BuzzTV XR 4000 IPTV Box Review


A ton of new and unique IPTV boxes have appeared over the past few years, and we’ve already reached the point of things getting challenging when it comes to keeping up with all these products. What’s more, it’s even difficult to find enough time to pick out the best ones from the bunch.

If you’re one of those people searching for such a device and are feeling overwhelmed by all the products around, we’ve got you covered. Today, we’re going to take a look at the BuzzTV XR 4000 IPTV Box – an updated version of the earlier BuzzTV XPL 3000.

We were curious to see what improvements the company made in this current unit, so we did a couple of tests with the IPTX Box. With that, we’re going to share with you the essential details about this product, what its specifications and features are, and how well it performed.

BuzzTV XR 4000 IPTV Box Review – What’s in the Box?

The BuzzTV XR 4000 IPTV Box came in a black cardboard package that sports the company’s logo at the centre. You’ll find the name of the unit on the lower right corner as well. BuzzTV aimed for a simple and sophisticated look for their packaging, and we think that it’s beautiful and aesthetically pleasing.

The inner packaging of the BuzzTV XR 4000 IPTV Box looks nice with each component neatly separated. Such items include the power source and HDMI cable, which were in their respective cardboard boxes.

We also took note of the instruction manual that was thoroughly created. It came with a colourful legend that helps explain the different functions of each button on the remote.

Other than the BuzzTV XR 4000 IPTV Box, other items in the package include the HDMI cable, a setup guide, HDMI cable, two AAA batteries, the BuzzTV IR 100 remote controller, and a power adapter.

The Product

BuzzTV XR 4000 IPTV Box Review

As we previously mentioned, the BuzzTV XR 4000 IPTV Box is the improved version of the XPL 3000. While its predecessor was the company’s model for 2018, the XR 4000 IPTV Box is the latest unit for the year 2019.

BuzzTV made a ton of promises regarding the functions of their new XR 4000 that weren’t available on the earlier model. For one, the BuzzTV XR 4000 IPTV Box has twice the enhanced system performance over its predecessor. It also includes Android 9.0 instead of the previous OS, Android 6.0.

Though once we removed the XR 4000 from the box, it didn’t come with an external antenna like the XPL 3000. When we saw this, we became quite worried since IPTX boxes that sport internal antennas usually have weak Wi-Fi signals. Of course, we had to keep a positive mind until we’ve seen it perform.

We were impressed by the new unit’s remote control that sports more buttons that your typical IPTV remote. Not only that, but the remote looked nicer and sleek, plus it also felt sturdier and more solid, which is good.

Generally, the BuzzTV XR 4000 IPTV Box looks nice, but it isn’t any different from the other IPTV boxes in the market. The XR 4000 weighs about 1 ½ pounds, has an HDMI port, two USB ports, one micro SD slot, as well as a power source slot and LAN cable port. Underneath the 4000 IPTV box, you will see a load of ventilation holes to continuously keep the box cool despite heavy loads.

Product Features

New BuzzTV IR-100 Remote

The XR 4000 features a new and improved remote control with additional buttons for more one-push shortcut inputs. It also has an enhanced graphics processor that handles higher photo quality for 4K resolution images.

Android 9.0

With Android 9.0, the XR 4000 has a better UI. The new operating system provides updated navigation and optimization for outstanding performance.

Backup and Restore

The XR 4000 x allows you to save your data if you need to replace your IPTV Box or upgrade to a newer version. It’s an excellent feature that makes changing your IPTV box easy.

Recommended Streaming Services

With the XR 4000, you can stream more than a thousand live TV channels and video-on-demand. If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you can take advantage of exclusive access to TV series, movies, ad-free music, original audio series, Kindle books, as well as unlimited photo storage.

FuboTV allows you to stream and record live sports and TV from NBC, FOX, Univision, beIN SPORTS, A&E, NBA TV, and more. Furthermore, you can watch on any device, including Desktop, iOS, Android, or Roku.

Custom Settings

The XR 4000 offers customizable settings for EPG and Live TV. You can add or remove channels from your Favorites playlist with ease, and you can enable or disable a wide range of categories based on your preference. You can also file groups based on regional location.


The BuzzTV XR 4000 IPTV Box is a redesigned hardware with improved features such as Thermal Reduction metal base and Smart LED Light technology. It utilizes the AMlogic S905X2 processor and has a 2 Gigabyte DDR4 and additional 16GB memory. OTA and Android security patches automatically keep your BuzzTV up to date and protected from possible software vulnerabilities. The operating system for the BuzzTV XR 400 IPTV Box is Android 9.0, an optimized OS for improved performance.

Using the Product

Aside from hardware upgrades and new features, the XR 4000 also comes with a new interface. It’s smoother, faster, and more intuitive than the previous versions to give you a more enjoyable experience. Its launcher has a fresh and cleaner design which makes accessing your important files faster. The brand new Video on Demand or VOD grid makes navigation faster. With that, you can quickly scroll through your movies.

Here, you will also find BuzzTV Utilities. This section provides customizations for the home page launcher, Smart LED Light, and more.

Before testing the BuzzTV XR 4000 IPTV Box, we started installing it first. The process was quick, easy, and seamless. During the process, we didn’t experience any hiccups when we set it up. It easily connected to our network with both wired and wireless setup.

Once the XR 4000 started, it displayed a quick loading screen with its logo. The main menu followed, and it looked different compared to the previous model, the XPL 3000. From here, we saw that BuzzTV made significant changes in its UI. Now, let’s proceed to the XR 4000’s performance.

The app icons were neat and organized, so we didn’t have a hard time browsing through them. The most used apps such as Google Chrome, Google Play, and Youtube are all on the home page, together with the primary apps like VOD, PVR, Live TV, and EPG.

The XR 4000 impressed us a lot when we tried watching movies. Its image quality was excellent, and it delivered high-quality display at 1080p, as well as 4K with HDR. We enjoyed seeing the graphics and effects in action-packed movies more than we did when we tried using other IPTV boxes. Every single colour and lighting were vibrant, no matter what movie or TV series we played.

The fast speed of the XR 4000 was another thing that impressed us. It may only have 2 Gigabytes of RAM, but it’s one of the fastest IPTV boxes we’ve used. It also worked fast when we tried browsing through the EPG and VOD menus, which proves that Android 9.0 and DDR4 RAM worked together since we enjoyed using this box during our entire test.

As we mentioned earlier, we didn’t experience any issues with connecting the XR 4000 to our network. However, we noticed that the wired connection was faster and slightly better than the wireless setup when we used the IPTV box. There were a few hiccups when we used the wireless connection, but it wasn’t a big issue for us. Wired connection is usually better in most devices, so the few hiccups with the XR 4000’s wireless setup isn’t something we’d complain about.

Overall, we had a great experience using the BuzzTV XR 4000 IPTV Box, and we’re giving it two thumbs up for its exceptional performance.


The XR 4000 had a lot of improvements compared to its older version, and it gave us a great user experience. Although we encountered a few issues with the wireless setup, it was impressive, especially when it came to image quality.

While the software’s user interface was simple, we were able to browse through it easily, and we appreciate the customizable settings it provided. A lot of manufacturers of IPTV boxes will release new models with higher storage capacity or RAM, but the BuzzTV is sure to deliver excellent performance for users to have a wonderful media experience.

Overall, the BuzzTV XR 4000 IPTV Box is an excellent product. With its improved features, user-friendly interface, and outstanding performance, this IPTV box is one of the best choices that we highly recommend.

Where to Buy

If you want to have the BuzzTV XR 4000 IPTV Box, it’s available for online purchase from the company’s official website.

BuzzTV XR 4000 IPTV Box Review
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