Corsair AX850 Titanium PSU

Without a doubt, Corsair is one of the brands that has gained a lot of recognition, and because of this, they don’t really need to have a grand introduction to the vast computer enthusiests around. With them being in almost all things related to PC components, it’s most likely you’ve had or currently have a device from them.

Though when it comes to their power supplies, Corsair has always been one of the most noted manufacturers for these. These specific products are considered the most popular from the company; so with this in mind, the Corsair AX850 Titanium PSU will surely be among their best products around.

The Corsair AX850 Titanium PSU is a brand new titanium-rated power supply that fits perfectly as a quality product. If you know all about your power supplies, you’re surely going to love what the AX850 has in store for you.

The Product

Corsair AX850 Titanium PSU

Of all the PSU manufacturers out there, Corsair is possibly the one that displays great pride in their units. They thoroughly select their components with utmost care to provide everyone with optimal performance in all possible categories. With their AX1600-i, this required the company to enhance and upgrade beyond silicon, thus, transitioning to the use of gallium nitride to keep the 1600-Watt device in a small form factor while simultaneously providing users with top-notch efficiency levels.

Their AX series’ leading PSU brand is primarily reserved for the best units that they produce; so, their latest AX850 Titanium PSU maintains this aspect, moving their sub 1000-Watt AX brand to the period of 80+ titanium – the highest possible efficiency rating that is available for every consumer PSU. This device is also designed to impress and will surely deliver only the best.

The AX850 Titanium PSU from Corsair carries the branding that one would expect from the company; in other words, it’s a very sleek and classy design with silver hints and highlights. In terms of its design, the company put great effort into its style to add an appealingly aesthetic touch to it.

But despite this, the AX850 is made specifically for business purposes, hence, its sleek, classy, and sophisticated design. When looking at the AX850 Titanium PSU, it highlights the brand, Corsair, which comes off as both suitable and subtle for the entire design of the product.

Inputs that are specific for the modular power supply cables are all marked to aid users in ensuring that the proper cables are going to the right places. While some are set in a mirrored design, the top-bank cables aren’t. Though the cables link with a great level of security which is great. The rear portion of the power supply comes with adequate vents to promote passive airflow – one of the company’s designs that has the cooling fan running whenever necessary. The rear has two switches – one for the power and the other for the zero-RPM fan mode. This is generally a more enhanced version of the regular operations which decreases the fan usage.

For the fan’s design, it’s generally nice with an aesthetic design to the case that highly accentuates the horizontal divisions for air intake. This is another touch that adds more sparkle and to the design. Aesthetically, there really isn’t much to the AX850 Titanium PSU’s design, but what’s present on the device is excellence. The Corsair AX850, compared to other similar products, appears more professional and sleek; there aren’t any RGBs on it, but the PSU is just pleasing as is.

A Look Inside the Corsair AX850 TItanium PSU

The AX850 Titanium PSU’s OEM is Seasonic, while on the main PCB, you’ll find a couple of little heatsinks there. Know that the gold PSUs feature an extremely low energy loss, the reason why operational temperatures are low so you won’t need to have bigger heatsinks.

The AC holder makes use of the Yun Pen EMI line filters which include all the necessary elements for the device: an X and 2 Y capacitors, plus two coils and an MOV. You will also find a thermistor together with an electromagnetic relay that bypasses this once the PSU begins to decrease energy losses. This lets it cool down adequately. Close to the thermistor and relay is the ICE-2QR-4765 quasi resonant PWM controller which handles the PSU’s standby mode.

The bridge rectifiers, specifically the GBU-1506, are cooled passively via heatsink. In the APFC, a total of three MOSFETs separates the transitional DC voltage that comes from the bridge rectifiers into consistent pulse sequences.

The two parallel reservoir / soothing capacitors are from Nippon Chemi-Con while the two primary swatches are 60-R160-C6. The PSU makes use of the LLC resonant converter to acquire better and more enhanced efficiency; for the resonant controller, there’s a CM-6901 which is housed on a vertical daughterboard that’s positioned adjacent to the resonant inductor. The controller operates and manages the primary switches in the PWM mode at light loads, while the FM mode at increased loads. Seasonic opted to steer clear from utilizing a built-in transformer so the two transformers are used for the resonant converter, simultaneous with the primary transformer.

In the secondary, there are a number of smaller heatsinks which keep the four IPD-031N-06L MOSFETs utilized for the +12V generation. These MOSFETs are present on the solder area of the main PCB, and are also cooled from a casing via a thermal pad. With two DC-DC converters, the minor rails are generated from +12V. To minimize the distance that the current has to travel to, the converters are placed on the modular PCB. This decreases the loss of energy. The two converters make use of four PD-060N-03L MOSFETs and an APW7159 PWM controller. In the secondary portion and on the modular PCB, you will find a lot of polymer capacitors which guarantees top-notch performance, as well as longer lifetime. One of the few electrolytic capacitors present is from Nippon Chemi-Con and is used in 5VSB regulation.

For the PSU protections, these handle a PS-223 which has been included by an LM-393 Dual Voltage Comparator. The San Ace 120 cooling fan that is present in the CPU is provided by SANYO DENKI. Furthermore, the workmanship and soldering quality of the Corsair AX850 Titanium PSU is really high.

Product Features

The Corsair AX850 Titanium PSU comes with notable features that are sure to be efficient and beneficial for all. The AX850 provides world-class electrical performance with their minimal noise and superior voltage to guarantee top-notch and consistent power for your computer. This is to keep your system stable while also unlocking the true potential of the motherboard when it comes to overclocking.

Just like every other power supply devices under the AX series, the Corsair AX850 Titanium PSU makes use of 100% electrolyte capacitors. These offer stable power and long-term reliability that you’d look for in a Corsair power supply. Its cooling fan doesn’t rotate until it’s necessary. This allows for almost silent operation during low and average loads.

With the true FDB or Fluid Dynamic Bearing 10-millimeter cooling fan, the Corsair AX850 Titanium PSU delivers powerful airflow and quiet operation, which result in longer life span. The efficiency of this PSU’s power reaches up to 94% to reduce noise, energy consumption, temperatures, and your power bill.

The side labels of the Corsair AX850 Titanium PSU are magnetic and customizable to match your build’s style. These labels come in blue, red, or white. The cables are also fully modular; only use what you need for quick and simple installation. For the cables that you won’t be using, these can be stored in the cable bag.

Lastly, the Corsair AX850 Titanium PSU is backed by a 10-year warranty just like in all AX series power supply units. With that, you can guarantee reliable operation that will last. Corsair’s customer service and technical support are ready to help you.


Certain specifications are present for the Corsair AX850 Titanium PSU which make it a really good device. The PSU goes with the V2.4 version and comes with 1 ATX connector. When in use, the AX850 consumes about 850 Watts of power while its output rated temperature is measured at 50℃. Corsair integrated the FDB Bearing technology to make this more efficient for use and its total MTBF is 100,000.

What’s more, the AX850 Titanium PSU has the 80-Plus efficiency titanium with the ATX PSU form-factor, has a zero RPM mode, and is completely modular. We liked what Corsair used for their cable since it’s an all-black sleeved cable, making it more secure and protected.

The AX850 Titanium PSU comes with 2 EPS connectors, a floppy connector, 16 SATA connectors, and 6 PCIe connectors. For its dimensions, the PSY is 170 x 86 x 150 millimeters, while its fan size is 135 millimeters. Additionally, this is a multi-GPU ready device that comes with a 10-year warranty provided by the company.


A lot of people do not get excited over power supplies since these are not the types of components that improve a system’s performance. It is the most underappreciated component when it comes to the PC building world. However, power supplies are actually the most important element of all systems since it functions as an interface that makes all the other components of your PC work. Without this, the rest wouldn’t work and using a sub-standard PSU will put everything at risk.

Few companies such as Corsair are passionate with power supplies just as they are for system components. With the AX850 Titanium PSU, you can make your current drive make its way to higher capacities.

Where to Buy

You can purchase the Corsair AX850 Titanium PSU for around $319 AUD from your local computer retailer. For more information head on over to the official product page.

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