Does Netflix Care if You Share Your Account?

It’s no secret that people share their Netflix accounts. In fact, more than half of all Netflix users admit to sharing their accounts with others. Have you ever stopped to think if sharing your Netflix account is allowed? Because if you think you’re fooling anybody, you’re not – Netflix can see perfectly well that users are sharing their accounts.

The question is, does Netflix care? And is account sharing allowed according to the terms and conditions of Netflix? If you don’t know the answer to these questions, keep reading!

Is Account Sharing Allowed?

Short answer – yes, it is allowed to share your account. BUT only with people from your household. That’s why there’s the option to create separate profiles for a single Netflix account.

But not all account sharing is allowed – sharing your account with people outside of your household goes against the terms of Netflix. Yet, many Netflix users still do this, which ultimately lessens the potential revenue that Netflix could earn if everyone paid for their own account. To tackle this, Netflix has started a beta program to hunt the defaulters.

They are trying to develop a two-factor authentication kind of a feature to make sure only account holders use the account. However, there’s no recent news on this feature, so your shared account is safe for now.

Are You Aware of The Dangers Of Account Sharing?

Although convenient, have you ever thought about the dangers of sharing your account details? If you don’t act responsibly, there can be quite a few.

Suppose you use the same password for your Netflix, email, social media, and even bank account. Once you share your Netflix password with someone, you unknowingly invite trouble. If the other person doesn’t use the password responsibly, it might get leaked. Once it’s leaked, outsiders can access all of your accounts.

Moreover, identity theft is another big threat of sharing your Netflix account. Details like your name, phone number, address (or any other details) can easily be extracted from your account. This information can then be used for various malicious purposes.

Want to share your account securely? Follow these steps

We won’t tell you to stop sharing your Netflix account entirely. Until Netflix takes any robust actions to stop this from happening, why wouldn’t you want to save up or help your friend save up on money? Well, if you still keep sharing your account, at least follow these tips to do so safely:

Don’t send your password over text

You don’t want your password to be out in the open, which is why you should never send your password through text or email. Instead, tell the person your password without writing it down, or share your password through a password manager (a password manager will share your passwords securely and keep them encrypted to outsiders).

Be careful who you trust

How can you be sure that the person with whom you share your Netflix password won’t share it with others? It’s always risky. So, it’s better to share with those whom you have known for a very long time. This means only your family and closest friends.

Change your password frequently

Change your password every 1-2 months. This will help automatically remove all the unwanted users from accessing your Netflix account if your password gets leaked somehow.

Create a unique password for Netflix

You should create a unique password for Netflix instead of using the same password that you use for other accounts. This will protect your other accounts if your Netflix password ever gets leaked.

Use the “sign out of all devices” feature

This Netflix feature allows you to sign out of your account from all devices. This can be useful if you ever suspect that your Netflix account has gotten into the wrong hands or if you just don’t want to share your account with a specific person anymore.


Netflix currently isn’t taking any action to stop people from sharing their accounts, even though sharing your account with people outside of your household is against the terms of use. However, you still shouldn’t forget the security issues that may arise when sharing your Netflix account. So make sure to follow the tips mentioned above if you want to keep your Netflix account and other online accounts safe!

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