Corsair Ironclaw RGB Review

Today, you will see a ton of palm-grip oriented and huge mice in the market. But if you’re not into these overly big ones, then we’ve got you covered with Corsair’s Iconclaw RGB gaming mouse.

The Ironclaw RGB is the latest contribution of Corsair to the gaming peripheral industry, which is big enough, robust, and comes with a contoured shape. It has a nice feel to it since it is specifically made for larger hands and perfect for palm gripping.

This device also comes with the Omron D2 FC-C-K main switches that are rated for 50 million clicks, a brand new and top-notch optical sensor called Pix Art PMW-3391, and a compelling two-zoned RGB lighting.

While the device’s internal specifications are almost identical to the M-65 RGB Elite’s, there are still a number of major differences even if we don’t consider the mouse’s shell design.

If you think that this is something that you’d need or want to add to your gaming peripherals, then sit back, relax, and we’re going to give you all the necessary information you’d need to learn more about the Ironclaw RGB from Corsair.

Corsair Ironclaw RGB Review – What’s in the Box?

Corsair made use of the color yellow for their name that’s written at the top of the box. They positioned the name on that spot and with that specific color to grab your, and everyone else’s attention.

Aside from the company’s name, they also placed the product’s name at the bottom and just next to a nod of the software. This leaves the panel’s bulk uninterrupted so Corsair could set an almost life-size image of the device on it.

Looking at the right side of the box, you’ll notice that it goes to the typical black shade that we’re used to seeing from the company’s packaging. Thing is, this side only offers a few details but these are still very important information about the mouse.

Aside from Corsair and the device’s name, you will also see “Control Freak” written. We’re assuming that Corsair is probably describing the types of users who would opt to buy their Ironclaw RGB.

On the same side, the weight, onboard storage, DPI, and programmable buttons are mentioned a couple of times to the left of a set of Ironclaw RGB images; while at the bottom, the system requirements are again, noted.

The left portion of the box is just like the right, yet with one significant change. Instead of putting texts on the right side of the panel, you will find another image of the Ironclaw RGB.

Now, let’s check out the contents of the package. Inside, the Corsair Ironclaw RGB is kept secure under a form-fitting dome made of plastic. Beyond the dome, a piece of cardboard is folded to catch the plastic cover; plus, it also increases the box’s strength to keep it from getting crushed or damaged while in transit.

In a gap that is located under the inner package, enough room was given for all the paperwork required for the device. There is a guide containing information about the Ironclaw RGB, as well as how to connect this.

It also states where you can find the software needed for the device. Other paperwork included is the warranty information which states that the device is covered for two-years.

The Product

Corsair Ironclaw RGB Review

The Ironclaw RGB from Corsair utilizes a mix of excellent materials. The primary and palm mouse buttons all come in a nice matte black finish, a soft touch plastic that is pleasant to the touch. The build comes with hard black plastic on each side of the soft-touch portions and is bordered by side grips that provide you with a nice reflective shimmer.

Its profile and DPI buttons are both made using a glossy type of black plastic, while the thumb button makes use of plain black plastic. For the scroll wheel, it has its own rubber texture that is different from the one used for the Ironclaw’s side grips.

There are designs all over the device where the front even features a vertical grill that gives you a race car aesthetic; something that you don’t really see on other similar devices in the market.

The Corsair Ironclaw RGB has a diamond-textured grip that reaches to almost the entire length of your thumb. This gives you a more comfortable grip on the mouse without having to worry about any discomfort during prolonged use. The right portion of the device also has the same time of material used, giving both claw and palm grips a lot of traction for a better and more secure hold.

Additionally, the Corsair Ironclaw RGB comes with a braided cable that has a lightly supported mouse end which feels strong and sturdy. All in all, the build of this device feels incredibly strong and solid. It has no hollow clacks when you move it, and its buttons can surely hold up for a long time due to the Omron switches that rate for 50 million clicks.

Underneath the mouse, you will see the four PTFE feet that lets you glide the mouse seamlessly and effortlessly on any type of surface. It comes with a 1.8-meter cable for proper connectivity, with a USB 2.0 and braided cable connection right at the end.

When it comes to its dimensions, the Ironclaw RGB is 130 millimeters long, 45 millimeters tall, and it weighs a total of 105 grams.

The optical sensor that tracks all movements of the mouse is the Pix Art PMW-3391. With the sensor, the device can distribute a range from 100 – 18,000 DPI; plus, it can be fine-tuned in single DPI increments to make it perfect for your needs.

You’ll also find onboard storage on the device where profiles and Macros can be stored so you can take everything with you if you’re on the move. With the RGB notation of the mouse, you’ll see two backlit sections as well. The best thing about this is that it’s backed by a two-year warranty which is the standard for Corsair’s devices.

Product Features

Get a Good and Firm Grip

The Ironclaw RGB from Corsair features a nice lightweight design at just 106 grams. It has a nicely contoured shape that has been specifically sculpted for palm grips & most hand types and sizes.

Surgical Accuracy

The mouse is integrated with a custom Pixart PMW-3391 native optical sensor with 18,000 DPI precision. It also comes with 1 DPI resolution steps for efficiency. This gaming mouse gives you extremely accurate tracking, as well as first-rate gaming performance for your needs.

Battle Hardened and Built

The mouse is built to last because of the highly durable Omron switches that have been rated for over 50 million clicks.


Using the Product

Just like every other mouse we’ve got our hands on, we won’t miss out on testing and checking out the performance of this Ironclaw RGB. We tried using the gaming mouse for a couple of rounds in CS:GO and Overwatch, and the nice thing is that we didn’t feel awkward and weren’t fumbling about with the controls. The mouse felt natural in the hand and there was no discomfort felt whilst playing. This is despite coming from another mouse that we’ve gotten so used to already.

We also thought that it felt like we were on target at all times compared to the original mouse that we use. We tested the mouse for other games like Diablo 3, Subnautica and Civ 6 and everything functioned seamlessly and was a pleasure to game with.

Its glide is definitely smooth; plus, it also makes it very easy to get the mouse where it needs to be. If you’re someone who does a range of things from gaming through to dekstop tasks such as Photoshop work then this mouse is sure paramount for such activities. The Macros that can be set make switching between programs seamless and provides you with a great way of creating shortcuts to commonly used tasks.

The Corsair Ironclaw would be comfortable for a wide range of hand sizes. Wether you have large, medium or small hands you should be able to use this mouse without feeling any sort of discomfort or pain.

All in all, the Corsair Ironclaw RGB is a great option for both gaming and workstation environments.

iCUE Software

After getting the newest version of the iCUE software, the Ironclaw RGB is acknowledged; and what’s great about this is you can customize it based on your needs. The first option is to let you set up the three available profiles. You can add any of the profiles you make, or you can even try to use one of the numerous pre-set options that are present on the list.

Along with the name on the profile, you can choose if it is a software or hardware profile. You can also link this to a program, blur images, add a background & icon image, or even modify the transparency.

At the top right portion, you will see a Settings button which has the polling rate, lighting brightness, onboard memory cleaning, as well as the firmware update options. For the top left area, it contains a little window with the profiles. These can be connected to be triggered on particular executable launches too.

Now below the profiles, you will see the main setting tabs. One would be the Actions tab which contains all macro-creating and button-mapping functions which are once again unlimited. The next would be the Lighting tab where you can read all about the lighting subheadings.

The DPI tab features the CPU settings. Here, there are six present stages which include the sniper settings. You can easily set the default value and switch off all the stages except for one if you really feel like it.

You can also set various colors to the CPI levels which will instantly light up between the CPI buttons on the Ironclaw RGB.

For the Performance tab, it doesn’t really have a lot of options available. Yet here, you’ll find the option to switch on the angle snapping function, as well as two basic options for Windows. Lastly, Surface Calibration gives you the possibility to alter the lift-off distance based on the surface where the mouse is gliding on.


The overall feel, grip, and performance of the Corsair Ironclaw RGB is great. It’s also comfortable with its nicely-fit rubberized grips. We also think that if you have slightly bigger hands than the average, you’ll surely like the hold and comfort that it provides.

Its hardware is outstanding and the design of the device is appealing, good, and really comfortable; plus, you also get a gaming mouse with great software options. Not only that, but you also have enough programmable buttons based on your preferences. Speaking of the buttons, they have excellent feedback and response when pressed.

We also need to take note of iCUE software. We’ve tried it from the beginning and noticed that it evolved and improved from being an average software to a really good one.

Also, the Ironclaw RGB packs tons of useful features like the RGB lighting and full customization. And with a really comfortable, great, and ergonomic shape, if you’re in search of a good palm grip mouse, then we highly recommend the Corsair Ironclaw RGB to you.

Where to Buy

For mor information on the Corsair Ironclaw Gaming Mouse and to add this weapon to your arsenal head on over to the official Corsair product page.

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