Crucial BX500 480GB SSD Review

Crucial is one of the most well-known companies in the SSD market since the company can utilize their own NAND chips that are all manufactured by Micron.

The Crucial BX500 SSD was announced recently that is produced around the Micron TLC flash and the Silicon Motion SM-2258 controller that is part of the XT variant.

Micron has also announced that the BX500 series is up to 480GB and these are built-in with new 64 layers of vertically-stacked TLC NANDs. The company ensures that this SSD is under a three-year warranty and / or a 120 Terabyte written specifically for the model. That is generally 65GB writes a day for five continuous years.

Is it as good as it sounds? Can it function adequately for your needs? Let’s check out and gather more details about this SSD, how it works, what its features are, and a lot more. But first up, let’s check out what’s included inside the package of the Crucial BX500.

Crucial BX500 480GB SSD Review – What’s in the Box?

The Crucial BX500 480GB arrived in a small black box. The front of the box features Crucial’s logo and the company’s tagline, while the name of the unit and its capacity can be seen below. At the back of the box, you will find several details about the product, all of which are written in eight different languages. You will also see its “three-year warranty” logo and a sticker with its barcodes.

Inside the box, you will find the 2.5-inch Crucial BX500 480GB Solid State Drive, the Acronis True Image for Crucial cloning software, and an instruction manual for the installation of the SSD.

The Product

Crucial BX500 480GB SSD Review

The drive adjusts to the dimensions set by the 2.5-inch form factor and it is crafted using plastic that is quite thin at just 7 millimeters. This makes the SSD compatible with the specifications of the Intel Ultrabook.

The BX500 makes use of the SATA 6 Gbps interface and is compatible with every other older SATA standard. This is because it can function at decreased performance and you’ll get to see the SSD controller plus flour flash chips right on the PCB.

There is a Silicon Motion SM-2258, a four-channel flash controller; plus, its four 3D TLC flash chips were crafted by Micron which is known as Crucial’s parent company. The markings of the NW913 decode to the MT29F-1T08-EMHAFJ4.

The SATA Revision 3.x or the SATA III is the next collection of specifications that follow the first SATA and the SATA II storage interface requirements. The SATA III increases the maximum data transfer rate for every previous Serial ATA.

The storage interface qualifications are from 3 – 6 Gigabits / second which allows for faster and better data transfer speeds between hard drives, storage units, optical drives, solid state disk drives, and HBAs or protocol host bus adapters.

The entire gist of this SATA is simple: its new bus and controllers are able to deliver 2x the bandwidth of a SATA II instead of a SATA 3 Gb/s. Same cables from the older types are utilized for this product, and nearly the same type of power envelopes as well. The SATA 6 GB/s is slightly higher when it comes to power consumption yet there isn’t really anything to be concerned about.

The end result of this is that shifting from the SATA 3 Gb/s data rates gives an extra throughput without having to add undue costs or complexities. The SATA 6 Gb/s also retains its outstanding efficiency by not introducing an extra overhead to the SATA’s protocol.

It heightens the proposition value of the SATA 6 GB/s than the SATA 3 Gb/s, a component that is guaranteed to accelerate the shift to SATA 6 Gb/s’ in the market.

TLC or triple level cell flash memory is a type of solid-state NAND where 3 bits of data per cell of flash media is stored. TLC flash is more affordable than the SLC or single-level cell and MLC or multi-level cell solid-state flash memory, making it better when used with consumer devices that utilize solid-state storage.

The TLC memory cell can maintain around 1000 write cycles before failing, and this is probably why the TLC flash chips have been consumer-grade applications.

The Crucial BX500 is a 2.5-inch inch form factor with a total capacity of 480 GB. It also comes with a limited yet great three-year warranty. It has a 540 MB/s read + 500 MB/s write and a SATA 6.0 Gb/s interface. Generally, the BX500 is an internal solid-state drive and has a unit height of 7 millimeters. Its form factor is about 2.5-inches while its life expectancy is about 1.5 million hours in total.

Product Features

Enhanced Performance

The BX500 480GB SSD has sequential read and write speed rates that reach up to 540 and 500 MB/s. With that, you can boot your system and load your files faster, while simultaneously enhancing the overall responsiveness of your system.

The BX500 doesn’t have moving parts which make this a cooler and more reliable hard drive alternative. Since the power it uses is reduced compared to a hard drive, your laptop’s battery life will be extended.

Tools for Effortless Installation

You can now easily install your SSD with simple instructions, how-to videos, and even a cloning software. The installation guide of Crucial SSD offers instructions and videos that are easy to follow so you won’t experience difficulties in installing the SSD.

The Acronis True Image HD software helps in quickly transferring data. The Crucial Storage Executive software tool lets users download the latest firmware, while it also improves the drive’s performance and displays how much storage has been consumed.

Outstanding Support

Crucial also offers in-language support through phone, email, chat, and a community forum so you can reach out the company’s expert support team.

Limited 3-Year Warranty and More Reliable Micron Quality

The BX500 480GB is backed by a limited warranty of three years. MIcron spends a lot of hours for pre-release validation and undergoes a lot of qualification tests for their SSD’s. The company also has a legacy of producing award-winning SSD’s. With that, you can ensure that the BX500 has been tested, tried, and proven.

Using the Product

This SSD quickly reads and writes large amounts of small files. You’ll get to notice a drop-off point when the caches run out of power. Thing is, this will only really happen when you’ve written a lot of GBs. Generally, the BX500 SSD is something that surely ranks high in this specific category.

We can say that the BX500 is very consistent with the writes, making it a well performaing SSD for the price. The Crucial BX500’s sequential performance is just as notable and it’s almost identical to the much more expensive drives featuring DRAMs.

For the responsiveness test, this measures the user experience via latency. This is the most necessary storage device test for casual PC users, For the BX500 480GB SSD, it performed excellently despite its architecture not featuring the DRAM.

The sustained read and write performances of the BX500 were all good. For the IOPS and trace performance, the SSD can handle heavy workloads.

All in all, we were impressed with this SSD’s performance. We all know that value often comes with compromise but the BX500 delivered more than what we had expected.


The BX500 is all about value. The SSD’s speed performance is very fast for normal usage and temporary intense workload. The Crucial BX500 is one of the most budget-friendly drives in the 500GB range since the DRAM chip was not included.

The BX500 480GB SSD is an excellent choice if you wish to upgrade your current system. With this, you can improve your productivity and internet surfing experience; plus, it also offers a lot of help when it comes to instances when disk reads are highly necessary.

What’s great about this entry-level SSD is that it comes with a three-year warranty, and the BX500 is also a very fitting device in the entry-level value division.

If you’re quite aware of the restrictions, purpose, and functionality, then you’ll most likely agree that we’ve entered a new era when it comes to storage devices. And with how good this performs, we definitely recommend the Crucial BX500 480GB SSD to you.

Where to Buy

You can add a super affordable Crucial BX500 480GB SSD for around $105AUD. For more information head on over to the Crucial product page.

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