D-Link Exhibits New Linked Innovations at CES 2018

9th of January, 2018 at CES, Las Vegas, United States

D-Link, the leading and most prominent provider of networking services, has introduced brand new products at the Consumer Electronics Show or CES in Las Vegas. D-Link has announced solutions and devices that provide ultimate convenience, comfort, seamless coverage, as well as excellent performance to meet all the demands of consumers who require outstanding and efficient network to accommodate a large number of linked devices in your home.

The company exhibited their new mydlink Connected Home Ecosystem together with the new mydlink app and other new products. These devices include the DCS 1820 LM Outdoor Camera as well as other new smart plugs, cameras, and even a water sensor. Moreover, the new mydlink ecosystem combines non-router mydlink devices in one app to increase, as well as improve the smart-automation possibilities, allowing consumers to easily manage rich features like IVA and cloud recordings. It also has a One Tap feature that lets users readily manage numerous devices and an assortment of actions into scenarios.

The BLE makes setting up seamless and simple, plus compatibility with third-party applications like Google Assistant, Amazon IFTTT, and Alexa means that mydlink meets all the needs and requisites of every consumer.

The company also revealed the next line of Covr Whole-Home Wi-Fi solutions that are powered by Qualcomm’s Mesh-Networking-Platform. The COVR C1203 or the Covr Dual Band Whole-Home Wi-Fi System brings the complete home-network coverage to more consumers because of its highly affordable price. Additionally, it is also the very first mesh system that features covers in different shades that can be switched.

The COVR 2202 or Covr Tri-Band, Whole-Home Wi-Fi System was chosen as the honoree of the CES 2018 Innovations Award; it provides outstanding speed and performance, plus its smart backhaul feature utilizes smart antennas to instantly optimize the backhaul signal for improved connection.

Both of the Covr Whole-Home Wi-Fi Systems also have the Smart Steering, Smart Roaming, and a smooth connection for homes of every size. Moreover, these solutions are also considered to be scalable so users can easily add more Covr Points depending on their needs and requisites. Management and set up are also very simple with D-Link’s Wi-Fi app to provide more convenience for its users.

The new DIR X9000 and DIR X6060 11-AX Ultra-Wi-Fi router give you outstanding performance for numerous devices in packed environments. The DIR X6060 is a dual-band router with combined joined speeds of up to 11,000Mbps and it also features upgraded coverage and four times more capacity over 11 AC with 1.8 GHz quad core processor. This delivers an increased network speed and is considered as the ultimate, and even the best router for simultaneous 4k and high definition streaming, cloud or remote storage, and VR gaming. The MU MIMO 4×4 also lets more users perform more highly data-intensive activities on more devices yet with lesser network congestion.

With the BSS OFDMA and Coloring, the routers deliver increased efficiency in networking for better home networks, especially in environments that are device-dense. Moreover, the routers can be setup and managed together with the D-Link Wi-Fi app.

About D-Link

D-Link is known as the global leader when it comes to connecting businesses, people, and cities. They aim to link more small businesses, homes, medium to large-sized companies as well as service providers. The company supports and implements unified network solutions that incorporate capabilities in wireless, switching, storage, broadband, IP surveillance, as well as cloud-based network management.

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