Ballistix Tactical Tracer RGB Review

When you look at today’s memory speed, we can’t deny that this is much faster than ever; also, it is cheaper and easier to access which is something really good, especially for gamers out there.

In this day and age, it has also become extremely vital to have your system’s memory speed match your whole setup; this is especially true when you own a new generation graphics card, and if your goal is to achieve higher frame rates, let’s say around 144Hz. This is all because of the fact that system memory speed is starting to play a bigger part in the system’s overall performance.

Thing is, performance alone isn’t enough if you’re planning to customize your gaming rig. Your system will need to stand out and work effectively as you crush your enemies. You can enjoy gaming at high speed while utilizing the Ballistix Tactical Tracer RGB 16GB Kit (BLT2K8G4D26BFT4K) to match your color scheme with the RGB LEDs. This will also allow you to deliver an array of excellent Ballistix Tactical series’ features such as custom heat spreaders, stylish black PCB, as well as XMP profiles.

First up, let’s see what’s included in the package once you purchase and get your hands on the Ballistix Tactical Tracer RGB 16GB Kit.

Ballistix Tactical Tracer RGB Review – What’s in the Box?

When we received the Ballistix Tactical Tracer RGB, it didn’t really come in a box but a durable plastic container that allows you to see the product itself. If you check out the front portion of the package, you will find details about the speed, capacity, and voltage that are all listed; if you turn it over, you’ll see details about increased speed and decreased latencies, as well as Intel XMP profiles that have been preloaded to the DIMMs.

There was also a cardboard insert in the Tactical Tracer’s packaging since Crucial added a slight flash with black and silver designs right behind the sticks. This specific type of packaging allows you to have a better view of the product you’re purchasing which is also something that we greatly appreciate.

The Product

Ballistix Tactical Tracer RGB Review – Showing Some RGB Love

Generally, the Ballistix Tactical Tracer RGB features a single heat-spreader design which is present in the whole Tactical Tracer series. Here, you are given a choice of timing, speed, and density. Right now, the stick that we have is the 16GB kit, and we sure plan to use this through their given paces. The kit doesn’t only look great, but it can also perform excellently; if you’re someone who usually overclocks, it sure delivers excellence when customizing the XMP profile to bring out the best performance of the Ballistix Tactical Tracer RGB 16GB Kit.

Once we removed the Ballistix Tactical Tracer RGB 16GB Kit (BLT2K8G4D26BFT4K) from its container, we saw that Crucial included RGB LEDs right at the top of the RAM. As for the black PCB modules, these are rather compact and feature a large heat spreader that is necessary for better cooling.

For the module’s left portion, it features all the necessary stickers about frequencies, latency timings, safety information, and serial numbers. There are also two plastic pins found on each module which keeps the clear RGB diffuser in place right on each module.

These can be interchanged with 3D-printed alternatives that you can even create yourself. The pins can also prevent the modules from moving incessantly within the DIMM slots located on the motherboard; this can be done by linking two modules together.

Aside from the black PCBs, the Tactical RAM is surrounded by stylized black heat spreaders; also, you’ll find something that looks a bit like an accessory rail right on the top. As for its main body line which is located across the spreaders, it intersects downwards to its right side.

Together with a couple of angled protruding lines on each end, you will find Crucial’s name on the left portion while the product’s name is found at the center. These pretty much stand out from the rest of the things written since the company utilized white fonts for these. You’ll also find a large sticker that provides you with the Ballistix Tactical Tracer RGB’s part and serial number. Additionally, the sticker also shows the model number of the whole kit, as well as other details such as the product being lead-free. The most vital information present is that the sticker also features the XMP 2.0 profile settings right at the bottom.

Right at the top portion of the Ballistix Tactical Tracer, you’ll see that the heat spreaders don’t touch or link to each other along the top portion. With this specific design, each of the spreaders can readily cool the ICs located beneath them without having to join the heat load.

These are relatively easy to remove since a thin layer of thermal tape is present to join the spreader to the ICs. We moved the spreader out of the way and found that they’ve utilized Samsung ICs on the sides of the black PCB.

The Crucial Ballistix Tactical Tracer RGB 16GB Kit is a DDR4 SD-RAM type of memory which comes in two 8-Gigabyte modules that have a total capacity of 16GB. It features an XMP 2.0 profile that provides you a speed of up to 2666 MT/s which offers a faster gaming experience. With 16-16-18 2T timings, the kit draws 1.35 Volts of power. It is a quad-channel kit that is also Intel XMP 2.0 (Extreme Memory Profile) ready. For the height of the Ballistix Tactical Tracer RGB 16GB Kit, it is 37mm.

Product Features

Readily Modify the Look of your Memory

Modify and personalize the look of your system via the different light bar options that are available. You can remove the light bar for better brightness, choose to have a diffused look using the Ballistix-labeled light bar, or 3D-print your own for the best system customization.

Customize with Prismatic LEDs

With a total of 16 LEDs in eight zones integrated to the top edge of each Tracer module’s design, the Ballistix Tactical Tracer RGB’s modules can brighten up your rig’s color theme and other possible components. You can also easily adjust the LED brightness and colors, switch these on or off, change the display patterns, or even sync the memory’s lights with other elements via your motherboard’s provided software.

Micron Quality for Pro Gaming Reliability

Known as the major brand of gaming memory that’s tested and built from the beginning to the end, Ballistix delivers an increased level of performance compared to your standard computer memory.

The company has been creating excellent DDR memory for over 35 years and it’s obvious that with the Ballistix Tactical Tracer RGB 16GB Kit, they provide the best performance and excellence that pro eSports players need to win their game.

Lifetime Warranty + Dedicated Support Team

We also liked that the Ballistix Tactical Tracer RGB is backed by a limited lifetime warranty and a dedicated gaming support team for any of your inquiries and needs.

Ballistix’s MOD Utility

If you want to easily command your memory, then you can do this with the Memory Overview Display or MOD Utility from Ballistix. You’ll be able to see how your memory runs with its detailed system information since it is exclusively designed for the Ballistix modules.

Also, it’s really great that the MOD Utility is a free tool that you can simply download from their official website which you can utilize with Windows-based systems. Play at full speed while acquiring intel on memory temperature and quickness with a built-in thermal sensor. Use your acquired information to better enhance your performance.

Accelerate your Game with Style

Enjoy enhanced speed and more aggression that can go as high as 3,000 MT/s; race to the top of leaderboards and easily KO your opponents with module densities that reaches great heights.



  • Ballistix

Form Factor       


Total Capacity  

  • 16GB kit (8GBx2)


  • Limited Lifetime


  • DDR4 PC4-21300
  • 16-18-18
  • Unbuffered
  • DDR4-2666
  • 2V
  • 1024Meg x 64


  • Ballistix Tactical



Module Qty       

  • 2


  • 2666 MT/S


  • True


  • 2V

DIMM Type       

  • Unbuffered



The installation process of the Ballistix Tactical Tracer RGB 16GB Kit is just like every other memory module: once you insert this into the designated slot on your motherboard, the system will easily and automatically find the modules. So you can easily customize the LEDs on the RAM, you’ll need to download Ballistix’s MOD Utility to turn the Tactical Tracer RGB lights into something irresistibly mesmerizing.

Another highlight of the MOD utility is the fact that it can make overclocking a whole lot easier; it even provides you with statistics when it comes to speed and how many heat modules are producing. This is all thanks to the built-in thermal sensor which is excellent for overclockers.

Also, the RAM is compatible with other software from companies like Gigabyte and ASUS that utilize the RGB LED technology to merge the management of LEDs available on the boards and your new RAM.


When it comes to the performance of the Ballistix Tactical Tracer RGB, we can say that it definitely does its part excellently. The tight timings play a great role and are even able to deliver the best score for a 16GB kit. The Ballistix Tactical Tracer RGB 16GB kit also features a classic design while simultaneously employing highly notable timings; additionally, its stock performance is also great, plus there’s also outstanding overclocking headroom without having to dramatically change the default CAS rating.

As we expected from the Ballistic Tactical Tracer memory, it performed splendidly through a set of memory-intensive tasks. The bandwidth numbers were also exceptional and the latency remains fantastic. It’s one of the top performing memory products that we’ve tried, and we really think that the Ballistix Tactical Tracer RGB is a solid option for you.

The Tactical Tracer looks amazing and its MOD Utility provides you with greater chances of managing the custom lighting effects being displayed; also, we didn’t have any trouble personalizing it to complement the rest of our RGB setup. Aside from its out of the box compatibility, the 16GB kit is also one easy way to improve the performance of any system that needs an upgrade.

Crucial is a company that has created a great reputation as one of the best and leading memory manufacturers around; they also offer a wide selection of heat spreader designs, speed, as well as capacities at affordable prices. We were really impressed with the company’s ability to choose high-quality ICs as well as low timings without giving it a premium price. Given the reliability of the company’s DIMMs and lifetime warranty, it’s easy to understand why Crucial’s devices remain as highly enticing and remarkable options.

Of course, stability is most usual among each memory manufacturer which only means that consumers usually choose modules based on its looks and aesthetics. This is the reason why heat spreaders need to be eye-catching and that’s what Crucial did with their Ballistix Tactical Tracer RGB 16GB kit.

Test System


  • Asus ROG Maximus X Hero


  • Intel Coffee Lake i5-8600K


  • Gigabyte AORUS GTX 1080 Ti


  • Thermaltake View 71 TG


  • eVGA Supernova G3 750W


  • 2x Crucial MX500 1TB SSD
  • 1x WD Blue 1TB M.2




Crucial has offered us another good set of memory modules and this is the Ballistix Tactical 16GB Kit. It not only looks good, but it also offers great performance; plus, we really appreciate its sleek design and its silver color looks really great. Aside from this, it is also very easy to overclock which makes it even better.

The MOD Utility software is also user-friendly which we really liked. We had no difficulties or issues when it came to customizing the RGB lights. Not only that, but we were also able to create our own light bars by utilizing a 3D printer. If you are a gamer or an overclocker, you will definitely love the Ballistix Tactical Tracer RGB 16GB Kit because of the speed it offers; plus, it also allows you to make the most out of its RAM by just by tweaking it.

Although there are faster and flashier kits in the market, the Ballistix Tactical Tracer 16GB Kit is still definitely worth considering since it offers the aesthetics and functionality for a really affordable price.

Where to Buy

Want to add a bit of colour to your gaming setup? Well the great news is that you can get yourself a Ballistix Tactical Tracer RGB 16GB kit for only $217USD over at the official website.

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