Bitdefender Free Antivirus Software Review

As technology grows and improves, so does the threat to our systems and devices. For top-notch security, we’re going to talk about one exceptional antivirus software here in our Bitdefender Free Antivirus Software review.

This application is created by Bitdefender, a Romanian cybersecurity technology company known for providing top-notch security since 2001. They offer a ton of protection and security programs for both business and home use.

With Bitdefender’s offerings, you’re sure to get the most ingenious technologies that can prevent, predict, detect, and remedy cyber-threats. They have the best products you can find, and one of these is the Bitdefender Free Antivirus Software.

To know more about it, continue reading our Bitdefender Free Antivirus Software review. We’ll provide you with all the vital details and essentials to determine if this software is perfect for your needs.

About Bitdefender Free Antivirus Software

The Bitdefender Free Antivirus Software is one of the most effective and best antivirus apps available today. It gives you advanced malware protection along with numerous internet security that’s packed in one intuitive and efficient user interface.

The company integrated their cloud-based scanner into the software which utilizes machine-learning and classic signature-based scanning. With these elements present, you can ensure that this antivirus software offers 100% malware detection.

Bitdefender Free Antivirus Software features a virus shield which helps stop malware, zero-day exploits, and other forms of malware. Available system resources won’t get overwhelmed even when using the application to scan all your files. To put it simply, your computer won’t take a huge performance hit when using this software.

Outstanding Protection and Comprehensive Performance

This free antivirus program lets you take advantage of superb web protections, comprehensive system actions, fast VPN, and secure browsers. Not only that, but it offers some of the best parental controls available on the market today.

What makes the Bitdefender Free Antivirus Software even better is that it scans immediately when critical services appear. Once the system loads, it can check and detect worms, malicious software, and more. With that, viruses will have difficulties staying on your computer.

Aside from these, it comes with the same core antivirus technology in the commercial Bitdefender Antivirus. It focuses on antivirus protection while having minimal add-ons.

Next, our Bitdefender Free Antivirus Software review will share how it works.

How It Works

When using this antivirus software, changing your settings and scanning for viruses couldn’t be easier. All you have to do is go to the main screen to access everything you need. Simple as that.

To start checking your computer for threats, press “System Scan. Or, you can drag and drop a folder/file to the program to scan those specific items.

If you look into the progress area, you’ll see how many files were scanned and which of those were infected.


You can access the settings area via the little settings icon (a gear) at the top-right portion of Bitdefender. This is where you can personalize the access logs and program.

Let’s take the “Events” option. It starts listing when scans are performed and when the program receives updates.

“Quarantine” will note all the files that the Bitdefender Free Antivirus Software found and tagged as infected.

“Exclusions” is the part where you inform the program not to scan a specific folder, file, or site. If you know the file is safe yet Bitdefender still claims that it isn’t, simply block the software from scanning.

The final setting that you can customize in this free antivirus program is the Protection Shield. You can access it via the Protection area of its settings. If you need to disable the software for any reason, you can switch it off in this section.

Bitdefender Free Antivirus Software – Features

This part of our Bitdefender Free Antivirus Software review will discuss the antivirus software’s features.

Broad Windows and Android Support

Bitdefender Free Antivirus Software officially supports Windows 7, 8, and 10. This free antivirus is also available for Android devices.

Regular Updates

Bitdefender Free Antivirus Software stays updated to keep you protected against the newest threats.


Bitdefender Free Antivirus Software first runs programs through a safe environment to ensure that these behave normally. Next, it releases the programs from safe mode for regular use.

Link Scanner

This free antivirus comes with a link scanner to keep you protected from credit card phishing attempts. It scans all the links you access via web browser.

Works With Computer Games

Bitdefender Free Antivirus Software is also an antivirus solution for gamers. It works with computer games since you can pause major system scans during gameplay.

Strong Protection

Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition blocks apps that seem to work suspiciously. With that, you can ensure that you’re protected from malware and viruses.

The next part of our Bitdefender Free Antivirus Software review is all about the software’s performance. Here, we’ll let you know if it can truly deliver what it claims.


Now, we’ll discuss the performance of this software in our Bitdefender Free Antivirus Software review.

Ease of Use

This free antivirus is extremely convenient and user-friendly. You won’t get hounded by numerous tools that a lot of antivirus apps have. With it, you can take advantage of a clean virus scanner that anyone can readily understand.

Although it’s easy to use and navigate, Bitdefender guarantees that it doesn’t skimp on any features.

Compared to on-demand scanners, Bitdefender Free Antivirus Software doesn’t need to be switched on or launched whenever you need it. The software runs at all times and is always checking for malware, viruses, rootkits, worms, and more.

In addition, it allows you to schedule your scanning sessions. You can select from a number of scheduling options such as during system startups, monthly, weekly, or daily.

Virus Scanning Speed

When we tried Bitdefender Free Antivirus Software’s full system scan, it only took us less than an hour to complete. It’s definitely comparable to top competitors whose scans usually take around 45 minutes to finish.

But what makes it better than most of its competitors is that the software doesn’t greatly impact your system’s performance.

We didn’t experience any slowdowns and lags on the system during the whole scanning process. It was better than other premium competitors where we saw slowdowns when testing them for full system scans.

Next in our Bitdefender Free Antivirus Software review, let’s see how efficient it was during malware detection.

Malware Detection Performance

Our malware tests recorded positive results from the software since it scored excellently. It was able to successfully identify almost a thousand malware files, and this was without slowing down the system.

In addition, its web protection detected more phishing sites than the integrated security elements from Firefox, Chrome, or Edge.

Most of Bitdefender’s features also worked well. The system optimization tools cleared up a large amount of space on my computer and improved its performance.

We were amazed that Bitdefender Free Antivirus Software’s anti-theft protection functioned efficiently on Windows since others only work on mobile.

Bitdefender Free Antivirus Software Review – Conclusion

Bitdefender Free Antivirus Software is one of the best antivirus apps due to numerous reasons. It effectively blocks dangerous threats without compromising your system’s performance.

In our tests, we had a great experience with Bitdefender Free Antivirus Software. It was fast, easy to use, and it never slowed down. Plus,its malware detection rates were excellent too.

To conclude our Bitdefender Free Antivirus Software review, this efficient antivirus software is a great choice.

If you’re interested in Bitdefender Free Antivirus Software, you can easily download it via mobile or PC. Before installing, make sure that your devices meet the requirements of the antivirus software.

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