Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB DDR4 RAM Review

You probably think that you have the best computer unit around; you may even consider it as something perfect that it won’t encounter any slow down or issues when used. Unfortunately, this is impossible, since it can eventually run into some kind of problem in the long run. But thanks to memory-hungry operating systems, having adequately fast RAM is more vital for the best computers than ever.

So if your PC is beginning to slow down, then it’s probably time for you to start searching. And if you aren’t really that familiar with the computer hardware scene, then you’ll really have a tough time searching for the best RAM in the market or a better and more enhanced RAM for your system.

But do remember that this is one of the challenges when it comes to RAM, there are a ton of different types with varying capacities, sizes, and speed which will make searching for the best and most adequate product for your computer difficult.

To make things a lot of easier for you, we’re going to be talking about the Dominator Platinum RGB DDR4 RAM from Corsair – RAM that has been refreshed and enhanced to include the company’s latest Capellix RGB LED lights. This makes the RAM have a richer and more vibrant design. It’s still the same high-level and quality RAM that we know of and really love, so it may be something that you could appreciate just as well.

For starters, let’s go ahead and see what’s included inside the box of this Dominator Platinum RGB DDR4 RAM from Corsair.

Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB DDR4 RAM Review – What’s in the Box?

Corsair was able to alter the standards in the marketplace when it comes to high-end memory, but when you think about it, producing beautiful memory is simply not enough. Every consumer who pays premium prices always expects that their whole experience with the RAM is premium too. And with Corsair, they sure don’t disappoint in any way.

Let’s begin with the packaging. When we got our 32GB Kit of Dominator Platinum RGB DDR4 RAM, it came in a full colored package that sports embossed letterings for added style to the box. It also features a glossy image of the memory to give you a pretty good idea of how it looks. There are a couple of details on the package, including features and specifications of the Dominator Platinum RGB DDR4 RAM.

When you open the box, you will find the Dominator Platinum RGB DDR4 RAM positioned safely in an individual plastic clamshell-like packaging. The individual sticks are placed neatly in high-density foam to ensure that the RAM is protected from any unnecessary damages. All these create a high-end and quality feel that we’ve all expected from Corsair’s Dominator line.

The Product

Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB DDR4 RAM Review

These brand new modules are packed in the typical compact-styled case featuring the standard design that Corsair used for its predecessors. There are a couple of differences like the use of anodized aluminum on the RAMs sides, as well as a redesigned and stamped aluminum cooling fins that are used for accommodating the Capellix LED lights.

When you look at the top part of these modules, the Dominator Platinum RGB DDR4 RAM has a design that exhibits the branding of Dominator in the center that is illuminated by Capellix LED lights and isolated LEDs that flank it on each side. If you compare this to the much older Dominator Platinum DDR4’s design, which sports subtle white LEDS beneath the cooling fins and a solid top bar, this current RAM offers a much more impressive and interesting appearance.

The DIMMs are a total of 4 black 8GB sticks with a speed of 3200MHz. It has a really sleek and classic look, and what’s cool about it is that the heat spreader and PCB are black like most of the motherboards that sport black PCBs.

We really love the combination of the aluminum heat spreader and black PCB; and when you’re looking at it based on style, this RAM is a very aesthetic and stylish kit. The Dominator Platinum RGB DDR4 RAM is a dual and quad-channel kit.

The heat spreader is made specifically to improve the heat dissipation which will allow for enhanced overclocks and tweaks. Thing is, since you’re opting for this type of RAM, you won’t really need to overclock their memory since the tweaking has already been made for you. Because of its RGB theme, the Dominator Platinum RGB DDR4 RAM is not a low profile memory, so it’s something to consider especially with height positioning and heatpipe coolers. Thanks to the metallic bar, the memory has a very sturdy build, and it can also be inserted right into the DIMM slots easily.

Capellix LEDs

Developed by both Corsair and the Taiwan-based firm, Primax, Capellix technology is different from the classic SMD or Surface Mount RAM LEDs by not using the package layer and fixing the LED substrate straight on the PCB. This doesn’t only allow the utilization of smaller LEDs, but the use of greater ad more enhanced energy efficiency. Meaning, you’ll get brighter lights but with lower consumption of power.

The company states that the LED lights from Capellix can go up to 60% brighter, use just up to 40% lesser power, and have up to a total of 35% extended service life compared to SMD LED lights. The main benefits of such improvements will be wireless gaming devices, allowing a more noticeably extended battery life for RGB-enabled wireless headsets. It will also make things possible for acquiring reasonable battery life from wireless gaming keyboards featuring the per-key LED lights.

But even more than just wireless gaming devices,  products such as the Dominator Platinum RGB DDR4 RAM will surely benefit. The company designed their newest memory modules with a total of 12 Capellix LED lights each. This only means that extra power can be focused on supporting the performance from the kit.

Product Features

The Apex of Building Top-Notch Memory for 25 Years

Corsair Dominator has been the company’s face of superior, high-performance memory. With the company’s legacy and experience, the most advanced DDR4 memory has been produced, which is the Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB DDR4 RAM.

Excellent Performance and Reliability

Corsair is a leader when it comes to manufacturing RAM, making these the most reliable if you’re building your ideal gaming rig. This is why world-champion overclockers, high-end system rig builders, and extreme gamers trust on Corsair.

Improved Performance with a Dominator Platinum LED Fan

Out of the box, overclocking headroom is already present in the Dominator Platinum DDR4 modules already. When you push the memory to its extreme performance levels, you don’t have to worry about cooling since the design of the Dominator Airflow Platinum is made to perform quietly while delivering the most efficient cooling.

Made for Intel 100 Series Sytems

The Dominator Platinum DDR4 modules are made to make the most out of bandwidth, capacity, and clock speeds of the DDR4 platform. These modules have been tested across a number of 100 Series motherboards to see ensure reliable performance.

Supported by XMP 2.0 for Automatic, Trouble-Free Overclocking

XMP 2.0 standard supported by Intel 100 Series motherboards and the Dominator Platinum are completely compatible. Switch this on and you can automatically adjust to the fastest speed that is safe for your kit. This helps the memory deliver excellent performance.

Using the Product

When basing it on a performance standpoint, the Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB DDR4 RAM sure lives up to its name. Each kit undergoes a rigid screening process with hand-sorted memory chips to guarantee heightened stability right out of the box; this also includes an acceptable amount of overclocking headroom. This is a method that Corsair has shined and excelled at throughout the years, specifically with their Dominator series, and the Platinum RGB is no exception.

Taste is something personal, but we think that it’s a bit difficult to not appreciate the Dominator Platinum RGB DDR4 RAM. Even when you have the LEDs switched off, the memory still looks classy and sharp which is really good. When it comes to overclocking the RAM you should have quite a bit of headroom available for you to get some good overclocks going with this RAM.

It’s a really good product, and for those who really enjoy having RGB lights, the Dominator Platinum RGB DDR4 RAM will surely become a favorite. It gave us top-notch stability, innovative features for lighting, and a very sleek appearance which is great. With its quality, stability, aesthetic appearance, as well as innovative lighting, the Dominator Platinum RGB DDR4 RAM sure makes it worth every penny.

iCUE Software

Former Corsair softwares CUE and LINK has been merged to create iCUE which improves greatly each month. The overall software works excellently and is updated frequently. iCUE lets you illuminate your system with a lot of dazzling preset lighting profiles, as well as customize your own profiles; you can also synchronize these with other iCUE compatible products that are connected to the application. Basically, you can monitor, program, and manage your RAM, PSU, keyboard, headset, AIO cooler, RGB cooler, and everything else that is compatible to the software. Aside from that, you can stay informed with frequency readings and real-time temperature with this software.

Using iCue Software

The control panel of iCUE has a minimalist layout which we really liked. This is because it makes the arrangement look cleaner and more simple to use. On the interface’s top portion, the software displays the connected Corsair devices. You can create actions such as DPI adjustments, timer countdowns, macros, remappable key assignments, and more. Configuring the lighting portions of your peripherals and devices can also be done through the software.

In this extensive suite, you can set up your preferences in several profiles. For example, you can configure button assignments and DPI levels when you have a Corsair mouse connected to the software. For the Dominator Platinum RGB DDR4 RAM, you can tweak the lighting based on your preference. The Dashboard feature can be used to track fan speed, CPU temperature, DPI levels, and more.

Like most Corsair devices, the Dominator Platinum RGB is displayed as its own device in the software’s Dashboard. When you go to the menus and options, you can access the DIMM Setup page so you can see to it that the software knows the proper layout and order of your modules. You can also check out for the current memory timings, historical temperature graphs, and per-module temperatures.

Of course, the RGB lights of this RAM are the main highlights. You can choose between four software and twelve hardware lighting modes. Like the different products of the company, you can preview the changes in the lighting which include direction, speed, or color rotation.

In the memory’s firmware, the hardware lighting modes are stored and will continue being displayed. Even if you change the modules into another system that doesn’t have iCUE until the user changes it. For software lighting modes, updating these is faster and it also offers unique functionality which include light changes linked to audio visualization, but you will need iCUE to operate. When in software mode, all LEDS will remain switched off if iCUE is not installed or running.

Additionally, users can customize their own lighting arrangements, as well as select pre-made RGB lighting effects. You can individually program the Capellix RGB LEDs on each module since the point and click process is very simple.

For those who already have RGB devices from Corsair, there are also some Lighting Link modes that let you easily set up lighting effects across every device you own. The software’s Instant Lighting feature is present for you to instantly change the color of all connected Corsair RGB devices with just one click.

Finally, you can also add timings, frequency, and memory temperatures as a widget to your iCUE Dashboard or iCUE Space Interface which is similar to Windows Action Center.

Features of the iCUE Software

  • Stunning Synchronized Lighting Effects

With just one click, You can synchronize RGB lighting across all your Corsair devices that are compatible to iCUE. You can create fascinating dynamic lighting effects with multiple layers since the whole color spectrum is for you to fully control.

  • Game Integrations with the power of iCUE

iCUE enhances your gaming experience from your monitor to your desktop. In the program, you will find in-game actions and effects that will illuminate your software-compatible components and peripherals for an impressive gameplay.

  • iCUE Tutorials

Tutorial videos on setting up and customizing your own profiles for power, temperature, and lighting are available for you to make the most of iCUE.


When it comes to RGB devices and PC components, Corsair has been one of the best brands in the market. From components to peripherals, the company has always released excellent products.

We think that the Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB DDR4 RAM is excellent. From looks to performance, our overall impression of this product is positive. We really like its matte black heat spreaders made from anodized aluminum, as well as the RGB LED top bar design which give it premium looks and feel.

This RAM is one of the best that we’ve tried. It performs well, emits colors that are not too bright, and it also looks stylish. The bulletproof quality makes it look classy and durable. After testing the Dominator Platinum RGB DDR4 RAM out, we’re really looking forward to see other devices that will be integrated with the Capellix LED.

With the Capellix LEDs, Corsair was able to make the Dominator Platinum series more exciting upon releasing this RAM. The lower power draw of the Capellix LEDs lessened potential performance impact. Also, the bright clean look of the Capellix LEDs guaranteed that the modules would look great in any PC build. When it comes to the RAM’s performance, the Dominator Platinum RGB DDR4 RAM can be subtle, intense, or in between.

All in all, it delivers both performance and style which is another thing we really appreciate. With all of these features, we highly recommend that you get the Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB DDR4 RAM if you’re looking for the best memory.

Where to Buy

You can purchase the Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB DDR4 RAM from your local computer retailer. For more information head on over to the official product page.

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