Different Technology And Gadgets Used For Digital Marketing

Remember those days when companies had to hire salesmen who used to move door to door in an area for selling their products or services? Remember those days when brands had to spend thousands of dollars just to run a 30 seconds clip on TV at the prime time, but you never knew who was going to be the audience? In short, it used to be blind marketing, i.e. unknowingly targeting the consumers. It also infers that producers were unaware of the demand for time and there produce couldn’t satisfy everyone in the town.

Digital marketing is just the same old marketing but done in terms of digital means. It allows you to know where your consumer loves to spend most of his time. Today the world is shifting towards digital marketing due to its significant range of benefits.

This digital marketing has created a lot of opportunities for many people. Every tool, every technology used in digital marketing is a skill and companies are nowadays willing to give a handsome amount of salaries to those people who can implement these skills. Like you have to learn social media marketing which is trending among businesses widely. Well if you are wondering how can a person learn and do all of these things, then you can have a lot of help from multiple sources that are emerging for the purpose. That is why Digital Marketing Agency Australia stands ahead among many agencies who have admirably gained their position in the marketing world for the phenomenal services they offer.

Analysis Of Big Data

You remember that traditionally it was very hard to understand what your consumer wants and what can a company do so that the attention of a consumer stays on their brand? Nevertheless, with the introduction of digital marketing, it has become so easy. Everyone using the internet is creating data that is stored in a technology called cloud. This cloud is accessible to everyone and companies fetch the data from the storage, analyze them and plan their next digital marketing campaign to target the consumers. Data scientists mostly are employed to aid decision making. Like if the data tells that a person who is interested in kangaroos searches for them every Saturday night from 9:30 pm to 11:00 pm, the company who is running any kind of business-related to kangaroo will advertise as per the information given.

Google Trends

It is a free tool of Google that allows anyone to see and analyze how many people are searching for a certain keyword or things. You know in digital marketing keywords are very important. This tool/digital gadget helps digital marketers analyze how many people are looking for a specific thing on Google and in which area. With this information, they will be able to run ads just in those areas and at that time when they are looking for it the most.


It is an amazing digital gadget that a digital marketer uses to see which content is getting more engagement. This also lets that individual see where people are talking about the content too. Hence, by using the analysis provided by it, anyone can decide there to post, what to post, and how to post so that they can also get a good audience.

Google Ads

Google is also providing a platform for a digital marketer to promote any brand. It is the tool that a digital marketer to run ads on Google. It allows you to publish ads on a website or a keyword and much more. It is the main tool for marketing on Google.

Google Analytics

When it comes to the point of why digital marketing is more successful and cheap as compared to the traditional is the ability to analyze the performance of your ad or campaign. So many tools can be used for the analysis of your campaign, but the most highly used tool by any digital marketer is Google Analytics. It can be integrated with your Google ads account, and then you can generate reports to measure the performance.


Another most amazing tool introduced to boost the field of promotion is Ahrefs. It is one of the best tools referred to for SEO and SEM. The main reason is that it let you see almost everything about the competitor. It can give you information like where does your competitor website ranks on every keyword they have used. Or the source of the traffic on their website and how many backlinks are embedded on the competitor website. Now with that information, a digital marketer can alter their campaigns to compete or surpass the competition.

Facebook Audience Insight

Now, this is a specific tool just to analyze the audience on Facebook. It is one of the most underutilized options available from Facebook to help digital marketers to run ads on Facebook. It allows you to see where the interest of people is shifting in your target market is or where they are spending most of the time on so that you can device your activities accordingly.

Facebook Ads

If you want to run the ads on Facebook, then you must know this option because you can place ads on Facebook by this one. It is a tool embedded directly in the Facebook site, and every digital marketer uses it to publish ads on Facebook. Since Facebook have so much data, it allows the digital marketer to narrow down the target audience so much that the ad is visible to only those people who are interested in looking and searching for that product only. Like if someone in Melbourne is following Melbourne Cricket Stadium, Facebook will allow you to show ads that target Melbourne Cricket Stadium.


Digital marketing is the future for sure, and advancements are predicted with no limits. It’s very essential to estimate how many people watched the advertisement? What was their age and gender and location, but it also lets you analyze the behavior of your target audience so that you can plan your activities accordingly? For this, there are many tools and technologies like big data, buzzsumo, Google trends, Google Ads, Google Analytics, Ahrefs and many more.

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