DC will launch a streaming service with ‘Titans’ Series

A lot of networks and streams have found success in niche genres. Cable TV has dedicated networks for certain genres. Cartoons have their own networks most notably Disney, Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network. In fact Time Warner has recently launched its own dedicated stream of its classic cartoons. Nowadays, it seems like almost every niche has been covered except superhero shows. Sure there are an abundance of superhero shows ranging from cartoons to even live-action but won’t it be even better if there is such a platform dedicated to only streaming your favorite superheroes?

Kids and kids at heart rejoice! DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. Television have partnered up to bring you their own new streaming service that will be launching by 2018.

Two series have been confirmed on this new service. One is from executive producers Greg Berlanti and Akiva Goodman named Titans.

Titans is a live-action show that centers around Dick Grayson also known as Robin with other iconic DC characters such as Starfire and Raven all of whom are well known characters from the Cartoon Network Show Teen Titans. The original pilot was produced by Warner Bros. back in 2014. It was originally in development that was to be released on TNT until the network all of a sudden decided to cancel it. The show has been revived and you’ll have another chance to see your favorite characters come to life with a live-action adaptation. The show will also be the flagship live-action series of the new digital streaming service by DC and Warner Bros. You can also only catch Titans exclusively online on the new stream service.

Additionally, there’s a strong enthusiasm on Titans from other areas including a separate SVOD provider, however Warner Bros. chose to make it the flagship of their new streaming service with DC Entertainment.

Another exclusive show to be released as part of the lineup by the tandem of DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. is an animated series called Young Justice: Outsiders. This was Cartoon Network show which originally aired until spring 2013. It will be revived on the new platform which will continue where the original series left off on the second season called Young Justice: Invasion. The show has reached over 25 million unique viewers in both its season when it was in Cartoon Network. The new season will have the team take on meta-human trafficking and its effects on society.

The executive producer of Teen Titans Go! will also be executive producer of the new season of Young Justice. The critics praised Young Justice for its rich storytelling and amazing visuals until it was cancelled which caused a crowd funding to try to bring it back. The show also won an Emmy for Individual Achievement in Animation for Bousassa for the “Independence Day” episode back in 2011. It was rumored that it would be airing on Netflix because the two seasons of Young Justince is part of its current lineup. Warner Bros. however decided to put the newest season on their new platform. The third season will be making its debut on the new streaming service come 2018.

A statement by Time Warner CEO back in 2015 claimed that cord cutters’ favorite services such as Netflix and Hulu would apparently receive certain seasons of DC shows pretty late. But due to the fast growing interest of the public on online streaming, things would finally change.

As of now, other details of the new streaming platform such as price are still unknown.

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