Creative Aurvana Trio Review

Though generally, Creative may not be the very first brand that you’d go to when it comes to a pair of perfect earphones. However, their products can sure be an excellent option for people who want durable and efficient earphones at a reasonable price. So today, we’re going to take a look at their Aurvana Trio which is a pair of in-ear earphones from Creative.  It’s one competitive piece since it targets a market of those who opt for outstanding sound quality combined with accurate frequency response.

Now that we think about it, are these earphones really as good and worth considering even at its price range? We’ve put the Aurvana Trio to the test to find out if it’s really as good as what Creative claims.

Creative Aurvana Trio Review – What’s in the Box?

In all honesty, we really love Creative’s way of packaging. They continue to use their data-loaded front for all their packages. These include a ton of distinct feature information, acronyms, as well as technical information which is really great. The Creative Aurvana Trio isn’t any different since we’ve spent about four minutes just reading the box before we started unboxing. Yet the most unique feature of the package is the fact that it also functions as a display stand for the device which is really cool.

Basically, this package is divided into two portions, while the top portion is a transparent and acrylic cover that displays the product in all its glory. We think that this is a really great idea especially for a retail-shelf strategy to entice people to look at the product instantly.

You just need to remove that top half off then you’ll be able to get your hands on the Aurvana Trio set on their mount. Though try not to get rid of the top cover since it works great as a dust protective package which is pretty cool. Inside the package, you will get a couple of other accessories included with the Aurvana Trio, and these are the following: 3 pairs of dome silicone tips (S, M, L), a single pair of memory foam tips, a compact carry case, and an airplane adapter.

This nylon flip case is also compact and very easy to slip into your pocket. It also looks durable and highly protective to take a couple of knocks which is good.

The Product

Creative Aurvana Trio Review

The first thing that you’ll notice about the Aurvana Trio from Creative is its design. Generally, these are cool and nice-looking earphones that give off a high-end feel to them. To start off  it sports a removable cable which only means that if something ever happens to the cables, you can readily replace them without having to bother changing the entire device.

When it comes to the design, the Aurvana Trio earphones look just like your set of regular earbuds. However, it does sport a classy angled design that allows the foam or silicone ear tip to fit snuggly inside the ears. Its primary component is black with a silver-colored housing; inside the black plastic part, you will find either the L or R indication depending on which earbud it is.

The silver metallic housing tapers all the way down to the outer-grey piece – a rounded section with a flattened front side. Overall, the product has a premium look and feel to it which is really great. It can link to the cable via MMCX connector which lets you easily replace the cable whenever you need to. The cable itself is made up of a pair of thinner rubber-coated wires that are perfectly twisted together. About 6-inches along the right portion is the inline controls. Then down the right side of this cable, you will also find a little single-button remote control that has a microphone.

When it comes to the in-line remote, it is relatively thin and just about 3 quarters of an inch in length. It has a little mic hole close to the top, as well as a single multi-functional control or MFC button that works as a play or pause button for your current track; plus, it also works by allowing you to answer or hang up on any incoming calls that you have.

The left and right cables of the Aurvana Trio measure around 17 inches in length; this is before linking to a central Y shaped piece before moving down to another pair of twisted cables towards the 3.5 millimeter jack. As far as design and style is concerned, this cable is really pretty neat since it looks great and doesn’t really get tangled compared to the usual cables of similar devices. You get a nice pair of earphones that still looks good and neat even when storing them.

Additionally, these earphones also come with an augmented carrying case made of canvas. And to better describe it, it has a nice and classy black color with complimenting white stitches there. The case has a rectangular shape and a flip lid that’s held in place by a piece of magnet. You will also find a little tag with the brand AURVANA printed on it; and inside the case, you’ll see that it is lined with a suede-like material which looks really nice. We can say that this is really a nice and quality case that is handy, nice-looking, and perfect for storing your Aurvana Trio when it’s not being used.

Product Features

Up to 98 Percent Noise Isolation

Creative’s exclusive Aura Seal is the design that provides high levels of noise isolation. This makes the Aurvana Trio isolate up to 98% environmental noise to give you a great audio experience.

Detachable Braided Cable with MMCX Connector

The Aurvana Trio comes with a 1.2-meter braided cable that is detachable. It has an MMCX connector which allows you to further customize your audio by switching out to a specialized cable from the aftermarket.

Ergonomic Design

Aside from great audio, your device should also have a good fit to have the best listening experience. The Aurvana Trio features an angled in-ear design to perfectly fit the human ear. It also comes with three pairs of differently sized silicone ear tips, as well as a pair of foam tips.

In-Line Microphone with Call Control and Playback

The Aurvana Trio features a microphone that supports an outstanding voice pick-up quality during phone calls. The microphone module also has button for music playback which is also easy to access.

Hybrid Triple Driver System

The Aurvana Trio features a triple driver system to deliver high-quality audio across the spectrum.


The Aurvana Trio from Creative weighs a total of 19 grams and has a cable length of 1.2 meters. Speaking of its cable, the style that Creative used is an MMCX detachable cable featuring an inline mic and a single-button control. It has a 10-millimeter bio-cellulose dynamic driver, as well as dual-balanced armature drivers.

For the MEMS microphone, it has a frequency response of 100Hz ~ 10kHz and a – 42 dBV / Pa for its sensitivity.

Using the Product

The Aurvana Trio earphones did brilliantly in our tests. Aside from its really nice design, it also worked excellently and the sounds that it produced were clear, crisp, and powerful. Also, it was styled for ultimate comfort, so even if we used the device for prolonged periods, we didn’t experience any discomfort or pain which is common in other similar products that are out in the market.

Again, the earphones sounded great when it came to listening to any genre of music and even when taking calls. Speaking of calls, we were able to hear the person we were speaking with perfectly well; they were also able to hear us perfectly well which makes the mic just as good.

When it comes to the bass, it was really powerful and deep but not over the top. It provided us with a really nice kick or a relaxed sound whenever necessary. We actually think that the bass is the most addictive characteristic of the earphones, especially if you’re someone who enjoys realistic-sounding bass.

The Trio is capable of producing high-quality bass that’s full of texture and it’s not excessively loud. We really appreciate that these earphones do not produce annoying sounds like what other headsets produce.

For its mid range, they come off as well-tuned and the low mids sound really nice and warm. They offer a great tone for bass guitars and we really liked that these didn’t sound muddy and distorted. The treble sounded really smooth with excellent extension for the upper treble.

Compared to the bass, it is slightly less prominent but never produced any audio that sounded off, dull, or even lacking. In fact, the quality of the treble was absolutely great. It also blended perfectly with the mid range.

The tuning of the Aurvana Trio across the audio spectrum is well-balanced and its bass is mildly emphasized. Since both foam and silicone ear tips come with the earphones, it would be great if you tried using the foam ear tips to notice the difference of the produced audio. When we attempted to wear the foam ear tips, we noticed that the treble presence increased a bit which was good all in all.

We also tried listening to music at a good volume and with less background noise. Surprisingly, we were able to hear more details that were not audible or noticeable when using other earphones and headphones we’ve tested, and we think it’s great.

We were completely happy with the audio that these earphones delivered; it doesn’t matter what genre you listen to, whether you choose a vocal focused tune, techno, rock, or even opera music, everything we listened to was crisp and clear. We think that these earphones are the best for you especially if you’re someone who likes bass boosts.

Creative claims that the company’s Aura Seal design provides up to 98% noise isolation. We didn’t measure it when we tested the earphones, but we can say that we didn’t hear any environmental noise while listening to music at regular volumes.

Overall, the Creative Aurvana Trio performed excellently. It is musically tuned and transparent; plus, everything sounded perfect and right. From music to calls, we were able to hear high-quality audio using these earphones. And with that, we give the Creative Aurvana Trio a solid thumbs-up for its performance.


The Creative Aurvana Trio is Creative’s big step up. The earphones are solidly built and its sounds are great. This model is at the top tier among earphones at its price range. All in all, we were pleased with the Aurvana Trio. It’s really convenient to use when traveling since it fits excellently; plus, it’s easier to keep since it has its own case. These earphones didn’t deliver anything that could disappoint us. We were totally happy with its sound quality when we tried listening to all music genres.

Creative’s Aurvana Trio can definitely deliver the best audio experience. If you like listening to music while traveling, the earbuds and IEMs are great options. These block out noise and are very compact. If you’re looking for comfortable earphones with a solid built, the Creative Aurvana Trio is excellent for you. It may not be the fanciest pair of earphones, but these have a lot of great things to deliver.

Where to Buy

You can purchase the Creative Aurvana Trio for around $169 AUD. For more information head on over to the official product page.

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