D-Link Cobra AC5300 Router Review

Having good Wi-Fi connection throughout your home or a small business can be an issue; if a single router in a convenient spot can’t really work, the solutions you have include the assistance of an electrician or qualified individual to alter the wirings. This will allow you to move the router to a central spot with the use of powerline adaptors or Ethernet cabling so a second access point can be included.

Yet there is actually a better option for this issue and it is installing the D-Link Cobra AC5300. The Cobra AC5300 is a powerful modem router that is created to provide high-speed Wi-Fi connectivity throughout your home or workspace. With the newest MU MIMO Wave II, Tri-Band Wi-Fi and Quad-Core processor, the Cobra AC5300 can easily cater to even the most demanding connections at home or at work. This will allow you and other users to fully take advantage of 4K HD video, high-quality audio and continuously seamless gameplay throughout your area, all at the same time.

Let’s go and have a look at what the D-Link Cobra AC5300 has in store for us and what’s included inside the package so you’ll have an idea of its contents when you get your own AC5300 router.

D-Link Cobra AC5300 Router Review – Whats in the Box?

When we first got our hands on the D-Link Cobra AC5300, we noticed that the box seemed a bit heavy; it was also dense with a lift-off lid but its appearance was quite sleek and classy due to its dark theme. Once you open the box, you’ll see that it is filled with thick foam, plus individual cutouts for each of the items that are included inside.

First off, let’s talk about the front of the package: here, you’ll see the name of the device together with a photo of the actual Cobra AC5300; additionally, you’ll also see some of the features and details of the modem router that are lined up below the box. At the back of the package, you will get to see more detailed information about the Cobra AC5300, as well as the parts of the modem router to know which ports are which.

Now, lets take a look at a list of the contents of the Cobra AC5300’s package. We would like to also mention that everything was very well packed inside the box thanks to the protective packing foam.

Box Contents:

  • Cobra AC5300 Modem Router
  • Power Adapter
  • Phone Cable x1
  • Ethernet Cable x1
  • Quick Installation Guide and Wi-Fi Configuration Card
  • xDSL Splitter / Microfilter

The Product

D-Link Cobra AC5300 Router – A Serious Contender

Just like we mentioned earlier, the D-Link Cobra AC5300 is a modem / route: its modem features function with the VDSL & ADSL and is said to be most suitable for the NBN | FTTN connections. For the HFC or the FTTP areas, the Cobra AC5300 features a dedicated WAN port while some other routers feature four Ethernet ports with a single assignable just like the WAN interface; as for the four Gigabit Ethernet ports of the Cobra AC5300, these are available for LAN usage. If you think that having an additional port isn’t that much of an importance, it is actually since it can make a huge difference, especially if it saves you from having to include a switch.

The Cobra AC5300 features an aggressive design that has eight high-gain antennas that are responsible for stronger, better Wi-Fi coverage and performance. This new device from D-Link establishes a great heritage from award-winning modern routers that also features the latest generation of MU MIMO (multi-user – multiple input and output). The Cobra AC5300 also has provided you with the Wave II wireless support which actually aids in ramping up the speed of the device to an impressive 5.3 GBPS joined across three on board Wi-Fi bands. This is definitely suited for every user connected to the NBN, thanks to the built-in VDSL 2’s abilities. When it comes to the Wi-Fi portion of the device, the Cobra AC5300 also has it where it counts with the Power Zone coverage; so basically, this device has enough reach for your whole house. Generally, you’ll get a 1.8 GHz quad-core processor, as well as the latest MU MIMO Wave-II Tri-Band Wi-Fi; with this feature, you can easily have multiple individuals right at your home while streaming 4k videos, enjoying lag-free and seamless online gaming, plus high-quality audio playback that is streamed simultaneously.

Another cool thing about the Cobra AC5300 is the Smart Connect Technology from D-Link which allows the modem router to instantly assign the device to the clearest and best band that is available. Intelligent Traffic makes use of the QoS or Quality of Service engine to choose the fastest Wi-Fi for all the devices that are available in your home; with this feature, it will be able to prevent devices that are older from affecting the overall performance of your network.

For its advanced Smart Beam Forming feature, it works to better the coverage by directing the bandwidth to the devices available while you move in different areas of your home; this means you can still continue with video streaming, online gaming, or even surfing the web anywhere in your home without experiencing any noticeable loss in the Cobra AC5300’s performance so we’re giving a thumbs-up for this feature.

On the rear panel of the Cobra AC5300 you will find the DSL and Internet ports as well as 4 networking ports. The Cobra also features USB 3.0 and 2.0 ports: the USB 3.0 port can be utilised to link a media drive that will allow you to share contents on the network. For the USB 2.0 port, this allows you to network a printer.

Product Specifications

  • Ethernet Speed: Gigabit Ethernet
  • WAN Interface: Gigabit Ethernet, ADSL, VDSL
  • NBN / UFB Support: Yes (all are NBN)
  • LAN Port: Four
  • USB Ports: USB 2.0 | USB 3.0
  • Enhanced Coverage: Advanced AC Smart Beam
  • Parental Controls: Yes
  • Guest Network: Yes
  • Mydlink Enabled: None
  • Wireless Technology: AC 5300 | 1,000 + 2,167 + 2,167 Mbps
  • CD-less Install: Yes
  • VoIP: No
  • Whole Home Wi-Fi: No
  • Wireless Bands: Tri-Band
  • Warranty: Three-year Limited Warranty

Product Features

Listed are the key features of the Cobra AC5300 and these are the following:

Ultimate Wi-Fi Performance

AC5300 Wi-Fi speed for a very speedy home network experience

Advanced AC Smart Beam

This tracks your linked devices for improved Wi-Fi range and speed

Tri-Band Wi-Fi

There are two 5 GHz and a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi band to provide full Wi-Fi capacity

Incorporated ADSL / VDSL Modem

This can be utilized with all DSL services which include the FTTN-NBN universal connection in New Zealand and Australia.

Smart Connect

Smart bandwidth technology helps instantly connect every device on the network to the most adequate band that is present, for optimal connection.


This is similar to having numerous routers in your home or workspace; the Wave II Multi-user MU-MIMO sends, as well as receives data to and from the devices to boost efficiency and speed.

1.8 GHz Quad Core Processor

For faster and seamless processing speed; it also provides a more powerful modem router

Intense Streaming Ready

Allows you to stream 4k-HD media in every area of your home or work space. This is perfect for bandwidth-intense applications.

There are also other Cobra AC5300 features available to you and these include:

  • Share Port Web Access
  • Wi-Fi Guest Zone
  • Multi-language Web Set Wizard
  • NBN / UFB ready | VLAN tagging
  • UPnP Support
  • Green Ethernet
  • Bridge Mode
  • DLNA Media Server Support
  • PPTP / L2TP / IPSec
  • VPN Pass-Through / Multi-session
  • 1p QoS
  • Multiple PVC’s that reaches up to eight

Dual Active Firewall | Network Address Translation or NAT & Stateful Packet Inspection or SPI


The first thing that we noticed when firing up the D-Link Cobra AC5300 is that it has fantastic WiFi coverage. We found that the router easily covered the entire property with no issues at all.

Today, most people are mainly concerned with the speed of the internet instead of how quickly data can be transferred. So for the speed test on 100Mb Fibre Connection, we utilised the Ethernet connection as the baseline and recorded this at 96 Mbps. When we switched Wi-Fi, it gave us about 89 Mbps which is fantastic.

When using the D-Link Corba AC5300 we did not notcie any dead spots at all and everything was nice and quick with no dropouts. It also performed excellently even with continuous 4k video streaming to a smart television via our media player with no buffering experienced. It was of no surprise when we fired up a game of Overwatch that we experienced zero issues with lag.

With these results, it seems to show that the Cobra AC5300’s antennas, beamforming and smart band selection that saves users from selecting between 2.4 GHz and two 5 GHz channels) really do pay off.

Also, the Cobra AC5300’s support for the MU MIMO (multi-user, multiple input, and multiple output) will eventually come on its own when additional devices support this specific technology. Although any type of Wi-Fi router allows you to connect numerous devices, what commonly happens is that it allots its attention to a single device at a time. The MU MIMO allows the router to communicate simultaneously with two to four devices at once, while also decreasing the waiting time that usually causes buffering and other slow-downs.

How to Use

Installing D-Link’s Cobra AC5300 is very easy and you won’t require any technical expertise to do so. You have everything that you need to set up the wireless modem router since D-Link included all the important accessories and necessities for the device.

You will need to check and go to the IP address then follow the setup wizard that was stated in D-Link’s installation guide; this will let you properly setup all your connections such as the NBN or ADSL2. The whole installation process just took us a few minutes to complete so anyone can set up the Cobra AC5300 router because it’s really an easy task. The setup wizard of the Cobra covers all the things you need before you begin setting up the router – this also includes the administrator password of the router and we really thank D-Link for this. Most users leave the settings at their default values but of course, you still have the option of customising these based on your own preference.


D-Link offers easy to use software that allow you to manage the Cobra AC5300 easily and also includes a host of configuration options specifically for advanced users; these include the multiple PVC for DSL connectivity where the voice services and IPTV are available, the DHCP override parameters, plus the capabilities for configuring advanced settings for DSL modem components. D-Link clearly and primarily advertises the VLAN tagging which is also for the NBN / high-speed broadband services; it is also mainly a software feature that differentiates each networking vendor.

As for the mycloud feature of D-Link, this allows you to remotely configure the basic settings via D-Link’s website; plus, their offer for home Wi-Fi support that reflects the credentials and Wi-Fi name to extenders are soon coming in a future update for firmware that is specifically made for Cobra AC5300. We utilized the D-Link mycloud mobile apps and site for the D-link router; we also used this to access the IP cameras from D-Link and found this really easy to use. Very convenient and quick too so it’s definitely something good on their part. Also, their mobile applications are preferable over the mobile software and cloud of NETGEAR. Of course, there are security implications with every one of these solutions, however, these should not be considered as the main decision makers for your preferences. If you aren’t into the vendor cloud solutions, you just need to turn these off and you’re good to go since these are not mandatory anyway.

Control Panel

To further customize the Cobra AC5300 Router, you will need to access admin interface to setup port forwarding to host game servers, or if you need to change a DNS for the entire network when you’re utilizing a VPN such as UnoTelly DNS Service or Private Internet Access. From the browser-based dashboard, users can also set up parental control, monitor internet activity, as well as block other devices from connecting to your network. On the control panel, you will be able to access Cobra’s smart traffic prioritization option so you will be able to assign specific devices to have higher priority compared to other devices that are connected.




With all its features and capabilities, as well as the combined 4 Gigabit LAN ports, UPnP support, WPS, Parental Control USB 3.0 and 2.0 ports, etc., the D-Link Cobra AC5300 is definitely a complete package.


We’re really glad that D-Link was able to deliver and provide everyone with an extremely fast modem / router which is the Cobra AC5300. The best thing about it is that the device can easily keep up with the connectivity standards of this day and age; so if you’re someone who has a lot of smart devices in your home such as lights, appliances, speakers, and even security cameras, a product like the Cobra AC5300 can definitely accommodate all the connections with ease.

Another thing is that the Cobra AC5300 is a very fast modem router that provides outstanding Wi-Fi connectivity and easy installation; so if you are someone who wants high-speed connectivity despite having a lot of devices, we highly recommend D-Link’s Cobra AC5300. Additionally, the modem router also provides support for various types of connections, has excellent capabilities of connecting USB devices, and it also provides easy installation for outstanding performance.

Where to Buy

If you are planning to purchase your own D-Link Cobra AC5300, you can find it on D-Link’s official website and also from all the authorized D-Link resellers and retailers for $749AUD.

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