of these modules make use of thermal tapes to protect the heat sink’s sides and to keep these in place. Honestly, it’s a really strong and effective type of adhesive and we found it a bit tricky to pull the heatsinks apart after removing the screws that secure the top-most railings.

The top portion of each module features an aggressive Picatinny rail-like appearance that has the logo of Ballistix right at its center. The modules are a bit thin and the heat spreader only makes contact with the memory modules that are present; this allows them to have a natural convection through and around the module.

Additionally, the modules are sleek with a classy matte black finish, with logos that feature a minimalist design that has a low profile. Both sides of the modules feature an Elite badge that signifies the highest position in the company’s lineup.

The Ballistix Elite DDR4 RAM has a UDIMM form factor with a memory that is NON-ECC / non-parity. This is something common for memory that is mostly for laptop or desktop computers; plus, it comes with a total of four kits with a maximum capacity of 32GB.

The RAM has 1.35 Volts and has an unbuffered type of DIMM; this is much faster compared to the registered memory and those that are often utilized for workstations and PCs. A highlight of the product is that it is backed with an unlimited warranty.

This memory kit runs at 3466 MT/s; so to clear any type of confusion between MHz or Megahertz and MT/s or mega-transfers per second, the former refers to the I/O clock rate which is said to be doubled based on the DDR specifications. According to the company, the Elite 32GB DDR4 RAM Kit features improved latencies which results in quick frame rates and outstanding system responsiveness.

The kit also allows you to have great burst access as well as new technology that lets the sticks run at decreased voltages and an integrated thermal sensor.

Product Features

Advanced Speed

Your opponents may be playing with a much slower DDR3 memory which can easily be beaten by the excellent speed of this RAM. It starts off at 2,666 MT/s which is a great number for starters. Together with the speed gains, draw on increased frame rates, better responsiveness, as well as improved latencies of this Ballistix Elite 32GB DDR4 RAM Kit to fully enjoy the outstanding gaming experience.

Radically Improved Bandwidth

Boost your memory bandwidth and process extra GB/s at rates that are almost impossible to reach with DDR3 memories. The company ensured that the Ballistix Elite will leverage faster and better burst access speeds that are only possible with the DDR4 architecture. With that, they surely maximized the RAM performance with their 4-channel memory.

Increased Memory Usage with Less Power

The Ballistix Elite 32GB Kit is influenced by the newest advancements and developments in efficiency technology, and is produced to be able to work at decreased voltages for improved energy gains. The RAM is built with a thermal sensor and high-end MOD utility from Ballistix for real-time temperature control.

Memory Overview Display

The MOD or Memory Overview Display software of Ballistix can directly tap into the temperature sensors that will help make troubleshooting easier. It also simultaneously lets you overclock just like a pro which is really convenient for a lot of users. This software is available for download from the manufacturer’s site and is less than 4MB when unpacked.

When you launch the MOD software, you’ll first see three tabs lined along the left portion of the user interface. By default, you’ll be able to see the SPD Data screen. In this portion, you’ll find all the latencies, speed, banks, bus widths, banks, capacities, part numbers, XMP certified timings, and the JEDEC timings for the DIMM selected from the drop-down menu; these can be seen at the top of the screen.

To see the colorized bars corresponding with the installed DIMMs, you should click on the Temperature tab. The third tab present is for controlling LEDs but the utility will notify you that there aren’t any LEDs available with this kit.

To automatically launch the software once Windows starts, just click on the Settings icon located at the top-right corner of the utility. This will also let you flip the Temperature Widget from hide to show so you can easily display the colorized bars that indicate the module temps.

This will be shown in a transparent window that can be kept on your desktop. Additionally, you can make use of the transparency slider to alter the widget’s visibility. The widget is quite handy when it comes to overclocking and troubleshooting despite the RAM not getting extremely hot when stressed or under heavy loads.


Using the Product

Let’s talk about the RAM performance. It’s cooling is really good since Ballistix equipped the Elite 32GB DDR4 RAM Kit with thermal sensors. You can utilize the MOD utility system for real-time temperature control and monitoring. Most of the DDR4 memory kits don’t feature thermal sensors, so we think that it’s really nice that the company added this feature so you keep tabs on the memory modules’ temperature.

For its bandwidth and latency, the RAMs 3466 Mhz effective speed contributes to the high bandwidth, unlike the much slower kits that are available. So the 3466 Mhz good latency and speed end up providing the RAM with a really fair edge which is great.

Overall, the Ballistix Elite 32GB DDR4 RAM Kit performed excellently and it started with its aesthetics. It has a nice finish with subtle yet aggressive styling that has been used to design a normal-sized module.

Try focusing less on the RGB features and you’ll surely appreciate and love this kit’s elegant black design. It’s also great that the RAM kept cool despite heavy loads, and while overclocking, the temperature remained cool which was most likely due to the space between modules, PCB, and the heat spreaders which give adequate room for natural cooling.


All in all, the Ballistix Elite 32GB DDR4 RAM Kit provided us with great speed, outstanding aesthetics, excellent build quality, and amazing performance. It’s RAM that isn’t on the cheaper end in the market but it’s definitely worth investing in, especially if you’re searching for a high-performance memory with a great build.

The aluminum heat spreaders make the RAM appear really sturdy & sleek, and will definitely become useful if you plan to overclock the RAM higher than 3466 Mhz. Also, it can aid in maintaining a cool temperature to prevent the RAM from getting too warm. If you’re worried about the RAM interfering with bigger air CPU coolers, worry not since its aluminum heat spreaders go about 10 millimeters above the PCB.

Its build quality is great too and we have to say that we’ve never really seen a memory module as visually pleasing as the Ballistix Elite. It’s also probably the most well-engineered memory stick available which is great. Overall, we think that the Ballistix Elite 32GB DDR4 RAM Kit deserves two thumbs up from us and we highly recommend this RAM as well.

Where to Buy

If you want to have your own Ballistix Elite 32GB DDR4 Ram Kit, you can purchase this directly on Crucial’s official website. Planning to get this from other shops? You can check out Crucial’s store locator.

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