Careers for Gadget Loving Techies

In this age of rapid change and high-speed technological advancement, it can be pretty hard to keep up with the newest, coolest, most in-demand gadgetry. If you can’t seem to get enough tech news and information into your life to satisfy an inner urge to follow all things tech-related, consider pursuing a career in what you truly love. Here’s what you need to know if you decide to go all-in for the high-tech life:

Medical, Industrial, and Biotech Fields are Exploding with Opportunities

The early part of the 2020’s appears to be a sort of golden age of medical tech. That rather large category includes disciplines like surgical robotics, industrial automation based on AI principles, and biotechnology as it pertains to chemical engineering and computer applications. If you’re a gadget guru with a knack for math, you can write your own ticket in this growing field.

Finance Your Education the Smart Way

If your preferred career path calls for a diploma and formal degree, don’t lose focus of your academic goals. Leverage your ability to get a student loan so you won’t have to hold down a job during school. That way, you’ll be able to concentrate on keeping your grades up without worrying about how to cover next semester’s tuition bill. Student loans are easy to apply for, offer very competitive interest rates, and favorable terms for those who are accepted. There’s no need to put your educational excellence on the back burner due to worries about money. Apply for an education loan and proceed to focus like a laser beam on your coursework.

Game Design Offers Versatility

Game design is one of the most versatile of all tech career choices because it offers prospective candidates the chance to go solo or work for a large corporation. An in between option is to take a job with a start-up or micro company that designs games. If you’re willing to move to Northern California, the technology belt along the East Coast or any of the large cities in Texas, there will be enough job opportunities to keep you busy for years. Game designers earn a solid income and with the right marketing effort behind them can achieve unlimited financial success.

Hardware and Software Engineers are Always in High Demand

There’s always been a high need for hardware and software engineers, but in today’s busy IT growth economy, if you hold a degree in either of these fields, you’ll literally have employers chasing after you once your resume is posted online. The key to success in this career field is holding a four-year degree and having at least one year of relevant experience, even if that means interning for four summers during and after college.

Opt for Solo or Corporate Jobs

Somewhere along the line you’ll need to make a decision that arrives for all technical workers eventually, whether you should you work for yourself or contribute to a team effort at a larger organization. Going solo means the opportunity to keep more of your profits but entails more risk, so consider putting in some corporate time before hanging out a shingle.

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