Corsair HS70 Review

Corsair is a company that has been known for their vast and excellent variety of PC peripherals and components. They have a selection of headphones that include the budget-friendly HS running devices, up to the high-end Void series. Today, we’re going to be focusing on Corsair’s HS70 gaming headset.

The company seems to have already perfected the art of creating outstanding gaming headsets at very convenient prices. This can definitely be seen in the HS70 headset. Let’s take a look at what makes this device a great choice for you, and if it’s really something worth purchasing. Before anything else, let’s have a quick look at what’s included in the box.

Corsair HS70 Review – What’s in the Box?

When you look at the packaging of the Corsair HS70, you’ll find it in the company’s classic black and yellow design. The headset comes in a finely-packed box that keeps the device safe and protected.

Inside, you will find the HS70 itself, a USB 7.1 dongle (sound card), a mic, one 1.5-meter micro USB cable, and a small guide for installing the device. It also includes a couple more details about the headset.

The Product

Corsair HS70 Review – Wireless Comfort

Completing the company’s line of HS headsets, the Corsair HS70 looks very much like its budget-friendly cousins. The device is driven by an integrated DAC just like the HS60, but the only difference is that it’s wireless. It’s slightly heavier but it’s far more user-friendly and excellent for gaming purposes.

When it comes to the overall look of the Corsair HS70, we really appreciate what the company’s doing so far. They’re aiming for a device that has a sleek design, adding more sophistication with its mostly black shade. We really liked that the headset isn’t anything flashy and it also does not include the whistles or bells that a lot of gaming headsets have. If you’re someone who isn’t really into the gamer look, then this headset will really fit your needs.

Its design won’t be up to par with everyone’s tastes but the HS70 from Corsair is definitely a fine-looking device due to its simplicity. The HS70 is not a headset designed to catch the attention during live streaming, but it could pass as a serious yet sleek pair of headphones. It really depends on the user’s preference, but if you’re more into the quality and sounds of the headset, and not much on the appearance, then this is definitely something for you.

When it comes to its structure, the company states that the headset is crafted using gunmetal trimmings and rugged premium metal components that are made to last. We really can’t confirm this, but after we’ve tested the device for a good amount of time, we can definitely say that it feels nice and is guaranteed durable.

The padded ear cups and headband are both made from plush foam. These are also dressed in a soft leather-like material for added comfort. Since the HS70 sports a fine quilted appearance, it adds more flair and style to its simple appearance.

Each side of the HS70 is covered with a soft-touch matte plastic, and we’ve got the black color with us which we think is really cool. Right at the center of each ear cup, you’ll find that it’s enclosed with a wired mesh, giving you an illusion of an open-black device. For the top portion of the headset, this is held in place by a sturdy metallic frame. It isn’t only lightweight, but it is also flexible and easy to wear.

Lastly, the Corsair HS70’s mic is discrete and small. It isn’t only flexible but it is also a removable piece. We really like this feature on a gaming headset since it makes the device lighter and more convenient when you really don’t need to use the mic.

We’re now going to focus on the specifications of the HS70. For the headphones, it comes with a two-year warranty which is something that’s something really convenient. This device has a frequency of 2.4 GHz, a frequency response of 20Hz to 20KHz with an impedance of 32 Ohms @ 1KHz. The HS70 also features a 50-millimeter Neodymium driver.

For added convenience, the HS70 has a wireless connection and its battery life reaches up to a total of 16 hours. When it comes to its dimensions, the headset is 155mm x 100mm x 205mm (L x W x H), and it weighs a total of 330 grams.

Its microphone is the unidirectional noise-canceling type with an impedance of -2.0k Ohm and a frequency response of -100Hz to 10KHz.The mic also has a sensitivity of -40dB (+ / – 3dB)

Product Features

Wireless Convenience

The Corsair HS70 is a wireless gaming headset that doesn’t only provide great sound quality, but it also gives you extra comfort despite using it for prolonged hours. It has a fully detachable mic and 16 hours of battery life.

Great Comfort and Build
The HS70’s earpieces are made from plush memory foam and adjustable ear cups. This provides exceptional comfort for continuous hours of gameplay. Also, the build quality of the HS70 is just as great as other Corsair devices. It features a metal build to ensure long lasting durability.Gaming Audio Precision

The 50-millimeter neodymium speaker drivers are specially tuned to give you accurate and top-quality audio. Virtual 7.1 surround offers captivating multi-channel positional sounds on the computer, thus putting you right in action.

Excellent Wireless Performance and PS4 Compatibility

The HS70 is compatible with the PS4 and it offers low-latency, bringing the best out of your gameplay. The 2.4GHz wireless audio comes with enhanced and extended range that reaches up to 40-feet, plus its battery life is good for 16 hours of use.

Crystal Clear Microphone

The microphone is unidirectional and has been optimized to decrease ambient noise for improved voice quality. It is also easy to detach for on-the-go use. Since the microphone and audio drivers have been tested for crystal clear communication, you can enjoy playing with confidence.

On-Ear Volume and other Smart Controls

With convenient on-ear volume and mute controls that are easily accessible, you can adjust your audio even while you’re playing. You also have a great program which is the Corsair iCUE which offers custom equalizer settings, virtual surround audio, as well as sidetone control.

Using the Product

Now for the performance of this HS70 headset from Corsair. We were highly impressed with how it worked and we really appreciated how long its battery lasted. We were able to clock this in at around 16 hours of maximum charge which is pretty good. This is more than necessary battery time to cover a number of serious gaming sessions so we’re really happy about its battery life.

The microphone is detachable and that’s really cool. You can just remove it when you don’t need this during your gaming sessions. It’s a big plus for us since we get a bit irritated when the mic on headphones are immovable. This also features the ducking type compression so any kind of noise will be toned down when you’re speaking; additionally, your voice will also sound loud and clear which is great.

But of course, the highlight and best feature of this gaming headset is its sound performance. Because of its 50-millimeter audio driver, the quality of its sounds is better and the frequency curve is adequately balanced.We also appreciate that the bass is much louder for this device, so it gives you all the cool and exciting rumble in games and movies. This is especially great when watching films or playing games with tons of action and explosions.

If you’re not a fan of the increased bass, you can simply adjust this via iCUE and have it set to your preferences.

In-Game and Music Sound Quality

What makes us love the HS70 from Corsair is its well-balanced and strong sound. Gaming can be called the home for this specific device since its powerful sounds offer a lot of punch for explosions, gunfire, and even car crashes. It’s somewhat normal to experience over bass sounds when it comes to gaming headsets, but the HS70 gives off balanced and non-muffled bass sounds; it can also handle the more tender and subtle moments in games or movies as well.

Basically, it’ll give justice to any of the emotional scenes that are shown.

We tried and tested the Corsair HS70 with numerous games and found that it was able to handle every genre perfectly. Turning on the Competitive FPS and surround sound profile in iCUE made every sound feel real. The stereo sound and Pure Direct settings were also excellent for completing quests and commanding armies.

Let’s talk about its sound quality when it comes to listening to music. It also performed excellently so we’re really happy with that. We played a number of albums and we were indeed, happy with the overall sounds that it produced. It was clear, crisp, and with controlled highs that were balanced with powerful bass.

Mid tones were great and vocals stood out from the instruments in the background. Everything blended perfectly, so we can definitely say that the HS70 is also great for listening to music.


The Corsair HS70 isn’t too heavy unlike other gaming headsets around. Its weight feels distributed and it fits perfectly when worn for game testing. We all found the headband easy to adjust and didn’t really have any troubles with it. We actually had someone with glasses test the headset, and their comment was it was still comfortable and the ear cups didn’t press down too much which was good. Continuous hours of gameplay and listening was possible since it didn’t provide any discomfort in any way.

Microphone Performance

When we tested the mic, we thought that it wouldn’t really be that exceptional. The highlight is the headset anyway, but to our surprise, it surpassed our expectations and it performed just as well. It had a really clear sound that worked great for VOIP clients where members of our gaming group praised the clarity and its recording quality.

Software Performance

iCUE has been around for quite some time, and we think that everything about it is also great. Its control panel exhibits a minimalist feel and we really liked it since it’s user-friendly and allows you to easily spot what you’re looking for.

As mentioned earlier, it was able to successfully display all the other Corsair devices that were available, and the HS70 was detected in a snap. It let us switch easily between devices and you’ll only need to click on these to do so.

When in the device settings, you can check out the status of its battery, enable auto shut off, enable or disable voice prompts, update firmware, and even change colors. If you want to select presets for the Corsair HS70, you’ll find a simple interface that pops up which is part of the current window open.

There are enough EQ controls available and this is actually enough for us. We assume that this will also be the case for you and other users out there.

Wireless Connectivity

The device’s wireless connection is pretty good. With a USB dongle connected to your computer, you’ll be able to listen even if you’re forty feet away. We tried this, of course, and we still received a clear connection with clear sounds.

Overall Performance

All in all, we were highly pleased by the performance of the HS70. It produced really great sounds for a wireless unit. The bass was enhanced but it isn’t much that it completely overpowers the sounds; instead, it delivers an excellently light boost for that added rumble. We listened to music and everything sounded great, so we’re definitely giving the Corsair HS70 two thumbs-up for its performance.

iCUE Software

The Corsair iCUE software readily links all your compatible devices with just one interface. It gives you total control of everything from the effects and RGB lightings to temperature monitoring and the fan speed. The Corsair Utility Engine or iCUE is basically a free software that allows you to make adjustments and manage the HS70’s EQ. We think it’s a terrific little tool that can turn your headset into something that’s even better.

The drivers are all updated and it is also part of their software suite; you’ll be required to install this to be able to manage the Surround Sound function and the EQ. The iCUE software will also allow you to control all gear from Corsair, so if you own any other devices such as keyboards, AOI’s, etc. these will appear in the software.

iCUE allows you to create numerous EQ profiles, set auto shutdown settings, utilize customizable EQ presets, see the battery status and sidetones, as well as switch the voice prompts on or off.The software also allows you to shift from stereo to surround sound, and activate the notable 7.1 virtual surround-sound feature of this device.

This is definitely Corsair’s most powerful software since it combines management of components and peripherals into one interface.

There are also five integrated profiles that cover applications such as watching movies and playing FPS games. A great thing about this is you can also create your own profile as well.


A feature that sets the iCUE software apart from other similar products is the Dashboard. Here, you will be able to add windows that feature controls that are specific to the added peripherals. So with the Corsair HS70, you can choose to display the EQ window together with the mic adjustment; a window for the battery is present as well.

If you have other Corsair products available, these can also be included, allowing you to see all of the devices on your Dashboard. It is also extremely convenient since you can include system information from your motherboard, processor, memory, and graphics card that will display the fan speed, internal temps, as well as other vital statistics that relate to system utilization.

If you’re the type of gamer who always keeps tabs on your gear and devices, this headset is the perfect thing for you. Just remember that this only works with products made by Corsair.

Download iCUE

iCUE can be downloaded through the official website. If you’re using CORSAIR LINK, you will have to update to the latest software version which is or newer. In case you are using CUE, this will be automatically replaced by iCUE and it will transfer your CUE settings to the new software.


Corsair has made an exceptional headset with the HS70. It impressed us since the headset can be described as close to perfection when it comes to performance and sound quality. We really like that the HS70 is portable, making it convenient when you usually go around and travel a lot.

Aside from this, it’s flexible, has a great design and outstanding audio quality; plus, it also has a detachable microphone that works really well. We also appreciated its featured range of settings in the software; these made our gaming experience more realistic and exciting. All in all, the Corsair HS70 offers all these great features for an affordable price.

So if you’re looking for a gaming headset with superior quality, provides comfort, and doesn’t break the budget, then we highly recommend the Corsair HS70 gaming headset.

Where to Buy

If you want to have your own Corsair HS70 Headphones, you can purchase them for around $179AUD from your local retailer. For more information head on over to Corsair’s official website.

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