D-Link COVR-2202 Review

If your home or workspace is generally a big one, you most likely want to have good Wi-Fi in every area possible; there’s also a big chance that you’re thinking of a mesh network to do the trick. Luckily, D-Link launched their new and high-powered smooth-connecting Wi-Fi mesh system – their tri-band COVR-2202. The company claims that this can give your entire home consistent and good Wi-Fi coverage 24/7.

The new COVR-2202 is the company’s follow up device to their latest COVR-C1203 dual band Wi-Fi mesh system; plus, it is also an expandable solution that lets you enjoy wireless coverage in every portion of your property and home.

We’ll have to see if the COVR-2202 is up to the company’s claims and if it does cover the entire area of your home. First up, let’s take a peek at what’s included in the package of this device.

D-Link COVR-2202 Review – What’s in the Box?

When we finally received our own D-Link COVR-2202, we liked how D-Link presented their packaging since it featured the necessary details about the device and what it’s capable of. The D-Link COVR-2202 was shipped in a white box with a simple design.

If you look at the box’s front, you’ll see the brand and the product’s name on the left portion, while the image of the D-Link COVR-2202 itself can be found on the right. If you turn the box, the back portion of it displays the device’s primary features which is necessary if you’re out shopping for similar products in physical stores.

The left and right sides of the box just show more information and features of the COVR-2202. Underneath, you will see barcodes, serial numbers, and a few information about its limited warranty. There are also lists of the package contents and system requirements.

You’ll find the opening of the box on the front area; when you lift the lid, the first thing you’ll see is a piece of white cardboard. Underneath, you’ll immediately see the two tower pieces in their own designated trays, one of which has a red sticker that says, “COVR Point A”. You will also find a box that contains the quick install card, the D-Link GPL Code Statement, warranty information, and an RJ-45 ethernet cable.

The Product

D-Link COVR-2202 Review

The COVR-2202 from D-Link gives you two sleek, simple, yet attractive tower pieces. One would be the A node which needs to be installed and set close to your current modem or modem router; the secondary tower piece can be placed in any area that needs additional expansion of wireless performance.

The body and make of the COVR-2202’s nodes feature a good form, though these feature bright logo lights on the front portion. It depends on you if this is something aesthetically pleasing or not, but if you prefer not to have these lights, you can easily turn the lit portion towards a wall and the COVR-2202 would still have that nice and sleek appearance.

While these are not instantly obvious, each of the nodes feature two gigabit Ethernet ports that are specifically made for cabled connections. One of these is found on the A node which will need to be given up for internet connectivity; however, this leaves the rest available for connecting much older equipment, or any other thing that lags and needs minimizing.

The COVR-2202 features two gigabit Ethernet ports and six internal antennas; it also has WPS available and two LAN ports. It’s an AC-2200 (400 + 866 Mbps) tri-band device that supports satellite, FTTP, fixed wireless, and cable connection.  The COVR-2202 Wi-Fi radios reach up to 866 Mbps [5Ghz] x2 or up to 400 Mbps [2.4Ghz] and its Wi-Fi standard is 802.11 ac | Wave-2 tri-band wireless.

The COVR-2202 from D-Link also has the MU MIMO technology to give you a more efficient and faster wireless network. For its dimensions are 90 x 100 x 200 millimeters and its coverage area is up to a total of 560 sqm. Lastly, the COVR-2202 also features a three-year limited warranty which is good.

Product Features

Improved Connection with Mesh Wi-Fi

With Mesh Wi-Fi, your Wi-Fi signal is automatically optimized between the cover points. Wherever you place the device, your overall home network will give you better and improved performance.


Offering 11ac Wave 2, up to 2,200Mbps Tri-Band Wi-Fi, as well as MU-MIMO, you will be more capable of supporting multiple devices even when doing tasks that use an intense amount of data. Some of these tasks include VR gaming, 4K streaming, and simultaneous file sharing.

Wider Coverage

The amplifier of the COVR-2202  widens your internet connection’s coverage up to 560 square meters. This comes with high-speed Wi-Fi, the MU-MIMO technology, and six antennas that’ll leave you without dead Wi-Fi zones in your home.

One Seamless Network

No matter where you are, you only have one SSID for your entire home. With COVR, you won’t have to memorize usernames and passwords for each network which is extremely convenient. You can freely transfer these from one room to another while staying connected to your strongest signal. No need to disconnect and reconnect and that’s another good thing.

MU-MIMO Technology

The MU-MIMO is just like having multiple routers at home. This simultaneously sends data to multiple devices to heighten your network’s speed and efficiency. Each of your devices can receive data, all at the same time; plus, it improves the Wi-Fi network at your home for a better experience.

Smart Backhaul

To get the maximum backhaul capacity, the device allows one of the 5GHz bands to be dedicated between the units. With that, two bands connect to devices in your home while the third one connects to the satellite units and your router.

This is instead of crowding the other two bands which can slow down your internet connection. It frees up Wi-Fi capacity for reliable connections despite having a lot of devices connected.

Flexible and Powerful

COVR’s Wi-Fi system is pre-paired when shipped to you so it simply works and is ready to use once it’s out of the box. All you have to do is plug the COVR Points in to get started. What’s great about this device is that it is extremely flexible; whether you live in a multi-storey house or a single-storey apartment, the COVR-2022 can cover your entire house so you won’t have to deal with Wi-Fi dead zones again.

Smart Steering and Smart Roaming

You no longer need to think which device connects to what frequency with the help of Smart Steering. Smart Steering automatically connect your device to the appropriate wireless band between 2.4GHz vs 5GHz. It automatically redirects your devices to the optimal wireless band to clear Wi-Fi congestion. For Smart Roaming, this allows you to smoothly move from one access point to the next.

Easy Step-by-Step Setup
Setting up the D-Link Covr-2202 is very simple. D-Link’s Wi-Fi app gives a step-by-step process one at a time so you can easily install the Tri-Band Mesh Wi-Fi without any problem.


Using the Product

The COVR-2202’s Quick Install Card has two useful things: one would be the invitation to visit the App Store or Google Play to download the D-Link Wi-Fi, and the other is a QR code hinting that it will be accessed through the app.

Once you’ve accessed the online user manual, you’ll only need to follow a set of instructions to install the application. When you’re done with that, run the app to be invited to choose “install new device”. After this, you can scan the QR code found on the Quick Install Card; it provides the initial password and the network access point.

The node that is labelled COVR Point A should be linked to a current broadband modem using the RJ45 cable that is included in the package. This specific unit is the main device while the other unit is the slave. The instructions state that the broadband modem should be switched off while establishing a connection.

Now, you can plug in the wall wart then link to the COVR unit. Depress the small power switch in the recess beneath the COVR, switch it on, then it’ll start up. We timed it and it took about a minute to get it up and running; if required, the COVR-2202 will establish a connection (PPPoE).

There may be times when you will be warned about a communication conflict between the smartphone’s 4G and the Wi-Fi connections. To address the problem, we suggest that you temporarily disable the 4G for this specific situation.

At this point, you’ll be prompted to create your own password and SSID. It’s actually really refreshing to have this option since a lot of systems that we’ve tried made it quite a challenging option. You’re also prompted to create an administrator password which is necessary for the web-advanced configurations.

Lastly, the second COVR unit should be set at a certain distance, plugged and switched on. Once you have activated this and properly paired the device, its primary light will shift from blinking orange to a solid white. It’s a sign that the configuration process is complete.

Compared to using range extenders, the COVR-2202 units appear as one Wi-Fi network that has a single password and SSID.  Not only that, but you can also setup a guest password and SSID to allow temporary access. The good thing about this is that it’s a very easy thing to disable when you don’t really need it so it’s pretty convenient in our opinion.

A lot of the advanced features can be accessed through the web interface though it’s still possible to make a couple of simple changes via the app such as resetting or rebooting to factory settings, accessing schedules, modifying the timezones & administrator access password, and other similar functions.

Through the web interface, the features that can be changed include the IP address configuration, plus the QoS and DHCP services. Furthermore, there’s a built-in firewall that manages most of the basic security tasks; plus, the COVR-2202 supports the black and whitelisting of Port forwarding and websites which is something that we think is quite necessary.

The COVR-2202 did work very effectively and it boosted our Wi-Fi signal better than what we expected. It showed great coverage and we didn’t have any problems with the connection. Pretty cool and amazing, so we’re giving the COVR-2202 two thumbs up for its performance.

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After trying out the D-Link COVR-2022, we realized that it offers amazingly fast Wi-Fi connection. The promotional videos and other material state that the device offers a broad signal bandwidth and just like their claims state, it’s definitely true.

We also loved that despite our office’s walls that usually block signals, we didn’t experience any connectivity issues so work and gaming went smoothly the whole time. It also functioned excellently when it was able to extend signals even in the dead areas of the office.

All in all, we highly recommend the D-Link COVR-2202 especially if you need a device that can expand the coverage area of your Wi-Fi connection.

Where to Buy

Expand your WiFi network for $499AUD with the D-Link COVR-2202. Head on over to the official product page for more information.

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