Corsair Harpoon RGB Wireless Review

Among the pricey gaming peripherals of today that’s been considered as a luxury would be the wireless gaming mice. They’re usually billed as a brand’s flagship model from the peripheral producers. Yet Corsair’s Harpoon RGB Wireless is able to offer something completely different by offering wireless gaming at a low cost, infact it is one of the cheapest wireless gaming mouse around.

Don’t let the affordable price make you think that this wireless mouse is sub-par from the rest. The Harpoon RGB from Corsair gives you a top of the line RGB lighting, mouse buttons, sensors, and a comprehensive build quality, making it a really good match for the best mice that we’ve tested and reviewed.

Corsair Harpoon RGB Wireless Review – What’s in the Box?

The Harpoon RGB Wireless from Corsair is packed in a yellow package which is is the company’s signature style. You’ll see a large image of the device itself which is positioned in front of the box, right at its center. At the back, you will find multilingual product features which include the latest SLIP-STREAM wireless technology and a weight of just 99 grams.

Inside the box, you will find the Corsair Harpoon RGB Wireless, plus numerous pieces of documentations. These are the warranty guide, two safety disposable leaflets, as well as a quick smart guide.  Aside from these, you will also find the 1.8-meter braided cable which is made to fit the mouse perfectly. Not only that, but it lets you charge the device, or use it as a completely wired peripheral.

The Product

Corsair Harpoon RGB Wireless Review

The Harpoon RGB Wireless gaming mouse from Corsair features an appealing minimalist design that we really like. Its entire top portion is made using one of the most contiguous pieces of plastic which starts off on the back of the Harpoon, then slopes over and flows into two different mouse buttons.

Furthermore, its sides feature a rubber, diamond texture material for better and increased grip. This gives the mouse an overall uniform appearance; plus, you won’t find any gaps on the device, except for its distinct fork where its scroll wheel suspends between the split mouse buttons.

Both of the Harpoon’s sides come with rubber grips; and Corsair claims that these are directly moulded to the device. With that, you don’t have to worry about these parts falling off despite the continuous use of the device.

Its left hand portion is integrated with two remappable side buttons and is contoured to perfectly fit your thumb to rest in. It does not have the type of curve that would make you call it a thumb rest, but it’s surely more than just a flat surface.

The front part of the mouse is where you’ll find the two primary buttons, plus the single DPI button and scroll wheel that are sandwiched at the center.

Underneath the Harpoon RGB Wireless device, its PMW-3325 sensors are set in the middle with a maximum of four PTFE mouse feet that are set across the bottom and top edges. Also at the bottom, you’ll find a little switch that is used for switching the device to either the Bluetooth or 2.4GHz modes. This switch is also used for switching the device off.

To the right of the sensor, you will find a little compartment that lifts off to display the USB SLIP-STREAM wireless receiver. The device must be paired to a receiver right at the beginning, so you just need to switch on the device then it’ll work right out of the box. One last thing to consider is its micro USB port that is hidden beneath the scroll wheel. And as mentioned, this is necessary for using the device as a wired mouse or for charging it.

Corsair introduced their latest 2.4GHz wireless technology which they integrated into their Harpoon RGB Wireless, and this is called the SLIP-STREAM. According to the company, this specific type of connection is 50% faster compared to the previous wireless technology that they used with the sub 1-ms connection time.

Corsair successfully did this thanks to the IFS or Intelligent Frequency Shift. This feature guarantees that the signal is functioning at its peak speed since their connection can readily discover before hopping onto the fastest available channel. The company also reckons that this wireless mouse will last pp up to 30 hours in total with standard lighting; without backlighting, it can go on for a maximum of 45 hours and that’s utilizing the 2.4GHz SLIP-STREAM connection.

Its dimensions are 4.6 x 2.7 x 1.6 inches and is compatible with PCs that have USB 2.0 ports. The mouse also works with Windows 7, 8, and 10. You’ll need a good internet connection to download the Utility Engine software from Corsair, and for Bluetooth connectivity, you’ll need either Windows 8 or 10. Lastly, you can take advantage of iCUE support which is available via USB wired or 2.4GHz wireless mode.

Product Features

Faster Gameplay

The setup process for the Harpoon RGB Wireless allows you to play faster since it’s made to be more user friendly. Simply plug the wireless adapter to a USB port and get the mouse working in two ways – just switch it on or pair via low-latency Bluetooth.

Six Buttons, Completely Programmable

Gain advantage in your games by playing your way. You can customize your mouse’s settings to play with your powerful remaps and macros.

Dynamic RGB Effects

Select from a lot of customizable lighting effects and presets using the iCUE Software. You can also create your own to make it more personal and unique.

Smart Control with Endless Possibilities

With compatible devices and peripherals from Corsair, you can fully control the RGB settings and enjoy complete lighting synchronization of the entire system.

Faster with SLIP-STREAMWireless

This new technology lets you experience extremely fast connection speed rates of sub 1ms.

Better Comfort when Gaming

Lightweight construction weighs only 99 grams so you won’t experience fatigue when playing. The Harpoon RGB Wireless has rubber side grips and a contoured shape to provide additional comfort even when you use it longer.


Using the Product

The Corsair Harpoon RGB Wireless does not miss a thing whether you’re wireless linked to a computer or hooked up via USB. The 10,000 DPI optical sensor is able to detect even the slightest movement.

No matter what sensitivity level you opt for, you can be confident with all your commands and that they’ll be relayed in a snap. This speed and efficiency is all thanks to the company’s Slip-Stream Wireless Technology that ensures sub 1-MS latency; plus, it instantly alters the wireless frequencies to make sure that your signal always stays in the fast lane.

As for the Harpoon RGB Wireless’ battery life, the company estimates that you can get up to a total of 60 hours of usage in Bluetooth mode and with its lighting switched off. It may appear like an unrealistic estimate, but we did find out that the mouse has a ton of power to spare. Within three days of using the Harpoon RGB for productivity and gaming, we only drained the battery to 67% from 100% which is really surprising.

This only means that it’s completely feasible to utilize the Harpoon RGB for up to one week of regular play. You can also recharge the device simultaneously while gaming, and this is all thanks to its long USB charging cord.

iCUE Software

The Corsair Utility Engine or iCUE software connects every compatible products in one interface. This allows you to fully control your Harpoon RGB Wireless’ RGB lighting and effects. For other peripherals and devices such as cooling fans, you can control its speed and temperature monitor. Your iCUE-compatible devices can have synchronized lighting to bring life to your system. This impressive software allows for smart control and full customization so you can game with style.

For the Harpoon RGB Wireless, you can reprogram each button except for the basic left-click, create profiles, adjust levels of DPI, and make changes in the lighting via iCUE. The software allows you to do more especially when it comes to personalized lighting


The performance of the Corsair Harpoon RGB Wireless is absolutely surprising and this is due to its low price, excellent performance, and durable build. When it comes to the mouse itself, its comfort and build quality is excellent. It doesn’t flex or creak, plus its material doesn’t have a cheap feel at all.

Corsair removed all the common flaws you’d find in a wireless gaming mouse. From build to performance, it delivered excellence in an affordable price. It may not be the cheapest wireless mouse, and it may also not have all of the best features, but Corsair ensured to balance these two to make the best affordable mouse. With that, we can say that it’s really worth the purchase unless you need something fancier. In fact, we don’t see any reason to pass up on this mouse.

So if you’re looking for a wireless gaming mouse that delivers more than what you pay for, then we highly recommend the Corsair Harpoon RGB Wireless.

Where to Buy

If you are interested in getting your hands on the Corsair Harpoon Wireless Gaming Mouse then head on over to the official Corsair product page.

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