CloudBerry Desktop Backup Review

If you’re looking for the best and easiest way to backup all your data and files while simultaneously protecting it too, then we’ve got you covered. Today, we’re going to talk about the CloudBerry Backup software. We think that this is a pretty good software for Windows since it still needs a solid and effective program to aid, as well as protect your files. The CloudBerry Backup will guarantee that all your data is secure and safe.

Before we get into the features, performance, and how the software performs, let’s take a look at what the CloudBerry Backup is all about.

CloudBerry Desktop Backup Review

The CloudBerry Backup is a software that automates backup to the cloud storage and it supports over 50 cloud storage providers. This solution encrypts and compresses data even before it leaves your desktop or laptop; plus, it also securely and fully transfers these to the cloud based on the scheduled transfer or in real time.

Product Features

The CloudBerry Backup comes with a collection of great features and here is a list of them:

Image-Based Backup

With its image-based backup feature, block level volume snapshots can be taken and sent straight to the cloud. This will authorize virtual machines or dissimilar hardware restore.

Ransomware Protection

This storage software is able to detect any encryption changes in data or files. Because of this, it can prevent any existing backups from getting overwritten until you, the administrator, confirms if there’s any problem.

Scheduling + Real Time Backup

With this feature, you can readily set up daily, weekly, hourly, and even monthly backups; but the best thing about it is you can set your own customized schedule. Real Time backup lets you backup folders and other files on the Windows Server on creation or change.

256-bit AES Encryption

Get to encrypt backups that goes up to 256-bit of strong-keys on the source side. Every data that is directed to the cloud will be encrypted via the SSL protocols, protecting these while in transit.

Compression and Block-Level Backup

You’ll get to decrease data overhead, lessen storage costs, aid bandwidth, while also boosting backup completion with optional and possible compression. You’ll also get to backup only the new or modified portions of files to include them to a current online data pool.

Multiple Cloud Storage Support
With CloudBerry, you’ll get to select among the supported public cloud storages of your choice. These include OpenStack, Amazon S3, SoftLayer, Rackspace, Windows Azure, and a lot more.

Command Line Interface and Network Locations Backup

Acquire programmed backup plan statistics and utilize the Command Line Interface to combine backup with your personal routines. You can easily backup your network locations including NAS devices, network shares, mapped drives, and a lot more.

Cloud to Cloud & Cloud to Local Backup

Backup files from one cloud storage location to another one then utilize multiple cloud storage destinations to maintain all your cloud data backup. Apart from cloud to cloud backup, you’ll be able to

automate the cloud data backup to local storage, network or external drive.

Email Notifications & Backup Consistency Check

Set up a customized email notification and get to remotely track each run of your restore and backup plans. You can also monitor your backup consistency in cloud storage.

Retention Policies

Establish retention options to allow automated deletion of outmoded data from your storage. With this feature, you can keep the actual versions of your backup only.

Direct Data Transfer

The CloudBerry Backup software is something good since it doesn’t process your data and files on third-party servers. All your data transfers will happen via the storage account that you’re controlling and the source instance.

Restoring is Free, All the Time

What’s really great about this is that you don’t really need to have this software’s commercial license to be able to restore data. You can just configure your data retrieval straight from its product activation screen.

Using the Product

Quite surprisingly, downloading and installing the CloudBerry Backup software is probably the simplest thing that we’ve done to date. You just need to download then install the software, wait for a bit, then follow the guide that we have listed below.  This covers the installation process, as well as how to use the CloudBerry Backup software.

Step 1:

Once you’ve successfully installed the CloudBerry Backup software, run and launch the program before anything else. Once it does, a screen will appear; from here, you’ll get to select the backup option of your choice. After choosing, you will be taken to another screen.

Step 2:

On the next screen, you can select your choice of cloud storage provider. If you don’t have one, don’t worry. You can just add a new account from there and you’re all set.

When you click “Add a New Account”, you will be brought to another screen where you’ll need to choose your backup provider. Once you’re done choosing, you can select the plan’s name, as well as other necessary settings. After that, click on the “Next” button.

Step 3:

On the next part, you’ll get the chance to choose from three backup modes; if it isn’t your thing, then you can also create your own mode based on your preferences. After selecting your mode, you’ll be taken to a page that has a couple of advanced options. Just click on the option that best suits your needs then click on “Next”.

Step 4:

When you reach the next page, you’ll need to choose your backup source. When you’ve chosen one, you’ll be taken to yet, another page that is filled with options that you’ll need to select. It isn’t really that much but it’s a bit more than the previous pages.

After choosing all your required options, go on to the next page which will be about encryption and compression of the data you need to back up.

Step 5:

The next page will let you set the retention policy per requirements. On the next window, you’ll be asked if you want to create your schedule for backup or if you prefer to do it manually.

Step 6:

Now, you’ll be asked to select the commands that will be executed and accomplished before the backup begins, and after the backup ends. Now, you can email notifications which we think is extremely useful.

Step 7:

In the last step of the installation process, you’ll need to review your backup plan to finalize all the options that you’ve chosen. When you’re done, click on next and the backup plan will be created. After it’s made, you’ll get a screen that confirms your backup plan has been made.


After the confirmation, you can either close the window by clicking on the “Finish” button, or you can choose “Run Backup Now” then click on finish to start the backing up process.

In terms of security, the CloudBerry is a top-notch software. In transit, the program utilizes SSL encryption while there are changes in providers when it comes to encryption on the source and at-rest. CloudBerry supports AES encryption that reaches up to 256-bit on the client side. This efficiently helps improve the security of your storage provider. Other people who don’t have your personal encryption password won’t get to see your files even if they’re given access to your storage account. However, you have to ensure that you don’t forget or lose your password so yourself won’t have any troubles with access.

When we restored our files, its performance was similar to our tests in backing up files. Transfer rates were extremely quick after completing the detailed configuration which is great.

From PC to USB, PC to NAS, and even PC to online backups, CloudBerry performed flawlessly. We also really appreciate the program’s clean layout since it made it easy for us to configure various things. Unlike most backup programs that only offer one backup destination, this allowed us to have two which are the local and the online destinations. With that, a big thumbs up for the CloudBerry Backup software.


Although the process of installing and using the CloudBerry Backup can be a little bit lengthy, each of the steps is self-explanatory, and once you go through these, everything else will be easier. We think that the CloudBerry Backup for Windows is one of the best and most excellent cloud-based backup programs around. We also found it easy to use and we were able to choose from a lot of cloud service providers.

CloudBerry Backup is really unique and despite that, we assume that they know their target audiences very well since they were able to create a backup program that completely meets the needs of their customers. Based on our tests, we can say that CloudBerry Backup performs excellently and just how we want, so we highly recommend this software to those who want to ensure security when backing up files via cloud storage.

Where to Buy

If you want to try the Cloudberry Backup Software, you can download a free trial of the program from their official website. On the site, you can also purchase the Pro version if you want to have access to all the advanced features that the software has to offer.


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