D-Link Expands on their Google-Assistant Compatible Products

D-Link Expands and Develops More of their Google-Assistant Compatible Products. Soon, everyone can start controlling their new smart plugs and mydlink cameras remotely with various voice commands.

The 9th of January, 2018; CES in Las Vegas

D-Link just announced that by the end of this month, the mydlink DCS 8000 LH High Definition (Mini Wi-Fi camera), the DSP W115 Wi-Fi Smart Plug, DCS 8100 LH HD Wi-Fi Camera, and the DSP W245 mydlink Wi-Fi Power-Strip can function adequately with the help of Google-Assistant. With this, every user can simply use the Google-Assistant to display the live view of their camera on any display such as a television when linked to the Google Chromecast device. Also, the mydlink Wi-Fi Power Strip and Smart Plug can easily be switched on and off with the help of Google-Assistant.

Graeme Reardon, D-Link’s ANZ MD says that D-Link’s new product unification with Google-Assistant allows every user to easily control and manage their mydlink cameras and their Smart Plugs by using their own voices. He also states that they plan to continue expanding and developing a wide array of Google-Assistant compatible items to offer more possibilities for adequate home automation for smart homes.

When it comes to configuring and setting up devices, every owner of the mydlink cameras and Smart Plugs are required to access their Google Home app or the Google-Assistant on their smartphones. Go to the settings menu, choose Home Control and then follow all the necessary instructions to connect their mydlink account to Google-Assistant. You won’t need any high technical skills to configure the devices which is something very convenient for every user around.

DCS 8000 LH HD

The Mini High Definition Wi-Fi Camera from D-Link lets you easily monitor the surroundings, no matter what time it is and wherever you are. The camera features a built-in night vision, as well as a sound and motion detector that instantly alerts and notifies you when something unexpected occurs. This provides you with extra protection and peace of mind.

DCS 8100LH High Definition Wi-Fi Camera

The high definition 180-degree Wi-Fi Camera from D-Link lets users easily monitor every area whether you are away or at home. The device is set with a built-in night vision feature together with a sound and motion detector; with these useful features, you will be notified instantly whenever something happens. The Wi-Fi camera from D-Link will surely keep your mind at peace with their latest in home security devices.

DSP W-115, Wi-Fi Smart-Plug & DSP W-245 Wi-Fi Power-Strip

The Wi-Fi Smart Plug from D-Link lets you easily switch devices on or off just by accessing their Mobile App on your smartphone or tablet. It is made to provide safety and convenience by allowing you to create on and off schedules for all of your connected devices. Also, the Smart Plug helps prevent devices from overheating since it also monitors and manages your energy use.

The DSP W-245 Wi-Fi Power-Strip also allows you to manage and monitor the usage of power of all linked devices to provide extra overheating and surge protection. Not only does mydlink provide detailed information about the power each connected device consumes, but it will also provide customized notifications to your smartphone to inform you when it switches a device off or on.

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