Creative Labs Outlier Gold Wireless Headphones Review

Today’s Creative Labs Outlier Gold Wireless Headphones review talks all about this specific product. It’s an updated version of the Outlier Air True Wireless earbuds, and both its earbuds and case come in a shiny gold exterior.

Compared to the cheaper version, it makes your audio sound more realistic, making it all better.

What’s in the Box?

Here is where we check out what’s inside the box in our Creative Labs Outlier Gold Wireless Headphones review.

The headphones arrived in an all-white box that had hints of gold and orange on it. An image of the product is displayed in front, while its main features are next to it.

Inside the box, you’ll find the true wireless headphones along with a couple of items as well. You’ll have a USB Type-C charging case and a USB Type-C to A charging cable.

For the ear-tips, these include one pair of small ones and another pair of medium-sized ones.

Lastly, the company also included a few leaflets and a quick start guide.

Creative Labs Outlier Gold Wireless Headphones – Style, Design, Functions

Let’s talk more about the design, style, and functions of these in-ear headphones. It has two buttons on each earbud that manages music playback, voice assistance, and the volume. Each of these is circled by LED ring lights that light up to show you the product’s status.

The battery indicator is useful; plus, there are indicator lights when pairing the Outlier Gold.

Next on our Creative Labs Outlier Gold Wireless Headphones review are the specs.


This wireless headphones’ case is 3.9 x 1.5 x 4.7 inches and weighs 6.7 ounces. For its shipping weight, it reaches 7 ounces in total.

It makes use of Lithium-ion batteries that provide a total playtime of 14 hours in a full charge.

The in-ear headphones are also rated IPX5, and can function with Siri, Google Assistant, and the like.

Creative Labs Outlier Gold Wireless Headphones – Product Features

Super X-Fi Tech

The Super X-Fi software unlocks the Super X-Fi feature for these in-ear headphones. It allows holography for local music and audio files via Bluetooth.

Wirelessly activating the SXFI application on mobile via the Outlier Gold is highly beneficial. You’ll get to alter the SXFI app to a Super X-Fi MP3 player. Plus, it will let you enjoy cinematic audio even when you’re on the go.

Extended Hours of Intense Audio Bliss

The Outlier Gold wireless headphones give you 14-hours of playback per charge. It has the longest music playtime without having to charge often like a lot of TWS earbuds today.

Combine it with its charging case, and the Outlier Gold can outperform other similar products on the market. All in all, it boasts a playtime of up to 39 hours in total.

Graphene Driver Diaphragm

To acquire top-notch audio, Creative Labs integrated high quality 5.6-millimeter graphene driver diaphragm. It’s the world’s hardest yet thinnest nano-material that’s much lighter than paper.

It’s stronger than steel, and a great conductor of electricity compared to copper. The in-ear headphones also consume less energy while giving you outstanding audio quality. Meaning, it can optimize power for perfect sound reproduction to achieve well-balanced mids, detailed highs, and immersive bass.

Bluetooth 5.0 Low Energy + APTX & AAC

The Outlier Gold Wireless Headphones come with the latest Bluetooth 5.0. It can perform twice the speed of previous Bluetooth, while simultaneously consuming less energy as well.

Combined with AAC and aptX audio codecs, you’ll get rich and full sound quality over uninterrupted and seamless audio streaming.

Dual-Voice Calls and Smart Assistants

Outlier Gold are wireless headphones that enable you to hear audio out from both earbuds during a call. It also allows you to have direct access to Google Assistant or Siri. Both earbuds have an integrated mic for smart assistant and call functions. Just assign your preferred side as the primary unit control, and you’re all set. The secondary earbud will automatically pair, so you don’t have to do anything after the first step.

Flaunt it Everywhere

It doesn’t matter if you’re working out. The Outlier Gold Wireless Headphones is IPX5-rated, so it’s water and sweat resistant. So even if you sweat, get caught in the rain, or have accidental splashes, the in-ear headphones can handle that perfectly.

Secure Fit and All-Day Comfort

Since the Outlier Gold is wire-free, you can comfortably use this every time. Plus, it comes with a perfect fit, keeping it in place no matter what you do. Not only that, but these earbuds are highly comfortable, and they have an ergonomic design with soft silicone ear tips. It makes the Outlier Gold suitable for prolonged use while producing perfectly enhanced sound quality.


This part of our Creative Labs Outlier Gold Wireless Headphones review is where we focus more on the headphones’ performance. But before anything else, let’s take a look at its SUPER X-FI app.


To get the best out of these wireless headphones, the Outlier Gold comes with a free Super X-FI application that provides you with a player for listening to local audio files. It comes with an integrated equalizer which makes things even better. Not only that, but it comes with a sound-adjustment potential via customized settings, plus ready-to-use presets.

Also, you’ll get to search for options of all the holographic sounds, which you can enable for the experience. It’s a cool feature that delivers dimensional aspects to audio when listening via several loudspeaker systems.

Audio Performance and Battery Life

Now, we can focus on the performance of these headphones from Creative Labs. For its battery life, it was perfect. We were able to listen to music, take phone calls, Facetime, play video games, watch videos, and even use Siri. We were able to play music for hours without having to worry about losing charge.

When we needed to charge the in-ear headphones, we popped these into its charging case. After, we plugged the USB Type-C cable, and linked it to a USB Type-A charging port then we were set. We first tried doing a full charge to get 14 hours of playback. Surprisingly, it did achieve this claim, and it even went over the given time, which was great.

For comfort, it was highly comfortable during prolonged use. We didn’t experience any pain or discomfort while wearing it, and it is indeed waterproof. It had the perfect fit, never falling off even when we wore it while jogging.

Do note that the Outlier Gold is slightly bigger compared to your standard earbuds. However, it does have better sound quality, and the audio it produced was perfect. The bass was solid, punchy, and clear; plus, the sound was well-balanced despite the genre of music we played.

Overall, the Creative Labs Outlier Gold Wireless Headphones is an excellent product. It performed well, has impressive battery life, and it’s got that perfect fit for long hours of audio-listening. With that, we’re giving it two thumbs-up, and we’d highly recommend these headphones.

Creative Labs Outlier Gold Wireless Headphones Review – Conclusion

The Outlier Gold Wireless Headphones comes with top-notch audio quality and battery life. Although pricey, it performs excellently, and we were delighted with these. Everything about this product is positive and is worth the purchase, despite its price.

To sum up our Creative Labs Outlier Gold Wireless Headphones review, we highly recommend these headphones.

Where to Buy?

If you want to purchase the Creative Labs Outlier Gold Wireless Headphones, they’re available via the company’s official website. You can also get your hands on these headphones on Amazon.

Creative Labs Outlier Gold Wireless Headphones Review
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