Corsair H100i Pro Review

It is safe to say that Corsair does it all since they offer a wide selection of products that cover every market category: from power supplies and system memory to cases, fans, coolers, and even customized systems. When you look at what the company has accomplished since 1994, we can obviously see that they’ve come a long way.

Today, we’re going to focus on one of the devices under the Corsair Hydro Series which is the H100i PRO – a device fitted with a 240-millimeter dual-fan radiator.

The “i” in the H100i PRO states that the cooling fan can be controlled via the iCUE software. This will let you fire off a couple of performance profiles and some other cool RGB colors that are set for this cooling fan. It’s pretty great since compared to other similar devices, the H100i PRO is more silent and brings in the perfect cooling capacity.

Let’s learn more about this cooling fan from Corsair and see if it’s something worth investing in; but before that, let’s check out what’s inside the box.

Corsair H100i Pro Review – What’s in the Box?

The Corsair H100i PRO comes in a strong and sturdy box that measures around 15.5 centimeters tall, 31 centimeters long, and 22 centimeters wide. And just like the usual packaging from Corsair, it features yellow and black accents on the box. On the front portion of it, you’ll find a full colored image of the device together with a pump that’s lit up in blue.

More than a couple of features are also displayed in this area such as the Zero-RPM fan profiles and the link support of Corsair, etc.

Check out the left portion of the box and you’ll find the same features plus another image of the H100i PRO as well. All the specifications, information, and the rest of the unit’s features are listed in detail at the back of the package. On the right side, you’ll also see the image of the fan, but other than that, there aren’t any other noteworthy information on this area.

Moving to the top, you’ll find a short summary of the device’s Corsair Link support, while at the bottom of this, you will see information about the socket support and the other items inside the box.

Just like with a lot of all-in-one liquid coolers that are available, the H100i PRO is set in a cardboard tray within the package; it also includes a sheet of foam right at the top. We can attest to the durability of Corsair’s boxes and packaging since it greatly prevents any damages from occuring during shipping.

Inside, you will find the Corsair H100i PRO itself and it comes with tw ML Series 120 millimeter PWM high-performance fans, a mounting kit, radiator and fan mounting screws, a USB cable for for the software, plus a quick start guide.

The Product

Corsair H100i Pro Review – Silent Cooling

For the Corsair H100i PRO, the company opted to use a copper base plate for heat transferring between the CPU’s built-in heat spreader and the cooler. A slight lateral mining grain is visible across the copper disk’s face, and that also goes for the twist and snap posts located along the border securing the mounting plate right to the cooling base.

The H100i PRO’s radiator has a squarish design and it also doesn’t feature any accents or indents other than the company’s name and logo. When you take a closer look at the radiator, we didn’t find any angled fins or other QA (quality control) issues. To put it simply, the device was clean and completely functional.

This H100i PRO from Corsair has a measured FPI of 21, and its tubing is sleeved which gives the cooling fan a better look compared to the usual black rubber tubing. Additionally, this is also a big improvement over the unappealing corrugated contributions that are still being used by a couple of Corsair’s competitors.

And much like its bigger sibling, this cooling fan makes use of the same pump. Although it’s design is more lightweight and smaller, it’s much more convenient compared to the bulky offerings that other similar products are using. Additionally, the pump also makes use of a gray aluminum accent. This goes along the lit-up RGB LED logo that ties with the silver logo that is found on the radiator. As for the wiring, it is set between two swivel fittings right on the block.

Also like its bigger sibling, the H100i PRO also sports the same gray and black color scheme; so when paired up with the square radiator and smaller pump design, it results in a cleaner, sleek, and more attractive design. Although it has the built-in RGB LEDs on the pump block, these can be switched off via the iCUE software if you’re not really a fan of this specific feature.

Otherwise, you can use the iCUE software then choose your favorite color. With that, you can make the H100i PRO match your current system build’s theme without any issues. Any color that comes to mind is available because of the software and the RGB LEDs.

Also, the Hydro Series Pro from Corsair was specifically brought to the market with the intention of offering a better looking, more appealing, and extremely quiet cooler. Its pump features a restored aluminum bezel featuring a bead-blasted finish that greatly improves its look.

Here, the bezel features RGB lighting along the top and edge; plus, the Corsair badge can also be found at the center, giving the device a cool-looking glow when it’s mounted on your CPU.

In addition to this, the company also decided to redesign the radiator and make use of an aluminum inlay for their logo, giving it a more premium look than other devices. Just like most of the all in one liquid coolers, the clearance around the H100i PRO’s socket is great and doesn’t conflict with the graphics cards, nor does it cause any memory clearance problems on the test bench.

Its Intel compatibility goes for LGA 20xx, LGA 1366, LGA 115x, and LGA 775; as for AMD, it is compatible with the Socket TR4, Sockets AM3 (+), FM2 (+), AM2 (+), FM1, and Socket AM4.

Its radiator measurements are 120mm X 276mm X 27mm, and the size with the fans are 120mm x 276mm x 52mm for its W x D x H. When it comes to the size of the fan itself, it measures 25 x 25 x 120 millimeters and is also 2 x 120mm PWM, 0 ~ 2,400 RPM. And for the stated noise of this device, it is 37 dB(A).

When it comes to warranties and such, Corsair is much better than its competitors. This is because their warranty takes longer than the rest; and just like with their H100i PRO, it comes with a convenient five-year warranty.

Product Features

Progressive RGB Lighting & Powered by Magnetic Levitation

The dynamic RGB LED lighting creates vivid effects that match your computer’s build. The two 120mm PWM fans are powered via magnetic levitation and delivers outstanding static pressure and airflow at very low noise levels.

Complete Speed Management

The PWM fan speed controls let you easily run your fans between 400 RPM to 2,400 RPM, giving you maximum and completely quiet cooling.

Powerful Software

The Corsair iCUE allows you to easily control your device’s RGB lighting. It also monitors coolant and CPU temperatures as well as the fan and pump speed in just one interface.

Zero RPM Mode + Fan & Pump Control

This specific cooling profile will let the fans stop completely at low temperatures. This is to eliminate any forms of fan noises that may occur. It also features advanced pump speed management options that maximizes the fan’s performance or minimizes the noise.

Easy Installation

The cooling fan has a tool-free, modular mounting bracket that is necessary for easy and quick installation on a lot of the major CPU sockets today.

Using the Product

Installing the H100i PRO is easy. It starts with you having to secure the backplate to your motherboard using the right standoffs. If you’re making use of the pre-applied thermal paste, you just need to position the cooler in place before securing this with the Phillips head screws. If not, you can use your preferred thermal paste then just mount the pump.

After, you can fix the radiator to the chassis before installing the fans once mounted. Lastly, just connect all the other wires and the Corsair cabling.

Since it uses high performing 2400 RPM fans, this cooler gives you the option of having an excellent performing cooler with controllable noise levels. When you pair it with a smart fan curve, lighter and idle loads will provide you with a more silent operation.

Other than its quietness, we tried using the cooler when using the PC for prolonged hours; and as expected, it was able to keep the temperature of our CPU cooler compared to some other cooling solutions that we have tried.

We made use of the quiet profile for the fans and it was indeed silent in our computer casing, more silent than our PC cooling fans taht we currently have running. When we balanced the profile, there were slight sounds coming from the fan but this wasn’t irritating or even that noticeable.

On its performance mode, it was still fairly quiet so we can give it a thumbs-up when it comes to the H100i PRO’s noise. We can see that despite how aggressive the fans are, these are still quiet even under heavy loads; plus, there’s also a great amount of airflow which is pretty good. This resulted with the H100i PRO being a perfect solution fo anyone that enjoys gaming, streaming and even light PC users that just like to browse youtube and catch up on the latest Stranger Things on Netflix.  And that is what makes the Corsair H100i Pro fantastic, it is suitable for any level of PC users and we think that this is really awesome.

When it comes to its coolness, the balanced profile kept the CPU running nice and cool at around 44 degrees celcius which meant that gaming was butter smooth when combined with out GTX1080i. It’s also nice that despite the changing of modes, there wasn’t really much difference when it comes to the noise, unless you sit right next to the PC and move closer to this. Generally, compared to its siblings, the Corsair H100i PRO was more quiet.

Now the dBA measurements cannot really tell the whole story of how this cooler really sounds; and generally, the fans created by Corsair, especially the H100i PRO, barely make any sounds that are noticeable.

When you set it at full speed, the spinners give off a slight bit of noise but despite this, it really isn’t a bother at all and it is hardly noticeable. It’s then safe to say that we really liked what Corsair did with their H100i PRO cooling fan. Also, its comprehensive noise character is exceptionally pleasant so we’re giving this device a thumbs-up for its noise delivery.

We can’t deny that the Corsair H100i PRO is a very attractive and eye-catching device. Its design, although simple compared to other similar products in the market, is quite elegant and stylish for an AIO. When it comes to its RGB LEDs, we can also say that it brings more flair to your build without being too over the top which is something we really dislike with other coolers around.

What we also liked is the convenience of actually disabling the RGB LEDs if you’re not into it or if you’re tired of having these. When you have the LEDs switched off, you will be left with a neutral gray and black closed loop device that will definitely fit any build theme that you have.

All in all, the numerous improvements, developments, as well as the new features that are available on the H100i PRO sets this cooler apart from the older generation of Corsair coolers.

With all of that said, its overall appearance and design is fantastic and Corsair should be proud of what they have delivered.



The H100i PRO can be used together with the iCUE software from Corsair. This is the universal software suite that lets you readily monitor variables such as temperature, RPM, fan-RPM controls, and a lot more. You’ll also get to configure the RGB LED coloring from here.

The iCUE software will show you various information for the LED controls and the pump & fan monitor / controls of the H100i PRO. Each of the fans can be individually programmed or you can even create your own profile for better customization.

If you’re okay with the presets that are available, you can simply choose from the default mode which is quiet, the Zero RPM that disables the fans until the coolant reaches 40°C, the balanced mode, and the extreme mode.

These features let you go where you need: if you require performance, you can easily do that at the cost of very little noise. If you want silence, then vice versa. With that, we can say that this is definitely the advantage of software management. We set the device on balanced mode and it was really very silent, and that was a good and convenient setting.


One of the most common complaints of Corsair users were specifically aimed at the previous Hydro Series coolers, and the issue was always the noise. With that, they responded to customer feedback and definitely improved their shortcomings by releasing the H100i PRO under the Pro RGB Series of 2018.

They’ve given this new and improved magnetic and pump levitation fans that create a very notable and more silent user experience. We really appreciate what Corsair did when it came to revamping their cooling fans, and we give them two thumbs-up for the performance and quietness.

With that, the Corsair H100i PRO has definitely raised the bar for what you’d expect from a 240-millimeter cooler; so if you’re planning to upgrade your old cooler to something better and more silent, then we highly recommend the Corsair H100i PRO.

Where to Buy

If you want to get your hands on the Corsair H100i Pro, you can purchase one for around $189AUD from your local PC retailer. For more information head on over to the official product page.

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