Corsair Dark Core RGB SE and MM1000 Qi Review

When we talk about computer peripherals and accessories, it appears that Corsair is regularly trying out a lot of new things which is really good. They also aren’t fearful of stepping out the market of what a lot of customers might consider. Now when it comes to mice, specifically, pro gamers will surely stress on a major thing about the type of mouse that they’d use: the most vital aspect would be a mouse that is based entirely on an optical sensor.

The reason for this is because these types of mice are more accurate compared to the laser-based versions, therefore, transforming into more precise movements of the character within a game.

Today, we’re going to focus on a mouse that may well be a peripheral that a lot of gamers may find extremely useful – the Corsair Dark Core RGB SE. This mouse features three methods for connectivity, plus, it also has a number of buttons for gamers who need a ton of these. What’s also nice about the mouse is its attractive style & design, its comfortable use, a swappable side panel, as well as the five LED zones. Additionally, the company also notes that their Dark Core RGB SE is backed by the latest Corsair iCUE software.

Another device that we’ll be talking about would be Corsair’s MM1000 Qi mouse pad that charges the Dark Core RGB SE, as well as other devices. In an attempt to create devices that will no longer need a cable unless it’s for flashing firmware, Corsair produced the Qi wireless charging system inside a mousepad. As mentioned earlier, it also charges other devices; this is because it comes with a receiver. One of the most notable features of this device is that it can charge the other devices even while you’re working or gaming. This will help you think less about charging and just focus on your gaming activities.

This is what we get from the MM1000 from Corsair, the company’s first attempt in creating an absolutely wireless gaming setup.  Before we check out these devices’ performance and their features, let’s first take a look at what other items are included in the packaging of these Corsair devices.

Corsair Dark Core RGB SE and MM1000 Qi Review – What’s in the Box?

The Dark Core RGB SE

The Dark Core RGB SE is shipped in a vibrant and brightly-colored box to highlight the device’s RGB capabilities. You’ll also get to see a big photo of the mouse just right at the front. On the top-left corner is the company’s name and logo while the center has an illuminated image of the product. Behind the image of the mouse are lines of various colors; while at the bottom, you will see the product’s name written in all capital letters. Also note that Corsair boasts the product’s wired and wireless capability, Qi charging, high-speed 1ms latency, as well as the optical sensor.

The front portion of the box is a flap that you can open. From here, you can see the Dark Core RGB SE mouse itself through a clear plastic piece. Behind the flap of the front panel, you’ll find additional information, as well as the interchangeable side grip. Here, the Qi charger is also offered.

At the back of the box, you’ll see two other images of the mouse. The top one displays the location of the mouse’s nine buttons while the lower one shows three RGB LED zones that you can program.

Included in the box are the product itself, a quick-start guide and a 1.8-millimeter braided cable for charging and/or using the mouse. It also comes with a replaceable side grip, a micro USB for a Type-A adapter, and a wireless dongle.

The MM1000 Qi Charging Mousepad

This time, we’re going to talk about the MM1000’s packaging and other accessories that may be included in it. If you take a look at the exterior of its box, it features the typical Corsair design and style: a black container with yellow highlights.

The front portion of the box, specifically just below the company’s name and logo, you’ll see an almost life-sized image of the MM1000 itself. There’s a triangle just at the bottom right corner of the package which only means that the Qi charging adapter is included within the package.

To the left of this, there are three features of the mousepad listed for you to see. These include the Qi capability, extra adapters, and that the device features a hardened surface that is integrated with micro-texture. When you flip the box, you’ll pretty much see the same information that’s listed on the front portion of the box. However, there’s a difference with the images featured here: you will see the charging adapter set on the pads charging port; to the right of it, you’ll get the same list of features but with additional information that the device comes with a USB 30 pass through port.

At the bottom of the box, you’ll find some useful information about the device such as what it exactly does, what other devices are compatible with it, and where to search for its warranty details.

This portion displays the accessories of the MM1000. To allow any device for wireless charging, Corsair included their micro USB wireless charging receiver; and to ensure the best compatibility across multiple devices, the company also included their Lighting and USB Type C adapter for the charger. Although the device has a simple function, the company also included a little compliance booklet, a manual for the device, as well as a warranty guide.

The Product

Corsair Dark Core RGB SE and MM1000 Qi Review

Corsair Dark Core RGB SE

When it comes to its looks and exterior, it’s slightly bigger compared to other gaming mice from Corsair; plus, its overall shape is longer compared to their other similar devices. Despite this, it’s still comfortable to the grip and it won’t hurt your hand no matter how long your game time is. It’s possible that Corsair gave the Dark Core RGB SE its longer body to fit and include every Qi charging component that are all found on its rear.

The mouse is a right-handed device featuring swappable side plates, allowing you to customize its fit based on your preferences. Since most of us who tried the mouse have big hands, we chose to add the right-side piece to help keep our little finger from actually dragging along the pad. Interestingly, we found this really comfortable. However, if you don’t want it there, you can simply remove the side plate and swap it to the non-winged default style. This is possible since it is fixed in place by magnets instead of plastic tabs.

The bottom portion of the Dark Core RGB SE holds the on / off switch, as well as a switch that toggles between the Bluetooth or 2.4GHz connectivity. As gaming laptops are constantly having a price drop in the market and somewhat marching towards desktops when it comes to power, being able to match a gaming mouse using the Bluetooth means that you’ll have one less dangle to lose or keep in your bag.

When it comes to buttons, there are a total of nine available buttons on the Corsair Dark Core RGB SE; all of these except the left click can be customized using the iCUE software from Corsair. Its palm rest has a nice, textured surface that follows the mouse’s wings. Its left and right buttons also give off a nice clicking sound to them.

Just behind the mouse’s scroll wheel is a button for quick switching between up to a total of three custom profiles. This is necessary so you can toggle between varying RGB, DPI, and button assignment settings. To the left of the Dark Core’s left mouse button, specifically along its edge, are the up and down DPI buttons. Below these, you’ll find three LEDs while on its left, you’ll be able to automatically see if the Dark Core’s DPI is set to low, high, or medium. There are also three customizable buttons right behind the DPI light indicators on the left portion of the mouse. They are often set up as backwards, forward, and sniper mode for the center. This specific mode lets you adjust the DPI when its held down.

The Corsair Dark Core RGB SE has an ultra-fast 1 ms 2.4GHz wireless connectivity / Bluetooth 4.2+LE or you can also opt for wired connectivity using the USB 2.0 Type-A. It makes use of an integrated lithium-polymer battery that can be recharged using the Qi certified wireless chargers. If not, you can also charge the device via USB to PC. Additionally, the mouse also has a total of 1000Hz USB report rates.

Battery life is up to a maximum of 16 hours with regular lighting while it goes for 24 hours without any backlights.

It has an optical PMW-3367 optical sensor and has a 100 DPI to 16,000 DPI + 1 DPI steps for its resolution. 4-zone RGB backlights are available as well as three on-board profiles. The mouse also includes 9 buttons, large PTFE mouse feet, and 1.8m of fixed braided fiber cable. It comes in a nice black shade with a removable side grip where one is pre-installed while the other is optional. It also supports the iCUE software from Corsair.

For its measurements, the Dark Core RGB SE is 126.8 [L] x 89.2 [W] x 43.2 [H] millimeters while it weighs a total of 128 grams without its accessories and cable. The good thing about the Dark Core RGB SE is that it has a two-year warranty.

MM1000 Qi Wireless Charging Mousepad

Just out of the box, we took notice of the size of this charger mousepad: the MM1000 is almost 14-inches wide and almost 11 inches in size from back to front. Most of its surface area is made of black-textured plastic, and it comes with a set of gray-colored rings denoting where the Qi charger is. At the back along the left corner, feel the area and notice that the pad is thicker. This is to better accommodate the USB 3.0 passthrough port; plus, this is where you can find the LED indicator.

Corsair could have just left this upper left portion boring, plain, and flat; however, they took the time to actually put hints of style with all the angles, and their company logo which is pressed onto the plastic. You’ll also get to see the port for the USB 3.0 passthrough, as well as the thick and braided cable that exits the MM1000.

The mouse pad has a large surface area of 260 x 350 millimeters plus it also features a non-slip rubber base for convenience. It’s great that the mouse pad is compatible with Mac or a Windows PC with two available USB 3.0 ports.

Product Features

Dark Core RGB SE Features

On-Board Profile Storage

This feature of the Dark Core helps save macros, lighting effects, as well as DPI settings to have universal access to your profile. This is without requiring any drivers or extra software.

Surface Calibration and Tuning

This improves sensor responsiveness and precision for the playing surface.

Increased Performance Omron Switches

This specific feature is rated for a total of fifty million clicks since Omron switches are custom-tuned specifically for gaming. It provides a speedy response and excellent reliability, over time.

Dynamic Multi-Color Backlights + Programmable Buttons

Since the Dark Core RGB SE has customizable backlighting, it allows you to fully immerse in the game you’re playing by offering almost unlimited adjustments for the lighting. Get to assign macros to any button of your choice and create progressive lighting effects using the iCUE or Corsair Utility Engine.

Custom Gaming-Grade – 16000 DPI Optical Sensor

With high-speed and ultra-accurate tracking engine plus the native 16000 DPI resolution, you’ll get to customize in 1 DPI step and can be custom-tuned with any kind of mouse pad.

Qi Wireless Charging

Easily charge by using the mouse’s USB or opt to charge using the MM1000 from Corsair. You can also choose to charge with any Qi-compatible charging pad for your convenience.

MM1000 Qi Features

Wireless Power 24/7

The MM1000 Qi from Corsair combines the convenience of wireless charging from Qi with the performance micro-textured surface for the mouse pad. This will allow you and every other gamer out there to charge any Qi-compatible device from your desktop.

Charge Any Qi-Compatible Device & Everything Else

The Qi wireless charging spot from Corsair lets you seamlessly charge any Qi-compatible device. The mouse comes with USB Type-C, Micro-B, and the Lighting Qi charging adapters that let you charge every other mobile or wireless device that you have.

Accurate Performance Surface

Enjoy the mouse pad’s micro-textured surface that’s tuned in for all laser or optical mice.

Using the Product

We’ve had quite some time to try and test the Dark Core RGB SE mouse from Corsair. Through our tests, we saw great and notable features of this mouse so with that, let’s talk more about how the Dark Core RGB SE performed.

Through our tests, we saw that the DPI can be adjusted even to a single digit. This allows for perfect settings when doing various activities. After trying a few things such as gaming and photo editing, you just need to experiment and tinker with things a bit to find out which DPI levels are the best for each task you do.

Now for the mouse’s battery life. To our surprise, the Dark Core RGB SE also completely lasted for 24 hours even when we used it for constant wireless gameplay. The mouse lasted for almost a whole week and it gave us a warning when we forgot to turn the mouse off before going to bed. Even with the RGB lights, the mouse lasts for a long span of time before it needs to be recharged.

We all know that a gaming mouse is good when it’s highly responsive and effective when it comes to defeating opponents. We tried a variety of shooting games as well as other online games and quite surprisingly, the Dark Core RGB SE made very quick responses. We were able to shoot most opponents in shooting games and we were able to win a lot of battles and complete our missions.

For its software, we think that the programmable options were adequate. We also didn’t experience any lagging when we checked out the software. Included in the options are the adjustable weight system and a couple of programmable buttons where the lighting can also be customized. We really appreciated that the mouse comes with its own memory so we could save the settings we’ve made. The great thing about the iCUE software is that it can be used to configure other devices from Corsair.

Overall, the Dark Core RGB SE is a great product. It has an excellent design and comfortable feel plus it is also easy to use whether you have small or large hands. The mouse’s buttons have great feedback when pressed and it also responds quickly which is something that everyone looks for when purchasing any device. Add the MM1000 Qi to the bunch and it this set will surely make your gaming experience more enjoyable


Corsair provides the Dark Core RGB SE with their control software called the iCUE or Corsair Utility Engine. It’s the basis control software utilized for the company’s RGB headsets, keyboard, and mice. Once you run iCUE, the software will update the Dark Core RGB SE with new firmware; for new mouse models, pre-configured profiles will be uploaded to the device. These provide differentiation of DPI, Macros, RGB, calibration, and everything else you prefer customizing.

On the default tab, you can check your optional profiles and check the one you want to set active for the Glaive RGB. When you move to the action tab, this is where you’ll define your Macros, as well as add, export, and import files, or reassign the basic functions of your mouse button.

iCUE’s latest revisions are better and easier to operate, plus it’s generally more user-friendly. It’s surely a huge improvement over the previous ones. The software is also an extensive suite where a number of preferences can be set up in a couple of profiles. Individually, the light system can be set up for three specific zones; get lighting zones from any of the 16.8 million RGB colors, plus, you can even include a couple of lighting effects too.


Selecting your own gaming mouse is very personal. This will all depend on your personal choices and preferences: if you’re a player who needs faster speed rates for fast action gaming, the aesthetics, if the mouse is for left or right-hand use, and more.

Corsair has released one of the excellent wireless gaming mice in the market. We were amazed when we tested this since it actually offers the best response time and accuracy. It also has a long battery life, and even if it runs out of power, it can be recharged with the MM1000 Qi charging mouse pad which is highly convenient. We really liked the fact that the MM1000 Qi can also charge other devices aside from the Dark Core RGB SE.

All in all, the Dark Core RGB SE is one of the best gaming mice we’ve tested and the MM1000 Qi is an excellent charging system. If you want to enhance your gaming rig, we highly recommend these peripherals for an improved gaming experience.

Where to Buy

If you want to get your hands on the Corsair Dark Core RGB SE Gaming Mouse and the MM1000 Qi Charging Mousepad, you can purchase these from Corsair’s official website. You can also check out the company’s store locator to see all the authorized dealers that sell these products around your location. You can pickup the Corsair Dark Core RGB SE for around $145AUD and the MM1000 for about $125AUD.

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