Crave Plus Pro Portable Charger Review

The demand for Power Delivery portable chargers is growing, and it’s for a good reason too. It’s due to the universal charging technology for such, allowing you to charge a wider selection of devices. With that, we’ll show you the best Power Delivery charger today, here in our Crave Plus Pro portable charger review.

The Crave Plus Pro portable charger allows you to charge two devices, making it convenient for a lot of users. Instead of utilizing separate chargers for your laptop and smartphones, it’s best to use one Power Delivery charger for convenience.

Crave is a brand that only has a couple of power banks in the market. But they know too well how vital Power Delivery chargers are, hence, their Crave Plus Pro.

It’s a powerful power bank with 20,000 mAh of power, and it’s got notable features to pique your interest. If you want to learn more about it, we’ve got you covered. But first, what’s inside the box?

What’s in the Box?

The Crave Plus Pro portable charger arrived in a simple-looking box. You’ll see an image of the charger in front, while the rear displays its key specifications.

Inside, you’ll find the portable charger tucked neatly in place. It won’t move around while in transit, so it’s safe from any unwanted damage.

Other than the Crave Plus Pro, other items in the box include the micro USB cable and user manual. There’s a female USB Type-C to male standard USB adaptor, and a warranty certificate as well.

Next on this Crave Plus Pro portable charger review is its style and functions.

Crave Plus Pro Portable Charger Review – Style, Design, Functions

The power bank will never let you run out of battery charge, whether it’s for your iPhone or MacBook. It’s made to let you grind work on your laptop, or use your smartphone non-stop while on the go.

Crave Plus Pro has a compact and thin design to perfectly fit your pocket. You can even slip it in there together with your smartphone. It makes use of a sturdy and durable material that won’t cause dents in case of sudden bumps or hits.

It’s a portable device and is roughly the size of a 6-inch phone. When it comes to its exterior, it appears like a sleek, thin smartphone which is highly eye-catching.

For its functions, the Crave Plus Pro works like your typical portable chargers. All charging ports are in a single side, and on the longer section, you’ll find the power button. The area also holds four power capacity indicators. Do note that you need to press the power button to start charging.

The build quality of this power bank is aesthetic, giving off a sleek and premium vibe to it. Its exterior sports an aluminum body, so it’s perfect to the touch. For the shape, it’s great just as well, providing the right grip, no matter your hand-size.

When recharging the power bank, its maximum charging speed is 30 Watts. A Power Delivery wall charger is available if you want to experience Power Delivery charging speeds to your advantage. Do note that the Crave Plus Pro doesn’t include the Power Delivery wall charger in its package. With that, you’ll need to purchase one separately if you plan to charge this way.


The charger measures 6.9 x 3.2 x 0.8 inches and weighs a total of 1.38 pounds. It makes use of a lithium polymer battery with a capacity of 20,000 mAh.

Crave Plus Pro receives a full charge after three to four hours of it. The device can charge Type-C and USB-designed devices without any problems at all. For dual quick charging, it utilizes the QC 3.0 ports.

Its operating temperature reaches 14 – 104-degrees Fahrenheit and comes with a PD Type-C in/out port for its power delivery.

For compatibility, the Crave Plus Pro works with iPhones, tablets, iPads, Samsung devices, Android devices, and laptops with USB-C ports.

Next on our Crave Plus Pro portable charger review are the charger’s features.

Crave Plus Pro Portable Charger – Product Features

High Power Delivery

This advanced power bank comes with 20,000 mAh and PD Type-C output. It can charge mobile phones, tablets, speakers, as well as laptops.

Fast and Efficient

With dual 3.0 quick-charge USB ports, you can replenish the power of your portable gadgets faster. This power bank will keep you on the go and reduce downtime.

Compact Design, Ideal for Traveling

Although the Crave Plus Pro Portable Charger comes with high power, its body is small and easy to use. It allows you to use it in car rides, airplane travel, and wherever you go.

Safe and Smart Charging

The Crave Plus Pro power bank automatically detects which gadgets need charging. It also has surge protection to avoid overcharging.

Warranty Assurance

Like every product by Crave, the Plus Pro Portable Charger has a limited warranty. The company also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you’re not satisfied with it.

Next section on this Crave Plus Pro portable charger review, we’ll know how great of a performer the device is.


We used the Crave Plus Pro for a whole week, and we can say that it charged excellently. Its charging speed was quick compared to other similar portable chargers we’ve tried. Plus, it was able to fill the battery of our laptops and smartphones without problems.

It’s something we’d highly recommend to people who are often on the go, or for those who travel a lot. Despite being able to charge multiple devices, it’s also great that the charger can last hours before it needs charging.

The Crave Plus Pro is also a durable device. There were instances when we accidentally bumped it against the corner of tables, but we didn’t see dents nor damages. It looks good as well, so that makes it even better.

Overall, we’re pleased with the performance, build, and design of the Crave Plus Pro. It lasted a long time, charged all the devices we had, and it sports a durable exterior which is excellent. With that, we’re giving this power bank two thumbs up, and we’d highly recommend it as well.

Crave Plus Pro Portable Charger Review – Conclusion

The Crave Plus Pro Portable Charger has everything you could ask for from a power bank. It has a slim yet solid form factor, high power, and compatibility to a wide range of gadgets. Compared to all the portable chargers we’ve used, this is the best one we’ve tried.

To sum up our Crave Plus Pro portable charger review, we highly recommend this to keep you on the go.

Where to Buy?

If you want your own Crave Plus Pro portable charger, it’s available from the company’s official website. Or, you can also purchase this from Amazon.

Crave Plus Pro Portable Charger Review
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