Crucial MX500 1TB SSD Review

The Crucial MX500 is known as the next generation SATA SSD produced by the consumer division of Micron. And since this is the newest drive from the MX series, the device is categorised as a mainstream drive with great, solid performance but without having much of a premium over the entry-level SSD’s. Since the company has not yet released the consumer version for the NVMe SSD, their Crucial MX500 will serve as Micron’s flagship consumer product, plus the showcase for the company’s sixty-four layer 3D-NAND flash memory.

Micron is one of the few manufacturers around to introduce the sixty-four layer 3D-NAND flash this year; they are quite late to release this product since other flash manufacturers have already begun shipping their own 64-L 3D TLC’s around six months ago. But with this release, Micron definitely has not missed out on their chance.

To prepare and even be better from their competitors, the Crucial MX500 from Micron brings an important hardware change to the previously slow-evolving product line that goes all the way back to the very first 6 Gbps SATA-SSD. The strategy of launching and advertising the MX500 is very similar to what they did with the MX300; prior to this, the product was only available for a 1 terabyte capacity, but after this, the entire lineup was eventually released.

To begin, let’s check out what’s included in the box with the Crucial MX-500 from Micron.

Crucial MX500 1TB SSD Review – Whats in the Box?

For this specific release, the packaging of the Crucial MX500 has been refreshed and changed slightly to catch the attention or intrigue the people. On the front portion of the container, you will see an image of the Crucial MX500, plus its name in bold text, together with its form factor; behind the package, you will see the overview of what is included, as well as its compliance. This includes the data transfer software, the SSD itself, and the 7mm – 9.5mm spacer.

The Product

Crucial MX500 1TB SSD Review – Blazingly Fast.

Here we have the 2.5-inch SATA-3 version that is all packed in the perfect bundle. With the Crucial MX500, you can easily place the device somewhere in the chassis. It is light-weight, small, and it can also support TRIM to ensure that your SSD will quickly recover its speed once it is idle. The device can be opened and it exhibits an almost completely full-sized PCB. The 6Gbps storage unit utilises the TLC 3D-NAND from Micron. A total of 8 NAND flash memory IC’s can be found on each portion of the PCB for the whole 1 terabyte. Additionally, partitions of the NAND FLASH are all assigned straight to the controller. We can actually see a Silicon Motion SM-2258 four-channel controller which also features an advanced SLC-caching algorithm for the best performance with that specific NAND.

Right at the back portion of the PCB, there are four NAND IC’s present. It is quite a small PCB which is different compared to the MX200 and MX300 which are all capacitors that are ceramic which prevent data corruption during power loss. Also, Crucial repaired and tweaked its flash program sequencing for the NAND flash which resulted in the same function; this only means it should readily survive a power loss.

The MX500 series is all about value for money and it definitely does not compromise on performance. The device utilises the TLC NAND from Micron, the brand new sixty-four layer vertically-stacked version that features a bit of the DRAM cache. Generally, it is competitively priced compared to the mainstream and high-end SATA-3 devices that are available today.

The Crucial MX500 series incorporates Triple-Level-Cell or TLC written NAND flash memory from Crucial as well. The presence of this allows the SSD to provide you with a huge storage volume with a much lower price point. For the MX series, the MX500 completely steered clear from the planar to the 3D Micron NAND; this should provide a good boost in the device’s performance especially when it is being compared to the BX-200 series.

The 3D-NAND is vertical, physical NAND cell-stacking which shouldn’t be confused with the chip stacking in multiple chip packages; in the 3D-NAND, the NAND layers are all stacked in one IC; what is great about this is the continuous reduction of cost, more volume per NAND chips, as well as smaller die sizes. Additionally, NAND tool sets that are installed can be reused which basically extends the life of the fab equipment. All of the NAND’s IC’s function due to the Silicon Motion SM-2258 controller, the DRAM cache, as well as a small division That will be SLC-written to keep its writing performance excellent.

Has a Compelling Write-Acceleration Technology

With this feature, you can easily start your system in a snap, accelerate even the most demanding applications, as well as load files instantly with the MX500. Its effective dynamic technology makes use of a versatile pool of single-level cell, high-speed flash memory to achieve great speed.

Allows you to Save up to 1 Terabyte of Data

The MX500 will allow you to save a ton of music, videos, and photos securely and comfortably. You will be able to easily and instantly access all your media, designs, as well as creations that can be shared with others with excellent speed.

Excellent Upgrade

With long, numerous hours of pre-release certification, a legacy of award-winning  & highly-notable SSD’s, and a ton of qualification tests for the device, the Crucial MX500 has thoroughly and surely been tried, tested, and proven. With the MX500, you can ensure that all of your vital data are secure on a drive with confirmed dependability, plus the advanced and great features that the MX series is well-known for.

Effectiveness of the Next Generation Micron 3D-NAND

The innovative components of the device are engineered to perfection to achieve great efficiency, and as a result, the MX500 utilizes just a small amount of power yet is still able to deliver an increased price to price to performance ratio without requiring any financing plan to actually pay for it. With this feature, you can readily experience a more silent, faster, and cooler computer right in your business or home; since this is the case, you will most probably wonder how and why you even put up with the classic hard drives.

Confident Installations

For a lot of individuals, turning on a PC and transferring important files may appear like a terrifying task; this is the reason why Micron made things simpler with their step by step Installation Guide for the Crucial SSD. We suggest that you check it out first before purchasing so you can easily setup your own SSD with ease, with everything transferred hassle-free and successfully.

Micron Quality – Heightened Reliability

Since the Crucial MX500 is under the brand Micron – known as one of the biggest manufacturers of flash storage globally – the device is backed up by the same engineering and quality innovation that has created some of the most advanced and high-quality storage and memory technology for over thirty-five years. With decades-long legacy, snappy speed, as well as long-lasting reliability, upgrading the MX500 will provide you with the most outstanding combination of security, quality, and performance. This, we can say, is a product that is definitely worth it.

Product Specifications


  • Crucial

Form Factor       

  • 5-inch internal SSD

Total Capacity   

  • 1TB


  • Limited 5-year


  • 1TB 2.5-inch internal SSD
  • SATA 6.0Gb/s
  • 560 MB/s Read
  • 510 MB/s Write


  • MX500

Product Line      

  • Client SSD


  • SATA 6.0Gb/s

Device Type       

  • Internal Solid State Drive

Unit Height        

  • 0mm

Form Factor       

  • 5-inch (7mm)

How it Performs

In this day and age, any SSD is definitely enjoyable; if you set a drive such as this into a SATA-3-compatible laptop or SATA-2-compatible PC, you will simply be amazed at the performance especially when comparing this to an HDD. We can’t deny that we really enjoyed the sustained performance of the MX500 but make no mistake since changing a HDD with the SSD in a laptop or PC eliminates the random lagging of the HDD’s head; it’ll no longer be mechanical.

This together with the maxed-out performance that the SATA-3 offers is simply a very huge difference, as well as the best and most effective upgrade that can be made to one’s computer today. So basically, utilising the MX500 will increase the performance of your PC, and with its highly notable features, we can definitely say that it is worth purchasing and recommending.

How to Use

When it comes to the Crucial MX500, installing this SSD drive is nothing different compared to installing any other device that is similar to this. You just have to connect the power cable and the SATA then you’re basically good to go.

When you power on the PC that is connected to the device, the very first thing that you will notice is the absence of noise which is quite interesting and actually good compared to the classic spinning of HDD’s. So because of that, you won’t have to hear any of the resonating, purring, and other strange noises when starting up the PC.

For an additional boost in performance, the best thing to do is to enable the AHCI mode – a mode that can greatly and efficiently help out in the SSD’s performance.


Crucial is continuously updating and improving its Storage Executive Software to adequately support the MX500. The software will let you monitor the SSD while also providing a couple of regular tools such as secure erase, as well as a tool to boost over-provisioning – these tools are necessary for drive maintenance.

The Momentum Cache from Crucial makes use of a small number of system memory to cache write data even before it reaches the SSD. As for the random write data, it flows right to the DRAM system at high speed then flushes into the SSD as a less-harmful sequential data. We have also measured the explosive-write performance via the Momentum Cache; however, it also boosts the power consumption of the device. What’s more, Crucial also includes the ATI HD software (Acronis True Image HD) that is necessary for cloning drives.

Just keep in mind that the company also provides ATI HD software for cloning the drives but it does not include the software in the box. Once you purchase the Crucial MX500, you will need to download the software from the company’s official website.


The brand new MX500 will definitely be the best device when you are searching for a product that provides effectiveness and performance. It may not really be along the same price range as the other SSD’s around, but it definitely offers you a solid and effective performance simultaneously with adequate levels of endurance. Another great thing about the MX500 is that it doesn’t really slow down when the cache runs out; plus, the presence of the 16-NAND chips and 64 layers of V-NAND makes the Crucial MX500 have a better write performance. The
device is also incorporated into the Silicon Motion SM-2258 controller, as well as dual caches which is a very good combination for its said price.

Today, everything is mostly based on a product’s performance and efficiency, so for that reason, the biggest move in the industry of storage devices is aiming to have adequate endurance and more capacity for the SATA-6 6GBit/S storage unit. A lot of people require SSD’s with multiple terabytes since most would want to steer clear of the classic mechanical head-based HDD’s that have pivoting platters. Not only that, but the Crucial MX500 comes with a good five-year warranty so everything about the product is definitely something worth noting.

With that said, we have to admit that this is definitely a great SSD: you will get to receive high-quality performance for a SATA-3 SSD that is right in the value division that is linked with proper levels of endurance and an excellent price. Since the price of the device is appropriate for its performance and excellence, the MX500 will definitely become even more popular and will surely become a highly recommended SSD series.

Where to Buy

If you would like to boost your computers performance with a totally kick ass and affordable SSD you can get the Crucial MX500 1TB SSD for only $259USD over at the official Crucial store.

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