Controller Modz Modded Xbox One Controller Review

With console gaming become ever more popular each year and with the sky rocketing popularity of eSports worldwide it is only natural and console gamers look for ways to enhance their gaming experience and skills. One of the most popular ways of gaining the competitive edge in games such as Call of Duty and Destiny is by using a modded gaming controller and one of the leading providers of modded controller is Controller Modz based in the UK. What exactly is a modded controller and just how good is Controller Modz? Let’s dive in to our Controller Modz review and take a look at their Xbox One modded controller.

Controller Modz Xbox One – What’s in the Box?

The Controller Modz Xbox One controller came packaged in a plan black cardboard box with the Controller Modz logo printed on the front and social media information at the bottom. Although the packaging is plain and simple it really helps to make the logo stand out on the black background.

Opening the box there was the following contents:

  • Controller Modz Xbox One modded controller
  • Instruction sheet

The xbox one controller was very well wrapped in bubble wrap and ensures that the controller was delivered in great condition.

The Product

The Controller Modz Modded Xbox One Controller – Lightweight, Comfortable and Awesome!

With modded gaming controllers becoming all the rage at the moment, thanks to eSports and Twitch live streaming, there are now quite a few companies out there that are competing for a space in a market that has been heavily dominated by some big names. In order to stand out in the crowd companies need to offer something different and meet with gamers needs and this is exactly what Controller Modz does. For too long companies have been able to capitalise on this market and charge like wounded bulls for the privilege, however, with companies such as Controller Modz moving towards the spotlight it is time that they sit up and take notice.

Controller Modz offers a wide range of customisation options for their custom controllers that really lets gamers put some flair into their gaming setting. One of the best things about this is that they have managed to be able to offer their services to gamers at an affordable price range and with the wide demographic of gamers out there this is a welcome change.

Product Design

One of the best things about custom Xbox One controllers is that you are generally able to customise the hell out of them and really make it into a piece of hardware that is unique for you and that stands out. Sure you are able to order replacement shells online from places like eBay and take the controller apart and do it yourself but really, who wants to do that? And what if you wanted more customisation options? Well the good news is that it is incredibly simple to build a completely custom Xbox One controller thanks to the user friendly builder on the Controller Modz website.

The creation process is very straight forward and is simply a matter of going to the “Build Your Own” section on the Controller Modz website. Once on the builder page you shall be guides through the creation process.

Step 1: Shell

You will first be required to select that shell that you would like to use for your Xbox One controller. You are able to choose from the following shell categories:

  • Special Edition
  • Patterned
  • Chrome
  • Gloss
  • Matte

The great thing about the builder is that when you select an item the controller preview image on the right side of the screen will update to show you how your selection will look.

Step 2: Grips

Once you have selected a shell for your controller you are able to select the grips that you would like to be included with the controller. A costing is added to the grips of the controller that act as a non-slip surface which is great for long periods of gaming to help counter sweaty palms. On top of being functional the grips also give you the ability to add a splash of colour to the rear of the controller.

Step 3: ABXY Buttons

Now that the grips have been selected you are able to specify how you would like the ABXY buttons to look. You are able to select from a range of colour options for the buttons as well chrome options. If you are looking for something that stands out even more you are able to select the bullet option which will give you ABXY buttons that resemble the bullets of a gun.

Once thing of note when selecting new ABXY buttons is that if you select a custom button set you will not be able to see the ABXY letters of the buttons anymore as the custom buttons are not transparent.

Step 4: Directional Pad

Here you are able to select the custom directional pad that you would like to have included with your custom controller. You are able to select from a range of chrome colours, gloss colours and standard colours.

Step 5: Right and Left Shoulder Buttons

Like with the directional pad, you are able to specify which colour right and left shoulder buttons you would like. Available colour options include chrome, gloss and standard colours.

Step 6: LED

One great customisation option from Controller Modz is the ability to change the Xbox One LED that is location at the top of the Xbox One controller. This option can help make quite a bit of difference with the controllers look.

There are an assortment of colour options available for the LED and you should be able to pick one that fits the controller’s colour scheme nicely.

Step 7: LED Surround

The Controller Modz builder allows you select the colour of the LED surround of the controller to really help bring your new custom controller’s design together. This is great to see as a lot of other custom controller companies don’t provide you with the option of changing the LEF surround.

Similar to what has been seen already you are able to select from a range of colours including Chrome, Gloss and Standard colours.

Step 8: Start and Back Buttons

Once you have selected the LED surround that you would like to use you are now given the option of choosing a custom start and back button for the controller. You are able to choose from similar colour options as with the previous buttons.

Similar to that of the ABXY buttons, if you opt for custom Start and Back buttons the Start and Back icons will no longer be visible as the custom buttons are not transparent.

Step 9: Left and Right Thumbstick

Now we are up to the Left and Right thumbstick stage of the customisation options for the Xbox One controller. You can choose from a good selection of colour options for the thumbstick and the each thumbstick can be different colours to each other. You also have the option of the bullet styling for the thumbsticks like you did for the ABXY buttons.

Step 10: Splatter

If you are looking to make a bold statement with your custom Xbox One controller you are able to add splatter effects to the controller resembling that of blood or paint. There are a few colour variations available so I am sure you will be able to find a splatter effect that will fit your new controllers design perfectly.

Step 11: Gamer Tag

One great bit of customisation available for your Xbox One controller is that ability for you to have your gamer tag or team name printing onto the left or right (or both) side of the controller. You are able to print any custom text you would like which really allows you to claim your controller.

There are a selection of font colours available to you in order to ensure that the tag is readable and stands out on any shell you selected previously. There is also a few font choices available to you including:

  • Graffiti
  • Bignoodles
  • Pricedown
  • Batman

Step 12: Hardware Upgrades!

Now comes the awesome part of the custom controller design process, the ability to upgrade the hardware of the Xbox One controller itself. This is where you are really able to gain a competitive advantage over your opponents.

The hardware upgrades available to you are as follows:

  • Razorback Maxfire Modchip
  • Domin8or buttons for the rear of the controller

The Razorback Maxfire Modchip gives you a range of hardware mods for the controller whilst the Domin8or buttons provide you with 2 buttons that are located at the rear of the controller as part of the controller grips.

We shall cover these 2 hardware mods in more detail a little further down in this review.

So What Did We Create?

Using the Controller Modz builder we were able to create a custom Xbox One controller that we really liked and that we felt fit our personalities pretty well. Behold! The Spongebob Xbox One Controller!

We absolutely loved the controller as soon as we took it out of the box. The controller feels of very high quality and not like those cheap skins that you can purchase online. It feels exactly like a standard Xbox One controller in terms of quality but has much more flair.

For our Spongebob Xbox One controller we included the following customisations using the Controller Modz builder:

  • Shell: Spongebob
  • Grips: Cracked White
  • LED Surround: Yellow Gloss
  • Razorback Maxfire Modchip
  • Left Domin8or Button
  • Right Domin8or Button

The controller fits like an absolute glove when you hold it and I personally feel it is more comfortable than the standard Xbox One controllers. The Cracked White grips really add to the comfort and to me actually feels more uniform than other controllers. After using the controller for prolonged periods of time I did not find my palms getting as sweaty.

The absolute best addition to the controller is certainly that of the Domin8or buttons. The placement of the 2 Domin8or buttons is spot on allowing my middle and ring fingers to be able to reach the button with ease without having to re-position my hands. All of this came together for only 120GBP which is cheaper than a lot of the competitors out there.

All in all, I freaking love this controller.

Domin8or Buttons – Why is This Not Default on All Xbox One Controllers?

Easily one of the best offerings from Controllers Modz and their Xbox One customisation service is that of the Domin8or buttons. These buttons provide gamers with a way of being able to press 2 of the ABXY buttons via the installed buttons on the rear of the controller without having to reposition their thumbs from the thumbsticks.

The buttons give the controller a much more natural feel in your hand as your ring and middle fingers fit so comfortably over the Domin8or buttons. Previously you would have to move your thumb from the right thumbstick and over to the ABXY buttons in order to press them however with the Domin8or buttons your thumb can stay where it is. This is incredibly advantageous as it allows you to keep on moving/aiming whilst also running and jumping, or whatever other button function you have mapped.

When you add the Domin8or buttons to the Xbox One controller during the customisation process you will be asked which buttons you would like the Domin8tors mapped to. The most popular configuration is to map the buttons to A and B, however you can choose any buttons you would like. Once the buttons are mapped to the Domin8ors you will not be able to re-map them so it is important to have a good think about which buttons you want to map before you make your order. Another thing of note is that the controller rumbles are removed when you add the Domin8or buttons to the controller which may or may not suit some people. I personal like that the controller is lighter without the rumbles.

The buttons look and feel great however it may be a little better if there was not as much tension in the buttons as they are quite springy. Obviously this is just personal preference. It also would have been great if the Domin8ors were able to be remapped by the user at any time.

Razorback Maxfire Modchip – Gain the Upperhand

Now, we spoke about how great the Domin8or buttons are and how they can help improve your gameplay, however if you really want an uppderhand on your competition then it is the Razorback Maxfire modchip thats going to interest you. It is the Razorback Maxfire that truly makes the Xbox One controller from Controller Modz a custom modded controller.

Gone are the days when you would have to worry about split timing button presses and complex button combinations in order to pull off a great trick shot or to outmaneuver your enemies, now the controller can do the work for you. The Razorback Maxfire provides you with a range of different in game functions that will perform actions automatically for you. All by the power of the embedded chip in the Controller Modz controller.

The Razorback Maxfire modchip provides you with the following functions:

Rapid Fire

The adjustable rapid fire provided by the modchip allows you to specify how many shots per second that you would like your guns to fire. Essentially it allows you to increase or decrease your rate of fire for the chosen weapon, giving you more control.

Auto Run

Where previously you would have to either tap or hold down the run button on the controller, the Auto Run feature allows you to run without having to press the run button.


Akimbo gives your controller dual trigger rapid fire, allowing you to set the rapid fire functionality to the left and right trigger on the controller. This gives you more control over dual weapons in games.

Quick Scope

The Quick Scope functionality allows you to quickly switch between non scoped and scoped views for guns that support the use of scopes and zoom.

Auto Scope

For games that provide you with the ability to hold your breath when using the scope of a weapon, such as Battlefield, the Auto Scope function will automatically hold your breath for you as you zoom in. This gives you much better accuracy and improving your response time.

Burst Mode

In Burst Mode you are able to specify the number of shots that are fired each time that you fire your gun. You are able to set the Razorback Maxfire to fire 2,3,4 and 5 round bursts. This helps you control bullet spread when using weapons that have a high recoil.

Drop Shot

One of the most common moves in FPS games is the drop shot. The drop shot when you drop to the ground when you attack a player so that it is harder for the enemy to hit you. With the Drop Shot function, the Razorback Maxfire will automatically drop your character to the grown as soon as you fire your weapon.

Fast Reload

Fast Reload allows you to tweak the reloading in your game to help minimise the reload animation and reduce the time whilst reloading.

The Razorback Maxfire modchip is safe to use online so you should have no issues whatsoever with multiplayer games thanks to the Controller Modz stealth technology. The modchip works with all FPS games and has been optimised for:

  • Battlefield
  • Call of Duty
  • Destiny
  • Titanfall
  • Gears of War
  • Uncharted 4

The Controller Modz Xbox One controller ships with a set of instructions which shows you how to use the modchip and set the different functions. You are also able to disable the modchip if you would like. Here is the PDF guide from Controller Modz that outlines how to work the Razorback Maxfire modchip.


The custom modded Xbox One controllers from Controller Modz help give a clear competitive advantage in games thanks to the help of the Domin8or buttons and Razorback Maxfire modchip. At a price range that is cheaper than most of the competition out there, Controller Modz lets you create awesome looking controllers that fit your style with the simplest of ease. I found the controller to be incredibly comfortable during long gaming sessions and actually felt more natural to me than the standard Xbox One controllers from Microsoft. Controller Modz are a provider of quality gaming products that should be on everyone’s radar.

Where to Buy

If you would like to create your own modded Xbox One controller than head on over to the Controller Modz page and start building!

If you are wanting to improve your game and lay waste to your enemies then the Controller Modz custom Xbox One controller should be in your arsenal. Feature rich and affordable, there is no reason this should not replace your standard controller. 
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