D-Link DIR-895L AC5300 MU-MIMO Wi-Fi Router Review

High-quality home internet has been in demand ever since its discovery. I could still remember that nostalgic dial-up sound every time I log on to check my emails. (Yeah, I was born and raised at that time, so I’ll accept any old jokes in the comments) For those who also had the privilege of growing up in the 90’s then you’ll know what I mean.

Back then, we’d wait a whole few minutes just to get around Kilobytes per second of internet service, yes you read that right – Kilobytes! And that was already “fast” just around the time the internet was first invented.

Now, in merely seconds you can connect through WiFi and start downloading in sweet, sweet Megabytes per second where it only takes minutes to stream or upload a completely High Definition video; what once needed days (and literally even weeks) to do.

Wireless connections developed fast, too fast for me, even. In just a few years’ time, we had transitions from simple and low speed wired dial-up to wireless, fast and constant. Not surprisingly, it created an increased overall demand for better connectivity, faster speeds, and better interface, etc. The most in-demand feature you ask? Internet sharing.

When mobile phones were invented and upgraded to access the internet. When almost every home had at least two devices that could connect to the internet. When office work required a stable internet connection for each employee, and when online gaming multiplayer faced its prime – all those changes gave birth to the product we all know and love today – high-quality Routers.

Routers brought us the fantastic opportunity to share our already fast internet with loved ones, office mates, fellow gamers, and even paying customers. Such an amazing device is the reason why D-Link products became so popular.

Sure, we’ve known a lot of devices that offer decent routers and repeaters, but overall, it was D-Link routers that always touched my heart when it came to internet sharing. Year after year, their releases have continually upped the previous products, and this device, the AC5300 MU-MIMO Ultra Wi-Fi Router DIR-895L, was no easy feat to accomplish.

It covers what you would expect from a powerful router, and more. Throw in the sought after multiple device connections, and the amazing long-distance sharing – this router has it all. Besides the usual and expected, it also came with great additional features.

A device deserving of its praise and is highly recommended, even hailed as one of the best routers of 2017. Diverse enough for home, office, and business establishment use. Here’s our review of the AC5300 MU-MIMO Ultra Wi-Fi Router DIR-895L.

D-Link DIR-895L Review – Whats in the Box?

The rectangular box holds the whole device and its parts, which is large. It is lighter than I expected, quite easy to carry around considering its size, able to use just one arm to carry. Will have little to no problem with shipping and transport, everything is intact and padded with foam and cardboard.

The largest part, the body, is positioned right at the center and padded all around with nice soft cushion foam that is moulded to its shape. On top of its sides are three rectangular cardboard boxes, which house the parts for power, like the adaptor and the plug, and the other wires like the connecting Ethernet cable. These rectangular boxes are neatly placed above the foam at both the left and right sides and the top side. They’re positioned a way that won’t compromise the interior package even with a few bumps or spins.

Once you take out the cardboard, around the body are the eight antennae each placed cozy with its bed right in the foam. The front part of the router’s body is covered by a plastic sticker cover.

D-Link’s AC5300 MU-MIMO Ultra Wi-Fi Router DIR-895L is a very well packaged device for me. It’s easy to take out, easy to put back and not a bother for storage or packing.

Another small box in the inside contains all the manuals and the configuration card.

The Product

D-Link DIR-895L Review – Sweet, Sweet Internet

I’ve always had a soft spot for futuristic and science fiction themed devices. And contrary to some views by others, I absolutely love spider-like the look of this device! A closer inspection and breakdown of D-Link’s AC5300 MU-MIMO Ultra Wi-Fi Router DIR-895L shows it was customised to have the theme of a modern, sleek, unique and bright future.

Its trapezoid-like shape makes it look similar to one of those operated drones, with its outward triangular head. What makes it great for me is it’s a new approach to the look of a D-Link Wi-Fi router. Taking out the bland, lifeless image of the old designs and replacing it with a unique shape coming in a dynamic scarlet red color.

Anyone going for a cool and lively look will appreciate its vibrant color. It really does grab your attention, along with its next quality – its size.

The D-Link AC5300 MU-MIMO Ultra Wi-Fi Router DIR-895L  doesn’t take up that much space, but consider having a small table around for it as it is larger than your usual small two-antenna router. Or, you can mount it up on the wall with its mount points located at the bottom (you’ll need a custom wall mount, however.)

Its flat base doesn’t slip on the surface of a table, as it comes with four rubber cushion pads located below and near its four corners. You’ll have no problems setting up as the wire connectors, along with the power and switches, are all situated in the back portion of the router – just place it near the edge of some space, and you’re good to go. We all know how we hate tangled up wires and messy fronts.

The back portion shows four points for Ethernet cables, one for wired connectivity, two USB ports (a 3.0 for storage and a 2.0 for printing) a power switch, the port for the power, a reset and WPS button, and a router-extender switch.

The eight black antennae are all detachable and go around the sides of the body, three on the left side, three on the right side, and two at the back (one at the right back side, the other on the left side of the back).  All antennae are designed to be able to move and rotate, so you can position it pointing to any direction you prefer.


Overall, it looks terrific in a modern living room or a game room. It adds a good twist to an office or workstation, and it is an eye-catcher if you use it in a restaurant or store.

Though it is a bit heavier than other routers on the market, the AC5300 MU-MIMO Ultra Wi-Fi Router DIR-895L feels at home with my other devices. It adds to the atmosphere of modern and quirky, and casts out a lonely or boring tone, opting for the exciting and rich instead.

The eight antennae are excellent to manage and move, they can go up and down, and you can also rotate them, giving you full control over where you want them to be pointed at. You don’t need much force either, and it can hold its position quite well, even after weeks of turning and twisting.

The power plug and adaptor is the same as its previous models and takes up very little space in my room. You can attach your Ethernet cables with ease, and the wires all come at a moderate length (Just enough to have it halfway across the room)

Overall, the feel of the AC5300 MU-MIMO Ultra Wi-Fi Router DIR-895L puts it a well above average compared to the rest. With its movable antennae and its solid frame, its moderate weight and organized wiring help make the feel this home and office router a welcoming one.

It has a good build, but it isn’t fully shockproof; sure it can survive a fall here and there, but make sure you have it safely mounted up (if you chose to wall mount) and avoid heavy objects crashing down on its antennae. The rotating and joint parts of each antenna are resilient and can survive a good long time maintaining its position even after continuous modification.

Maintenance is relatively easy; parts are quick and manageable to remove and clean.

Product Features

The AC5300 MU-MIMO Ultra Wi-Fi Router DIR-895L comes to an impressive package of high-end features. Considering it’s a newer model, you’d love to have all the latest innovative tech lined up inside this power router:

  1. 11AC Wi-Fi – Dubbed one of the fastest Wi-Fi speeds. Running up to 1,000Mbps for 2.4GHz band + 2167Mbps for each of the two 5GHz bands.
  2. 1GHz Processor – A powerful processor ideal for undisturbed internet connections and USB and Ethernet interface
  3. Traffic Prioritization – You can access and prioritize certain devices to shoot the internet speed faster and optimize the best quality for every device connected to the router.
  4. Tri-Band Technology – 3 bands to connect to, compatible with new and old devices, connects your device to the best band available according to range and compatibility.
  5. Band Steering – Automatically transfers connected devices to the less crowded networks to improve bandwidth efficiency and availability.
  6. Advanced AC SmartBeam – technology that enhances signal strength and range.
  7. L2TP Over IPSec VPN Server Support – Secures remote connections.
  8. Parental Controls – Blocks sensitive and other content to keep the kiddies away from troubling sites.
  9. Guest Wi-Fi Network – For guests! You can enable a guest network login, both for security and to control who logs in to your internet.
  10. Secure Wi-Fi Encryption – WPA/WPA2 high-level security for selected access.

Installation wizard boots easy and it manually helps you set up in literally just minutes. The interface is straightforward and organized. Set up for your mobile devices is as comfortable as detection and logging in with a password.

You can even download a free mobile app designed just for the router itself! You can monitor, control and find out more with your mobile device connected! Once the router is set up, connection availability is near instant.


As always, D-Link never fails to impress me with their new devices which exceed expectations. Performance wise, the AC5300 MU-MIMO Ultra Wi-Fi Router DIR-895L is one of the titans of this year.


To me, one top priority quality a Wi-Fi router MUST possess is a decent range. And the AC5300 MU-MIMO Ultra Wi-Fi Router DIR-895L offers a rather far-reaching distance – a staggering estimate of around 10-15m away, still the same speed as if standing right beside the router!

Thanks to the eight antennae, even at an around 20m, it can still connect. That immediately got me roused up knowing how powerful the router is. When situated in the center of my home, there is no area in my house and lot that’s not covered by internet!

Testing it out at different floors and rooms proved very fun and satisfying. Very little to no noted decline in speed after trying it out in the kitchen, toilet, and even in the front lawn! A bit of decrease in the garage, but nothing too significant, and I have the same speed in the attic and basement. Range wins a perfect score; this was the best range out of all the routers I’ve tried so far.

Gaming inside my room feels great. If you’ve got a gaming set up (PC or console) in a separate room, this won’t prove a problem. (Unless your walls are like 10 meters thick or something) The range shoots through walls and floors, and with its Tri-Band and Traffic Prioritizing feature, disconnections, and lag due to router difficulties are a thing of the past!


D-Link recommends 15 connected devices at a time, but you can comfortably connect to more than 20 devices. Of course, Internet speed is shared. So if you have too many devices connected with a below average internet service speed from your provider, expect a significant decline. If you have a decent to good speed, then you’ll have no hindrances to a great experience with connecting and using the net.

One of the perks of this router is its Tri Band technology feature, meaning it supports both the new and the old device’s connectivity, plus it helps decrease congestion. One 2.4GHz band and two 5.0GHz bands. This makes it three separate signals to connect to! More devices, more fun!


I have a 100mb Fibre connection and the D-Link router took full advantage of this with a download speed of 87.35mbs and an upload speed of 6.52mbs with a ping of only 7ms. This thing is going to be great for gaming.

Gaming and Streaming

Playing online first person shooters with no lag issues feels like heaven. PC online games have never felt better to play; I even tried my older MMORPG’s just to check out if there are less loading time and lag. And guess what? Even smoother than before.

Upon using D-Link’s AC5300 MU-MIMO Ultra Wi-Fi Router DIR-895L, all my confusion as to why my games weren’t playing right even with an expensive fast-speed internet was solved in a finger snap. It was a good router that I needed all along, and I’m thankful I had the opportunity to experience this glorious router – truly one of the best this year.

Gaming on mobile devices is nice and buttery smooth, even when I’ve got other people streaming YouTube on the smart TV and watching Netflix.


At the heart of this beast of a router is the D-Link router software where you can configure the router to your specific needs. The UI of the settings is very user friendly and intuitive and very clearly laid out.

Router Installation

The installation of the router could not be simpler thanks to the guided installation walk through that is provided by D-Link. Simply connect the router up and follow the prompts.

Home Screen

Internet Settings

Wireless Settings

Network Settings

SharePort Settings

MyDlink Settings

QoS Engine


Virtual Server

Port Forwarding

Website Filter

Static Routes

Dynamic DNS

Quick VPN



System Log







I’d recommend the D-Link AC5300 MU-MIMO Ultra Wi-Fi Router DIR-895L to everyone willing to pay for it which actually costs more than the average internet router – but justifiably so, this router just isn’t your average device.

All the high-end features speak for itself, and its range and connectivity breaks barriers. Gaming is always smooth when you have no trouble connecting to a fast internet. You don’t mind sharing the net when you’ve got three different signals to connect to.

Security and prioritization, even a free mobile app. Master access designed to control whoever connects and the ability to change to what extent you want the speed for them to be. When you think about it, this is the most ideal for a home with a lot of family members, an office with employees, or a business that has a lot of customers.

I don’t believe that a perfect router exists, however, the closest to the perfect router would have to possess all the qualities of range, connectivity, compatibility, security, and an amazing design – all the qualities the AC5300 MU-MIMO Ultra Wi-Fi Router DIR-895L have.

Where to Buy

If you would like to pick up one of these fantastic routers you can do so for around $699AUD, For more information head on over to the D-Link website.

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