BBC Seeking to Roll Out Netflix-like Service in the U.K.

The BBC could wind up with a Netflix-like streaming service solely for U.K. viewers, according to the Telegraph. The service is said to work with ITV, one of BBC’s commercial rivals, and will involve the use of BBC’s own iPlayer for content streaming.

A majority of BBC’s revenues are usually from its yearly TV licensing fee. Organizations, households, and companies possessing the equipment for recording or receiving broadcast television are tasked to pay such fee, a law enforced by the British government.

Being the oldest and largest broadcasting company in the world, BBC is embracing a new era in content streaming. We’re gearing to a digital generation where content is ready available on-demand and part of a unique choose-and-play-based subscription.

Based on a White Paper release in the previous week, which highlighted BBC’s Charter renewal, Culture Secretary John Whittingdale is calling the company to create other means of revenue integration, including additional subscription service.

Following White Paper’s release, Whittingdale iterated it was BBC who suggested the incorporation of more subscription services while receiving full government support.

According to the Telegraph:

“If they feel like exploring that sort of thing, we have their backs. There may be a time in the future where TV is delivered over the internet, and if that happens, it becomes a practical possibility. That is, if you wanted to gear to a voluntary subscription element. It’s one reason why the BBC, who’s seeing the world change in front of them, said, ‘Yeap. We’ll have to see this online provision, whether or not there could be a scenario for adding content on a subscription service through the iPlayer.’”

A recent report also indicated the service could be named as “Britflix” —- a name derived from the popular “Netflix” online subscription service in North America.

Aside from streaming stored content, sources informed the Telegraph that the service could end up releasing its own content, similar to what Netflix did with “Orange is the New Black,” “Making a Murderer,” and House of Cards.”

An official statement has yet to be made by BBC, but it’s clear that all signs are leading to a release of a subscription-based streaming service.

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