Corsair RM850X White PSU

Today, CORSAIR is probably one of the biggest companies in the market of computers. They offer almost hundreds of different devices for all of their customers, but this wasn’t always how it was.

CORSAIR started as a manufacturing company of memory-linked PC products. It took them a number of years to consider shifting and producing devices for other segments in the continuously growing market. The very first significant change that they attempted to make was geared towards the PSU or power supply unit market.

They only released a couple of PSUs though it was a great move for the company since it brought them great success. Not only that, but it also marked the beginning of their expansion and growth towards a vast number of segments in the PC market.

Now, the company creates a ton of products yet still places a critical amount of attention to their power supply devices. Plus, CORSAIR doesn’t only have one of the largest selection of products available in the market, but they also have the best reputation in this field too. Today, CORSAIR still continues to market tons of PSU devices via nine varying series of products.

CORSAIR has released their RM series just a couple of years ago, and the collection of devices were designed to be quiet and reliable, thus, offering an excellent overall performance while still being affordable. Now, they’ve released their latest RMx collection of power supplies that exhibits a clean and sleek aesthetic that is just like that of the RM-1000i Special Edition. The only difference is that these are more price efficient and are available in production-grade quantities. This series is a very notable collection and the focus will be on their RM850X White PSU.

Corsair RM850X White PSU – What’s in the Box?

The Product

Corsair RM850X White PSU

CORSAIR’s design and style for their RMx PSU are all the same, appearing just like their high-end RMi series.

The latest models provide users with similar designs as their regular black equivalents, providing 100% Japanese 105° capacitors, together with 0-dB low RPM fan mode. The RM850X White PSU from CORSAIR is a completely modular device, and it comes with a greyish fan which is the standard feature of the RMx / RMI series of CPUs.

The White RM850X PSU is 80+ Gold-certified and has also been accredited by Cybernetics. Plus, the device carries the ETA – A and LAMBDA -A+ badges. The company’s protection features are all-inclusive such as their over-temperature security, and for their ultimate operating temperature for constant full power delivery, it goes about 50°C.

Commonly, these types of cable kits cost around or over $80, so CORSAIR making these new white ones with greater value is much better compared to their all-black counterparts. The black ones do not come with independently-sleeved paracord cables.

The cooling fan utilizes a rifle bearing piece – something that can be likened to a sleeve bearing and a fluid-dynamic one. The physical dimensions of the unit are categorized on the larger side, considering that you’d find 1.5k-W PSUs that have similar depths.

For its size, RM850X PSU is 150 x 86 x 150 millimeters (LxWxH), while its fan measures 135 millimeters. The RM850X comes with one ATX connector and has the v2.4 version. It works on 850-Watts of continuous power while it can go for 100,000 MTBF hours.

The RM850X has an ATX PSU form factor and is multi-GPU ready; the device also features the Zero ROM mode and it comes with two EPS connectors, six PCIe connectors, and ten SARA connectors. It’s also great that CORSAIR provides a 10-year warranty on each power supply from the RMx series which serves as a form of insurance of trustworthy operations that will last for years.

This clearly exhibits great confidence in the reliability of the platform; and although ten years may sound like such a long time for rifle bearings, know that if problems occur when setting up or using the RM850X PSU, the customer support of CORSAIR will be ready to assist.

When looking at this white PSU, an instant comparison would be that it appears just like the Special Edition RM-1000i from CORSAIR. The only difference between the two would be the absence of the CORSAIR link support and white LED fan.

With the RM850X White PSU, the company chose to utilize the same 135-millimeter fan design as the regular RMx power supplies. These give off a nice grey aesthetic which looks classy and fitting with other black and white features of the PSU.

Just taking a look at the CORSAIR RM850X White PSU, it has the usual black outputs as your regular black PSUs under the RMx series. The black and white contrast is a good addition to the PSU since it matches the rest of the device’s design in a perfectly aesthetic manner. Aside from the white, this specific version not only has the semi-passive fan mode for a more silent operation, but it also features a relaxed fan profile to further minimize noise under heavier tasks.

The company surely focused on the acoustics of its RMi and RMx series which resulted in very impressive devices for all. Products under both series are some of the most silent PSUs around.

Product Features

The Clean White Case

The RM850X comes in a sleek and elegant white finish that will make your build stand out. With its new exterior and the white, fully-modular, and individually-sleeved cables, it will be easier and more convenient to match the design and style of your system. Additionally, you can simply utilize only the cables that you need while giving it clean and excellent-looking results.

100% All-Japanese Capacitors

By utilizing high-quality electrolytic capacitors, the CORSAIR RM850X White PSU provides consistent power and long-term authenticity that is expected from CORSAIR’s power supply.

Adjusted for Low-Noise Operation & 80+ Gold-Certified

The RM850X has a specially-set fan so despite the heavy loads, there would hardly be any fan noise present. Not only that, but the RM850X delivers power with more than 90% efficiency, decreasing energy consumption, lessening noise, and temperature.

Modular and Flattened Cables

Completely flexible, modular, and flat white cables can be used for the RM850X PSU, and this means that you can conveniently link the cables via your system requirements. This allows you to create tidy and clean builds with ease; also, paracord sleeves are present for better cable routing for a clutter-free environment with elegant aesthetics.

The included premium individually-sleeved cable kit comes with paracord sleeves on each cable, plus in-line capacitors found on the EPS-12 V / ATX-12 V, ATX 24-pin, and the PCIe cables that lessen noise and ripples to guarantee clean voltage. To make the installation process quicker, a set of cable combs are also present.

Zero RPM Fan Setting

The fan of the RM850X PSU does not switch on until necessary, so you’ll enjoy silent operations during low to medium loads.



The RMx line from CORSAIR has already become highly favored among enthusiasts. This is because all of the products under the series provide excellent performance, low noise output, and great value ratings.

In this day and age, a growing number of individuals prefer having a more silent operation, and PSU’s obviously play a huge part in achieving this. A couple of years ago, fan profiles that were aggressive were more favored due to the low-efficiency levels. Unavoidably, the fan of the PSU coped with boosted thermal loads; but as the high-end platforms started providing increased efficiency, semi-passive modes became more common. With that, fans were not required to have obtrusive rotational speeds just to keep up with the energy loss.

With the CORSAIR RM850X White PSU, everyone will be left without any complaints or disappointments. Though the device may be slightly more expensive compared to its regular counterparts, it is highly cost-efficient when considering the fact that the RM850X features white-sleeved cables out of the box – an inclusion that usually costs more than necessary for a whole PSU. With this in mind, the RM850X gives a lot of value, providing a unique color scheme, premium cables, as well as CORSAIR’s RMi / RMx power design in one package that will surely cause a stir among PC builders.

Generally, the company could have easily painted the RM850X white and sold it without including important things such as the sleeved-cable. This is because a lot of people would pay just to get their favored colored option. Thing is, the addition of premium sleeved-cables is a really good feature since it gives an attractive aesthetic in the system, as well as a smooth paracord look that it creates.

What everyone is getting is a superior white PSU that provides more value compared to the standard black type, a 10-year warranty, the 80+ Gold-performance rating which is supported by one of the company’s most notable PSU designs to date.

While the RM850X White PSU may be based off an old design, it still has a lot of features that will impress, especially for fans of white devices and products.

Where to Buy

You can pickup the Corsair RM850X White for around $249AUD. For more information head on over to the official product page.

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