2019-10-21 13_15_51-Creative SXFI AIR - Bluetooth and USB Headphones with Built-In Super X-Fi Techno

Creative SXFI Air Headphones Review

2019-10-21 13_15_51-Creative SXFI AIR - Bluetooth and USB Headphones with Built-In Super X-Fi Techno

Creative has been one of the well-known brands in the PC audio market for decades and was the first to create sound cards back in the ’90s. The company’s production of impressive audio devices continues until today, with the SXFI Air Headphones – a mid-range wireless headset that targets today’s gamers.

These Bluetooth and USB headphones feature the Super X-Fi technology and offer realistic audio to give you a brand-new experience.

Today, let’s check out and learn more about this product, its features, specifications, and how well it performs. Before that, let’s take a look at what’s inside the box before seeing what it has in store for us.

Creative SXFI Air Headphones Review – What’s in the Box?

The SXFI Air Headphones come in a sturdy and durable cardboard package that has a somewhat artistic design. The front of the box displays a somewhat whimsical image of the sky, clouds, and land. Super X-Fi is written on the uppermost corner of the box, while SXFI Air is on the lower-left portion.

A small image of the Bluetooth headphones appears on the lower-right corner, and underneath the picture is the company’s name. There are other details featured at the back of the box that provides you with more information about the Creative SXFI Air headphones.

Inside, you will find the Creative SXFI Air headphones fixed nicely and securely in place. Creative ensured that the headphones do not move around in the box to avoid any unwanted damages during transit. Aside from the headphones, other items you’ll find in the box includes a USB cable, an analog 4-pole 3.5-millimeter cable, a warranty leaflet, and the quick start guide.

The Product

Creative SXFI Air Headphones Review

The SXFI Air Headphones has a conventional design and consists of a pair of large over-ear cups. When it comes to its weight, it’s a bit noticeable when you put them on for the first time. But it isn’t something too heavy that would cause discomfort in any way. Despite the weight, these headphones are still comfortable when worn since the SXFI Air comes with a thick layer of memory foam.

With the headphones’ optimized clamping force, the headband has a secure fit on your head. You won’t have to worry about its tightness since it’s adjustable. Because of its secure fit and comfort, the headphones make for a perfect item for movie marathons, gaming sessions, or listening to music during long trips.

On the left earpiece of the SXFI Air Headphones, you will find all of its controls. In front is the power button followed by the detachable NanoBoom microphone for voice calls and gaming, which protrudes by 8 millimeters from the earpiece.

The source button lets you switch between its three connectivity options, which are Bluetooth, 3.5-millimeter line-in, or USB. The left earpiece is touch-sensitive and allows you to tap or make certain swiping gestures to adjust the volume, take phone calls, and skip tracks.

The headphones feature a micro-SD slot so you can play music stored in the SD card. While this may not seem useful since most people play music from their mobile devices, it’s handy when you want to use it for hours. Not only that, but the headphones are excellent for long trips so that you won’t drain your phone or laptop’s battery. This feature also allows you to smoothly play high-resolution FLAC files, which is usually difficult when using other devices.

For its Bluetooth support, it’s a basic connection that relies on standard SBC codec, unlike high-end gaming headsets that support high-quality AptX. Although it doesn’t have AptX Bluetooth, the SXFI button is present to enhance audio quality.

The Creative SXFI Air Headphones sports 50-millimeter Neodymium drivers with an impedance of 32 Ohms. For its frequency response, it ranges from 20 Hz to 20 kHz.

For the microphone, it’s a detachable NanoBoom mic and utilizes both Bluetooth 4.2 and USB connectivity, which is quite convenient. The headphones are also compatible with 3.5-millimeter line ins, as well as USB to USB Type-C connections.

What’s more, the SXFI Air Headphones come with a built-in battery that lasts up to 8 hours of use. The headphones weigh 338 grams, and its cord is 1 meter long, which is adequate.

Product Features

Impressive Audio Performance

The Creative SXFI Air Headphones features the integrated Super X-FI technology. With its 50-millimeter Neodymium drivers, it delivers powerful audio while keeping it accurate, which is crucial for music and movies.

Crystal Clear Communication

Featuring the NanoBoom microphone, the Creative SXFI Air lets you take clear phone calls. The microphone’s recording capabilities are as good as that of a full-sized gaming headset’s mic. Also, the NanoBoom microphone is detachable, making it easier to bring.

Immersive Audio

Super X-Fi technology brings your call quality to a different level. This feature makes sounds more realistic, as if the caller is in the same room as you.

SD Card Connectivity for Device-Free Operation

The Creative SXFI Air Headphones can play music from an SD card even without a mobile device or a laptop. Preload your SD card with your favorite songs, then insert this into the SXFI Air Headphones to enjoy your music.

USB Connectivity for Windows PC and Mac

With this feature, you can enjoy the wonders of Super X-Fi technology with cinematic games and movies on your computer, whether you use Windows or Mac. It also has the same USB functions available on Nintendo Switch and PS4.

Replaceable Fabric Earcups

The Creative SXFI Air Headphones has fabric earcups. The breathable material allows for heat to dissipate from the user’s ears for added comfort. You can also replace these with leatherette ones if you want. It has a built-in memory foam that follows the shape of the listener’s head to increase the headphones’ comfort.

Perfectly Balanced Clamping Force

The perfect balance of the Creative SXFI Air Headphones’ clamping force allows it to be loose and comfortable, yet secure enough to stay on your head.

Easy Touch Controls

With a simple swipe or touch, you can control the Creative SXFI Air Headphones. Skip songs, adjust the volume or answer phone calls with controls on the left earcup.

Fully Customizable RGB Ring

With the customizable RGB ring of the Creative SXFI Air Headphones, you can select from 16 million colors to match your headphones with any outfit. You can customize the RGB lights through the SXFI Air Control app, which is downloadable for Android and iOS.


Using the Product

Setting up the Creative SXFI Air Headphones begins with downloading the SFXI App, which is available on the Apple Store or Google Play. After that, you will need to create an account, then connect the Creative SXFI Air Headphones to the application. Linking via Bluetooth is easy since the app immediately recognizes a paired device.

Through the SXFI App, you can create a personalized sound for Super X-Fi through the head-mapping feature. It takes the shape of your ears and head to customize the best audio profile for you. Once you’re done taking photos of your head and ears, you can download the audio profile from the cloud and also use it on other compatible devices.

On the app, you can access your music library, adjust the equalizer settings, or choose another compatible pair of headphones to use.

The audio quality of the Creative SXFI Air Headphones is great, and even if these do not support all of the high-quality codecs, the headphones still sound great. It is because the company tuned the SXFI Air to reproduce a neutral frequency response.

Slight bumps make vocals and drums stand out from the other instruments, but they do not overpower, which is excellent. In particular, the bass pump produces outstanding explosive sounds in games or movies that are somewhat jolting in a way.

Isolation is excellent, especially when you use leatherette ear pads. Since these block out external noise effectively, auditory masking cannot quickly degrade the audio quality. With that, the Creative SXFI Air Headphones is also the right choice for gamers who don’t want to be disturbed by sounds in the surroundings.

The removable NanoBoom microphone does a great job of transmitting voices, but it doesn’t completely reduce background noise. In controlled environments, these relays voices well.


The Creative SXFI Air Headphones is a new and improved product that features the company’s Super X-Fi technology. There are more compatible audio sources to these headphones, so you can enjoy using it with a variety of devices. The Super X-Fi effect on the SXFI Air is also more consistent, which improved its overall performance.

These headphones performed excellently, and it delivered high-quality audio. It can handle a variety of genres, and its highs were crisp, while the bass sounded full enough. With that, you can fully enjoy your music, games or movies. If you’re looking for a mid-range headset that provides comfort and high-quality audio, we highly recommend the Creative SXFI Air Headphones. These wireless headphones guru feature the Super X-Fi technology and offer realistic audio to give you a brand-new experience

Where to Buy

The Creative SXFI Air Headphones is available for online purchase on the company’s official website.

2019-10-21 13_15_51-Creative SXFI AIR - Bluetooth and USB Headphones with Built-In Super X-Fi Techno
Creative SXFI Air Headphones Review
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