Ballistix Tactical DDR4 Kit Review

Crucial’s Ballistix memory is a popular device among enthusiasts and gamers alike. And when it comes to DDR4s, the company has a variety of Ballistix lines which include Ballistix Elite, Tactical, and Sport. We’ve already looked at two of the DDR4 kits from Ballistix, so this time, we’re going to focus on the Ballistix Tactical kit.

This specific kit sits between the Sports and Elite kits in the product stack of Crucial; and specifically, the model kit that we’re taking a look at is the BLT4K8G4D30AETA – a 32GB kit that functions at 3000 MHz with timings of 15 – 16 – 16 – 35 at 1.35 Volts.

Engineered to provide you with outstanding speed and decreased latencies, the Tactical DDR4 from Ballistix is a huge step up from the regular gaming memory. It also allows you to strike first, more frequently, and faster against your enemies.

The Ballistix Tactical 32GB DDR4 Kit also has a really good low-profile heat spreader so the CPU clearance shouldn’t be an issue. Now without further ado, let’s check out this kit and see if it’s just as good as the other kits from Ballistix.

Ballistix Tactical DDR4 Kit Review – What’s in the Box?

The Crucial Ballistix Tactical DDR4 Kit comes in the usual no-frills packaging from Crucial. It is kept in a plain box with a sticker that helps seal the package. The sticker has the name of the kit written and a couple of other details about the device. Flipping the box, you will find more details about the different kinds of Crucial Ballistix memories that are available.

Once you open the package, you will find the kit itself and an instructional guide which is kept inside a cardboard leaflet. Removing the modules from the package is easy, so you won’t have to worry about anything when pulling out the DDR4 kit.

The Product

Ballistix Tactical DDR4 Kit Review

The Ballistix Tactical 32GB DDR4 Kit has a total of four modules present and each of these modules are 8GB which totals to 32GB. The Ballistix Tactical modules feature the sleek and typical style of Crucial modules – having a clean and minimalist look that isn’t over the top. It has a very nice and “technical” look to it, so the kit will surely fit nicely into most of the systems without looking like an out of place piece.

This DDR3 kit also features a black PCB with a gun metal top which is honestly a smart choice since it’ll look excellent in any colored motherboard of your choice. At 37 millimeters, the modules aren’t really that low profile because of the extra bar running along the topmost portion of the heat spreader.

Though there is an interesting design twist here: either side of the heat spreaders do not make contact or touch each other which greatly helps with cooling and heat dissipation. The gun metal heat spreaders look really great and at the center of the module, you will find the Ballistix Tactical logo while the Crucial logo can be found on the far left. Remember that these come in just a single color, so there will be no flashy colors and variants available for this.

The heat spreaders of the Ballistix Tactical DDR4 Kit feature open holes right at the top, and these look like something you’d see on a rifle. Also, the heat spreaders slightly come up above the available modules so you shouldn’t really run into any clearance issues.

When you flip the module, you will find a couple of stickers situated at the back; the sticker that you will need to pay close attention to would be the one on the far right. This features the model number as well as the timing, speed, and voltage.

The Ballistix Tactical DDR4 kit has a UDIMM form factor with a total capacity of 32GB. It is a non-ECC device and runs at 3,000 MT/s with 1.35 Volts. Its latency is 15 | 16 | 16 and has a limited lifetime warranty which is good. The Ballistix Tactical has an unbuffered DIMM type which is faster compared to registered memory.

With the Ballistix Tactical DDR4, you’ll be able to win quick draws while simultaneously surviving close calls. It provides faster speed and decreased latencies which makes your gaming experience better. The kit fires at speeds that begin at 2,666 MT/s, giving you a massive edge when it comes to responsiveness over enemies that are using the regular DDR3 memory that’s just at 1,333 MT/s.

With this DDR4 kit, you can overwhelm your opponents by doing more within a shorter span of time. Unlike standard PC memories that can only handle up to a maximum of 12.3Gbps, before giving in to bandwidth restrictions, Ballistix Tactical breaks this limitation. With this device, bandwidths start at 21.3Gbps via the memory bus.

This DDR4 Kit also features premium heat spreaders which allow it to stay cool; and just like other Ballistix Tactical modules, this 32GB DDR4 Kit is designed to dissipate heat for you to have longer and more intense gaming sessions. It comes with the certified Extreme Memory Profile or XMP from Intel which allows for simple configuration and setup.

Ballistix DRAM delivers better performance than basic PC gaming memories since it is the only major company that produces gaming memories that have been built and tested from beginning to the end.

The kit is also backed by a lifetime warranty which makes it the preferred memory kit by a lot of people in the gaming community. With a dedicated support team of gamers, Ballistix memory is ready to take your gaming experience to the next level.

Intel XMP or Extreme Memory Profile

As mentioned, the Ballistix Tactical modules also include two Intel XMP profiles. These allow you to overclock RAM, as well as DD3 and DDR4 memory kits to enhance your PC’s gaming features with Intel Inside. You can get the additional edge to make your gaming experience more enjoyable. You can also load predefined Intel XMP profiles using BIOS, your PC’s operating system, or even a certain tuning application.

With that, your Ballistix Tactical 32GB DDR4 Kit has a small number of storage available that provides two Intel – Extreme Memory Profiles. The BIOS will be able to automatically read the profiles and set the best timings selected by the RAM’s manufacturer; these will also be the RAM’s advertised timings.

Using the Product

Read, Write, and Copy

When it comes to the read, write, and copy tests, all settings were configured using the options from the XMP BIOS. We were able to get the speed rates for the same modules. We were happy with the results of this test since it gave us a good idea on how the memory affects the system’s performance.


With a lot of years of experience in building every component of memory modules, we believe that the new range of Ballistix memory kits are excellent devices when it comes to its looks and all the way to its performance.  From their PCB to RGB products, everything is well-built and offers excellent performance. As mentioned earlier, each of the company’s products are also backed by a lifetime warranty.


For its UEFI BIOS, this had a clean and simple layout. This made it easy for us to check out and navigate through the options. It did not lack anything nor did it have unnecessary options. With a few clicks, we were quickly and easily able to do what we had to. As we said earlier, we were able to overclock easily due to the UEFI BIOS.


Now let’s talk about the overall performance of the Ballistix Tactical 32GB DDR4 Kit. For a 3,000MHz kit, it delivers the best results in tighter timings. In fact, the performance says it all. This 32GB DDR4 kit isn’t the highest clocked device you can see in the market, plus it also doesn’t feature those fancy RGB designs, but it remains stable while overclocking.

What makes this even better is that it doesn’t break the bank which is what everyone wants when it comes to purchasing memory products.

The Ballistix Tactical 32GB DDR4 Kit is a high-quality memory that gave us no issues with compatibility and stability during our tests. Even if these were four single packed memory modules, they all worked excellently.  For its looks, we really like its heatsinks which are painted in gunmetal gray and its black PCB which look perfect with color schemes of most gaming setups.

For complete compatibility, these feature Intel XMP 2.0 profiles which allowed us to drive the kits to various latencies and speed rates with just a few clicks in the UEFI BIOS.



Crucial Ballistix Tactical 32GB DDR4 Kit is a really great and efficient memory kit. With its 3,000 Mhz speed and comparably tight timing from the others we have tested, it sure does provide you with excellent speed, notable capacity, as well as quick response time for your system.

If you pair this with an adequately balanced system, it will serve you well; however, if you plan to upgrade your system, then the Crucial Ballistix Tactical 32GB DDR4 Kit will display an adequate performance jump over the 2,400Mhz kit which is something that you won’t be able to not notice the difference.

While a lot of kits today are aiming for the extremely flashy exterior, the Ballistix Tactical kit is more subtle, classy, and has a simpler design. We love how its simplicity blends excellently with the gun metal heat spreaders which can also obviously fit in with pretty much any build.

This is why the company made use of the name Ballistix Tactical since the heat spreaders appear to be just like a part of a rifle. This will also aid anyone who plans to upgrade from a 16GB memory setup, with the additional capacity that helps the CPU as well as other IO requests at a solid speed of 3Gz. Generally, this is a very well-timed and thought out memory kit available in the market today.

So to sum up the whole performance of the Ballistix Tactical 32GB DDR4 Kit, it’s a great product that we highly recommend. It doesn’t matter if you’re using Broadwell E or SkyLake processors, the Tactical sticks will surely work excellently for your needs.

Where to Buy

If you are planning to get your hands on the Ballistix Tactical 32GB DDR4 Kit, you can go and check out Ballistix’s official website. You can also check out Crucial’s store locator to know the authorized dealers that offer this product.

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