CuriosityStream Expands AD Campaign as it Aims for a Bigger Audience

The fact-based reality TV programming is preparing for its global ad campaign. Established back in March 2015 with only just two years in their belt, CuriosityStream is already targeting its million subscriber goal. John Hendricks the founder and chairman of CuriosityStream aims to quench the thirst for knowledge of almost a million subscribers by the end of 2017 with their SVOD service. SVOD is the model used by other popular streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu. Except both have a wide variety of shows and genres that people can choose from. CuriosityStream focuses mainly on non-fiction documentaries that cover science, technology, nature and history.

Growing library

Not many have heard of CuriosityStream as they relied on word of mouth and some moderate digital advertising to grow their subscriber base. However they are now ready to take on a leap with a larger subscriber count as they are well equipped with an ever growing library of licensed shows some of which are “Next World with Michio Kaku”, “The Secrets of Quantum Physics with Jim Al-Khalili”, “The Human Face Of Big Data” and also a handful of original content such as “Stephen Hawking’s Favorite Places, featuring Stephen Hawking”, “David Attenborough’s Light On Earth, featuring David Attenborough”, “The Road To The Singularity, featuring Jason Silva”.

CuriosityStream also acquired rights from the BBC. US Subscribers have access to BBC produced documentaries that center on ancient history such as “Ancient Worlds with Richard Miles, Simon Russell Beale, Julie Berry & Cécile Michel”, “Ancient Rome: The Rise and Fall of an Empire (a 6-part docudrama miniseries starring Michael Sheen)”. While also quenching the thirst of aspiring astrophysicists with shows like “The Hawking Paradox with Stephen Hawking” which talks primarily about the Black Hole’s information paradox that have sparked a forty year long debate in the scientific community.

Preparing for an even bigger ad campaign

There will be bigger ad campaigns which target a more global audience but for now they are testing some of their ads with a “Long Live the Curious” theme on a handful of TV networks such as CNN, Fox News, and Bloomberg TV while also targeting the print media with “the antidote to ‘reality’ TV” theme. Some of which can be found on The New York Times and the Wall Street Journal.

Hendricks, who is also the founder of the Discovery Channel says that the ads have had a positive reaction so far and that TV ads are the real way to scale up.

CuriosityStream tends to appeal to “news junkies” and millenials. In which millennials compose 34% of their current subscribers.

A void in the marketplace

Hendricks also argues that traditional cable channels that promise to deliver viewers fact-based documentaries that center on science, technology, nature and history have been slowly steering themselves away from that kind of genre but instead started to focus increasingly more on reality TV shows and series. He adds that “there’s a real void in the marketplace”. And with his ad campaign, he aspires to reach more people and fill that void.

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