D-Link D-Fend AC2600 Wi-Fi Router Review


D-Link has collaborated with McAfee – one of the world’s leading firms when it comes to internet security – and with that, have launched their extremely smart and secure Wi-Fi router, the D-Fend AC2600 Wi-Fi Router which helps provide protection to properly manage and control security. This also guarantees that you have proper connectivity with your own network by putting all those functions together.

The collaboration between D-Link and McAfee is probably the best today, since they were able to come up with such a device to heighten protection and security for all linked devices. It comes with outstanding firewall capabilities, and as opposed to using a separate firewall software on each linked device, the D-Fend AC2600 Wi-Fi Router does the job successfully in the background.

Today, we’ll be focusing on this device from D-Link and we’re going to give you all the details about what it is, how it works, what its functions and features are, if it performs well, and the most important thing, if it’s something worth investing in for your needs.

D-Link D-Fend AC2600 Wi-Fi Router Review – What’s in the Box?

When we first got our hands on the D-Fend AC2600 Wi-Fi Router, we were quite surprised by the slightly larger package which is completely different compared to the usual routers that are available in the market today. In all honesty, the packaging looks a bit intimidating, but don’t worry because it’s intimidating in a good way. And just like every other product from D-Link, the packaging for this D-Fend AC2600 Wi-Fi Router is very exceptional.

It has a lot of details and information going on and you’ll immediately know about the product’s features and what it can do since these are written on almost every part of the package.

Also, there are images that will help you determine which part is which. All the information on the box are vital since it will allow you and other users to make sound decisions when it comes to purchasing the device. You’ll also get to determine if it’s something that you’d really need, which is good.

When we opened up the box, you’ll first see the user manual and the quick start guide; underneath this, you will find the D-Fend AC2600 Wi-Fi Router itself. Almost all the routers that we’ve used and tested in the past featured a flat structure; yet when it comes to the D-Fend AC2600, it’s completely different since it has the shape of a cube.

The Product

D-Link D-Fend AC2600 Wi-Fi Router Review

The D-Fend AC2600 Wi-Fi Router from D-Link has a distinct and appealing design. If you inspect its exterior, you will find that it resembles a secure create in a nice and clean white color. We’re also thankful that the device does not take up a lot of space in cabinets compared to your classic, spider-looking routers that are much wider than this. You will find its power button at the top of the device, while all the connections and ports are located at the back of the unit.

One of the best things about the D-Fend AC2600 Wi-Fi Router is that it effectively protects and safeguards the devices that may not have any access to various types of security like Smart TVs, gaming consoles, or even your Wi-Fi camera by restricting hackers from remotely accessing this.

It also works by blocking off fake or compromised websites while simultaneously ensuring that any kind of Malware does not get installed to your device. Include 24/7 real-time security and access to the Global Threat Intelligence from McAfee also helps guarantee that the D-Fend AC2600 Wi-Fi Router has the newest updates, as well as parental controls, including five years of updates to the device itself. This is probably the best investment that you can make for all your home security needs.

LiveSafe from McAfee is also present and this feature protects your smart devices and PCs even if you’re out and about. It will help thwart malware, viruses, spyware, ransomware, as well as unwanted programs like multiple protection for your device for up to two years. LiveSafe is also great for your smart devices since it will monitor and protect at all times.

The D-Fend AC2600 Wi-Fi Router from D-Link is powered by the Intel GRX-350 dual core 1.6 GHz processor which guarantees you with smooth and seamless throughput speed right in your home; you’ll also have the Smart Beamforming technology which makes things even better.

Smart Beamforming is available on the D-Fend AC2600 Wi-Fi Router and compared to most Wi-Fi signals that sends omni-directional signals, this technology from McAfee locates where your device is to send it a focus beam. This results in outstanding connection for your needs. Not only that, but the router also makes use of the latest 802.11-ac technology to make sure that you have the fastest wireless speed that you can get.

Product Features

Keep your Children Safe Online

With D-Fend, you can limit your kids’ access by disabling various websites and specific web categories so they can only view age-appropriate content.  You can also create profiles for each of your kids by setting curfews. D-Fend also lets you pause their internet access anytime.

Handle Various Security Needs with just One Router

Instead of buying a Wi-Fi router, a firewall, and subscribing to parental control, go for the D-Fend AC2600 Wi-Fi Router with McAfee Protection. This lets you enjoy high-speed data-consuming activities such as streaming HD videos and gaming without having to worry about your kids accessing inappropriate content.

Easy Set Up and Management

D-Fend gives you the power to set up, as well as manage your Wi-Fi router and network security by simply using D-Link’s Wi-Fi app.

Protects Every Connected Device

From baby monitors to thermostats, D-Fend lets you protect any connected device, including those that can’t be installed with antivirus software.

Intelligent Security

D-Fend delivers advanced cloud-based machine learning into your home. It continuously updates the threat database to keep everything secure in real time.

Voice Control

D-Fend works with Alexa and Amazon for commanding and keeping track of your monitor, hands-free.

Safe and Protected Network

Give your home network an additional layer of security with the AC2600 Wi-Fi Router. Prevent malware and hackers at Router level before they come closer to your connected devices.

McAfee Global Threat Intelligence

D-Fend keeps your network protected with McAfee’s GTI or Global Threat Intelligence, This cybersecurity service determines and blocks appearing threats. With over 25 years of threat data and cloud-based machine learning that keeps the threat database updated in real time.

Smart Beamforming

This technology enhances coverage by directing bandwidth to your devices around your home. With that, you can enjoy surfing the web, streaming HD video, playing online games, and video-chatting with friends can happen wherever you are.

Great Value and Outstanding Security

D-Fend AC2600 Wi-Fi Router gives you advanced internet protection and complimentary subscriptions with McAfee LiveSafe and McAfee Secure Home Platform. You can get long-lasting internet protection for your home.


Using the Product

Setting up the D-Fend AC2600 Wi-Fi Router is really an easy process and you won’t need to have great technical expertise to do this. The first thing that you need to do is to download the D-Link Wi-Fi application for your smartphone before going through the wizard. Of course, you’ll need to scan the QR code first to do this.

You’ll need to switch off your modem then link the included Ethernet cable to it. Once that’s done, you’ll have to connect to the D-Fend AC2600 Wi-Fi Router as well. Next is to power up the modem then wait until it successfully establishes a connection.

After, you will need to switch on the AC2600 then wait for its LED to turn orange; after that’s done, complete the wizard by providing your network name, a password for it, then an admin password.

On the app’s main screen, you will be informed if the internet connection is secure; you will also see how many clients are linked. Another thing that we love about the D-Fend AC2600 Wi-Fi Router is that you can let other people scan the QR code on their devices to link to the network which is really convenient. Additionally, the application allows smart devices like Google or Alexa, so you can definitely use them to your advantage by asking them if your network is secure.

On the application, you will also find the built-in parental controls which can be managed via smartphone application. It includes making user profiles, blocking sites, setting contents that are age appropriate, permission to visit certain sites, internet curfew, and even pausing the internet.

Generally, this is a very intuitive application that lets every user use the D-Fend AC2600 Wi-Fi Router without experiencing any issues. If you ever have any issues or have concerns, you can still contact the support services from D-Link.

Lastly, the D-Fend AC2600 Wi-Fi Router provides you access to LiveSave from McAfee. This is for an unlimited number of devices and it also provides outstanding internet to prevent such things like malware, viruses, and the like, from attacking your PCs and other devices.

The D-Fend AC2600 Wi-Fi Router from D-Link is something like a virtual shield around your home to protect all your devices from various dangers from the internet. When trying it out, we didn’t experience any form of lags in terms of performance even with a variety of devices linked to the network. This is because of the 1.6 GHz Intel GRX-350 processor, as well as the 512M of RAM that is present.

The WAN port of the D-Fend AC2600 Wi-Fi Router is able to support connections of 1GB/s; and in terms of Wi-Fi performance, it was also great, and it would even be better with the mesh being enabled. It’s a great feature that would complement the router really well.

One of the biggest features of the D-Fend AC2600 Wi-Fi Router is the parental controls and security. The platform of D-Fend is specifically designed to secure and protect children while they’re online; and it did allow us to set controls in place, specifically around age-appropriate categories and content.

It’s a feature that really works, but you should remember that this isn’t something that you’d set then forget. You’ll still need to do the usual spot check / test to make sure that everything is running properly and smoothly. We also think that the feature of creating profiles for each child is really great since we were able to flexibly set child-specific configurations when it comes to access times and more.

For the bundled Secure Home Platform from McAfee, we were able to automatically get antivirus protection on all the network devices that are present; these include IP cameras, smart TVs, smartphones, and a lot more.

Compared to the Viper 2600 that’s also from D-Link, the D-Fend AC2600 Wi-Fi Router performed brilliantly. Its signal reach was better and there were no issues as well. All in all, we’re giving a solid thumbs up for the device, build, design, and performance.



D-Link has enhanced their wireless router to meet the needs and demands of today’s online world. With that, the company teamed up with Intel and McAfee to deliver better security features for this router. With its given price tag, we were impressed with what the D-Fend AC2600 Wi-Fi Router had to offer, plus, it also enforces top-notch security whenever you need it most.

The device will immediately detect and determine threats that are coming at your network, blocking these even before these access your network. Of course, since you can’t really trust everyone in the family to know how to secure and protect themselves from such threats, having the D-Fend AC2600 Wi-Fi Router is definitely a smart move.

Also, we really find the advanced parental controls, very helpful. It’s actually a treat especially when you have children in your home. So if you’re in the market searching for a new and effective wireless router that really does the job, then we highly recommend the D-Link D-Fend AC2600 Wi-Fi Router to you, and it’s definitely something that you should consider.

Where to Buy

Checkout D-Link’s store locator to see the company’s authorized dealers and distributors; here, D-Link will provide the best partner to meet your requisites when you purchase the D-Link D-Fend AC2600 Wi-Fi Router. If you reside in Australia, you can also purchase this from the company’s official website.

D-Link D-Fend AC2600 Wi-Fi Router Review
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