Cooler Master MH752 Gaming Headset Review

Cooler Master is not really one of the biggest names in the market of gaming headsets, but it sure is causing quite a stir in the industry with their new MH752 gaming headset. The device aims to be comfortable, durable, and a good-sounding piece without any of the unnecessary features that a lot of gaming headsets have.

It looks great, it has a solid and durable feel to it, but is it something worth checking out or even investing in? Today, we’re going to take a look at the MH752 from Cooler Master to see what it’s all about, what it has to offer, and if it produces excellent audio for your gaming needs. First up, let’s look at what’s inside the box.

Cooler Master MH752 Gaming Headset Review – What’s in the Box?

When it comes to the usual Cooler Master style, the MH752 gaming headset comes in a sleek dark grey package with hints of royal purple which the company is known for. The front portion of the box displays an image of the device together with its features.

When it comes to the rear portion of the box, you will find another image of the gaming headset; but this time, it comes with more information and details but in the form of texts and labels.

When you open the package, you will be presented with another container that has a matte black finish. Of course, you will find the purple accents which is Cooler Master’s signature, and these will be seen around the top and side of the box.

At the top portion of the inner box, you will find a purple foiled outline of Cooler Master that nicely shimmers when hit by light. Just by looking at things, we can definitely say that Cooler Master did outdo themselves with their MH752 packaging, and we’re really looking forward to more of their products and how they carefully packaged things.

There’s a foam piece inside; and once you remove this, you’ll get your very first look at the gaming headset which has a mostly black theme with hints of silver for its accents. If you take a look at the left part of the device, you will find a detachable mic and its DAC on the right side.

Aside from the Cooler Master MH752, other items are present in the package which include a detachable mic, carrying pouch, various documents, a 3.5-millimeter cable, and a single USB cable that comes with an integrated control box.

The Product

Cooler Master MH752 Gaming Headset Review

After unboxing the MH752, we were quite surprised and impressed with the device inside. The headset does not look like your typical gaming headset since it sports an understated yet classy look. It’s a nice device since you can easily wear the MH752 in your office or while walking around in your area.

When it comes to the earcups, they feature averagely sized drivers that measure at 40 millimeters. Plus, the cups also swivel, allowing you to position it flat when you remove them after use. This is a handy feature so we really appreciate what Cooler Master did here.

We also liked that there is a mic included on the headset, though it would’ve been even better if there was a silicone plug included in the package. The reason for this is that it would help block the open microphone port, preventing elements like dust or other debris from entering. But all in all, everything’s all good with the device and the packaging.

As we mentioned earlier, Cooler Master’s MH752 sports an all classy design with its nice pitch black theme that blends nicely with hints of grey accents. We really love the approach and we find it really easy to mix the gaming headset with your current setup.

Almost the entire headset is crafted using soft touch plastic, but it doesn’t feel cheap at all so we also liked this aspect of the headphones. We didn’t experience any squeaking or creaking sounds when we rotated the cups; plus, the headband easily expands without you having to put much force into it.

Its headband and ear pads are covered with nice faux leather; and while the headband has just a light amount of cushioning, we still felt that it was nice and comfortable even when we were engaged in prolonged hours of gaming.

Another nice aspect of the MH752 gaming headset is that it is light and has a perfect fit; so even if we used this continuously, we didn’t experience any kind of discomfort or pain.

When it comes to the microphone, you can easily detach this from the device and it is flexible too. You’ll be able to find the best position for wear especially when it comes to in-game chats; another plus to the headset is that its braided cable can be easily removed whenever necessary while its fabric coating on the cable makes the device more durable and resistant.

When you check out the left ear, you will find plugs for both of the detachable microphones, as well as the included audio cable. Each of the available plugs are shaped distinctly so the cable and mic will only connect in one specific direction.

Just like the headband, the MH752 gaming headset’s ear-cups are covered using a PU leather with high density foam just beneath it. Within the cup, there’s a soft mesh-like material which gives it a nice quality feel to it while also keeping it longer lasting compared to other headsets that we’ve owned that wore off in just a short span of time.

If you look closely, the 3.5 millimeter audio cable has ends that are gold plated, preventing them from any instances of corrosion. Plus, all the cables that are included in the package are braided which is a feature that we greatly welcome since it adds more to the premium feel of the headset.

Finally, the Cool Master MH752  gaming headset also sports a USB amplifier that has buttons necessary for modifying in-game volume, toggling the virtual surround sound of Cooler Master, and adjusting the microphone volume.

If you decide to plug this into a non-USB device such as the XBOX or your smartphone, you can simply detach the amp then utilize the 3.5 millimeter connector on one of the ends of the headset’s cable.

Product Features

Allows for Clear Communication

The integrated microphone is an omni-directional boom type to reduce background noise and keep communication crystal clear.

Experience Superior Sound Quality

The 40-millimeter Neodymium drivers allow for more balanced and full soundstage for every game you play.

Absolute Comfort

With leatherette padding, plush cushioning, and swivel cups, you won’t have any problems with the MH752 when it comes to comfort.

Compatible with Multiple Platforms

With the MH752, you can choose from using a 3.5-millimeter cable or USB DAC to connect the headset to PCs – a very convenient feature when it comes to gaming headsets.

Classic Looks

The MH752 doesn’t feature bizarre logos and flashy RGB effects so it can pass as a sleek, classy-looking, and high-end headset that you can wear wherever you go.


The Cooler Master MH752 gaming headset offers a premium quality and clean sound with outstanding comfort which is perfect for anyone who games for prolonged hours during every session. For the headset’s dimensions, it is 150 x 86 x 216 millimeters and weighs a total of 280 grams.

If you’re weighing it without the cable, then it is only 250 grams. The device has a frequency response of 100 to 10,000Hz with a sensitivity of -42dB; not only that, but its signal to noise ratio is 55dB. We also appreciate that the company provided us with a two-year warranty which is convenient and a must when it comes to such devices.

Using the Product

With all the other gaming headsets that we’ve tried, the MH752 from Cooler Master is probably the most comfortable device that’s available in the market today. Its elegant leatherette material is second to none, while its headband can be adjusted to conform perfectly to fit your head.

W tried the gaming headset and it fit perfectly and comfortably on our heads. What adds to its comfort is its lightweight build, so even if we used it for really long hours, we didn’t experience any pain or strain which is common in other gaming headsets when you use them for quite some time. So for its build and craftsmanship, we’re giving Cooler Master two thumbs up for the MH752’s construction.

Now for the sound quality. We used the device for almost a week and aside from gaming, we used it with a couple of other media types such as music and movies. We were really surprised at how well the MH752 was able to handle music while simultaneously providing balanced sounds with a powerful but not overpowering bass.

We also received crisp highs and clear mids so that was really great. And with how awesome the sound quality is, we don’t have any issues about using the MH752 as our everyday headphones.

Since the Cooler Master MH752  sports 40 millimeter drivers, it can dispense powerful bass that you may get from the 50 + millimeter drivers. According to the company, the device will be able to produce sounds down to 20Hz which is somewhat deep.

When playing games and listening to music in environments with heavy bass, the lows become clear and deep; when you play these at maximum volume, the bass will hit hard while still maintaining its rich sounds.

Music that has a strong mid range presence is something that you’d definitely enjoy when using the Cooler Master MH752. Its range is usually around 800Hz to 2,000Hz. For the highs, its range of frequencies often go from 2,000Hz to 5,000Hz and with the headset, it also provided us with excellent sounds.

Now for its performance in gaming since this is where you’ll get a ton of sounds in just a single activity. Voice actors, explosions, footsteps, ambience, and a whole other background sounds add to the game’s feel; plus, this can also greatly affect the experience and the quality of the audio – all of which can be achieved when using the Cooler Master MH752 gaming headset.

Overall, the Cooler Master MH752 gaming headset performed excellently for a gaming headset, and it also produced outstanding sounds for both music and gaming needs. The sounds that it gave us was crisp, clean, clear, and powerful so you’d definitely enjoy using this for music listening, movie watching, and of course, for long hours of gaming.

The Neodymium drivers are of excellent quality, as well as the 7.1 surround sound that the headset has. Another great aspect of the device is that it plugs into USB Or AUX ports for multi-platform play and perfect flexibility.

The in-line controls is something we consider as another perk since it provides you easy access to the Cooler Master MH752’s functions. When it comes to comfort, the MH752 sure knocks out every competition they have because of its soft leatherette that helps keep you feeling relaxed throughout longer gaming periods.

The headset is also made from durable plastic deliver and steel which is considered as the best balance for practicality and beauty. With that, the Cooler Master MH752 gaming headset is the perfect device to acquire high-quality sounds, and it’s surely something worth investing in.


The Cooler Master MH752 gaming headset uses the Portal which is a program that offers added features and customizations for a lot of Cooler Master devices, including these headphones. The Portal is downloadable from Cooler Master’s official website.

Its interface has a great design; it uses the color scheme of Cooler Master which is really pleasing to the eyes. Using the software, you can adjust the headset and the microphone’s volume, frequency levels, bass, treble, as well as the five-band equalizer so you can tune your audio based on your preferences.

Through the program, you can also turn surround sound on or off. Aside from those, you can choose from the given preset profiles which are Movie, Gaming and Pop Music, or you can also create your own.

We really liked the software’s simplicity since we didn’t have to create an online account, so we didn’t have to go through some registration processes such as account verification. When using the headset, the software isn’t needed as well and its features such as surround sound can work with just the auto-installed USB drivers. The program is simply another place where you can tweak your audio and turn the surround sound on or off.

Basically, the program is fine since it does its job well. Some people may think that the equalizer in your music player is more powerful, but the Portal is absolutely useful especially if you want a system-wide option to adjust your audio in video games and other media.

Since we don’t want unnecessary things in our system, we particularly appreciate that the headphones don’t need a lot of software tweaks to make it sound good. If you’re someone who’s looking for devices that only need slight adjustments, then this is for you.

It’s important to know that when you purchase the Cooler Master MH752, the Portal software can be downloaded from Cooler Master’s official website. You may also need to install the latest update of the firmware even if it says you’re on the latest version; this is to let the software detect the MH752 gaming headset.


The MH752 Gaming Headset was a lot more than what we expected in terms of comfort and sound quality. Out of al the headsets we’ve tested, we think that this is the most comfortable; we didn’t have issues wearing this even for long periods of gaming.

When really liked the headset’s performance we tested it for gaming since it filtered out all kinds of background noise. This allowed us to hear other sounds that we’ve never heard in other We were also able to communicate clearly with out teammates.

The headset was not only good for games since it sounded nice even when we used it for watching movies and listening to music. We liked the USB DAC for the 7.1 surround sound and the quick access controls which allowed us to easily adjust the volume and microphone controls.

Since it has a folding design, it’s also easy to transport which is another thing we liked. This design also allowed us to connect it our phones while on the run. We have no complaints about this headset. It does not only work excellently, but it’s also versatile and it look great.

All in all, the MH752 is a meticulously designed headphones that has excellent features that make it ideal for gaming, music, movies, and communication. If you’re looking for an affordable headset that delivers absolute comfort and incredible sound quality, we highly recommend Cooler Master’s MH752 gaming headset. It’s one of the best headphones in the market that is sure to last until the next years.

Where to Buy

You can pickup the Cooler Master HM752 for around $119 AUD from your local computer retailer. For more information head on over to the official Cooler Master product page.

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