DXRacer Classic Series: Buyer’s Guide

With more creative and entertaining games such as League of Legends, Fortnite, Dota and many others in control of the gaming industries, gamers find themselves glued in their gaming stations for more hours than ever before. If you are one of the serious gamers, then it is no doubt that you need one of the best gaming seats to make your gaming experience more enjoyable and healthy. Needless to say, to sit for four or more hours while gaming requires a healthy and comfortable posture. In the market today, you will find all sorts of gaming chairs which vary in terms of design, shape, colour, size and many more features. However, not all gaming chairs will work for you so it is important to invest in a seat that offers you maximum comfort during game play.

A quality seat for gaming purpose is ergonomically designed with reinforced padding in place and advanced features to ensure that you can enjoy gaming for hours without getting fatigued or hurting yourself. Some even come with powerful sound system which boosts sound performance for the game. Such gaming seats are design to not only make the gaming room appealing but also to prevent the gamer from muscle tensions as well as neck and lower back pains allowing you to focus on the game. With a great gaming seat, it is no surprise for gamers to remain seated the whole day without getting tired or complaining of back pain.

It is all about Comfort

Though other features such as stereo speakers, mouse holder and monitor stand are important, when shopping for a gaming chair, you should focus more on the comfort features. Gamers are known to spend long hours seated, comfort is important to ensure that you get little fatigue and to promote heath gaming. You should look for features that allow you to adjust your posture as you like and keep health problems at bay. It is also equally important to choose a seat that perfectly suits your body size and height to enjoy maximum comfort.

Unfortunately, most of the top model gaming seats available in the market today are designed for people with small to medium body size, probably because they are the majority but we have the best recommendation for gamers who don’t comfortably fit in medium gaming seats. If you are looking for a seat that offers a wider seating space or a taller seat for your legs, with DXRacer Classic you will find your fit.

The DXRacer Classic Series

DXRacer is a reputable brand and well known all over the world for its quality when it comes to gaming chairs. They have a variety of gaming chairs made of quality materials and shapes to support all gamers irrespective of their sizes and budget. The gaming chair experts focus on comfort and other additional features that any game would ask for. Some of the general features of the DXRacer Classic model include:

  • Adjustable backrest feature which allows 120 to 135 leaning to guarantee optimal resting while gaming.
  • Height control feature to provide headrest at the most comfortable level.
  • Multi-dimensional straight armrests to support your arms and wrists while playing.
  • Ergonomic cushion padding on the armrests, lumbar and neck pillow.
  • 2-3” wheels for free movement.
  • 24 Months warrant on all accessories and lifetime for the frame.
  • Three attractive colours options to choose from.

The DXRacer Classic Big and Tall Gaming Chair

The classic Big and Tall DxRacer model is made to support bigger gamers. The seat can support up to 300 pound and has an extra wider and high backrest to comfortably support your back and neck. It can lean back for up to 1200 to relax your spine when gaming. It has straight armrests to hold up your arm and wrists but they are not padded. Regarding the dimensions, this model is 21” wide and 19” deep to give a bigger sitting space than the standard gaming seats. The backrest is 23” wider and 33” tall making it suitable for taller guys.

It also features a wide base made of aluminium which helps to prevent tipping when leaning. The base contributes more of the 66 pounds total weight making it sturdier and heavy duty model for heavy gamers. The seat and the backrest are covered with vinyl leather which is durable even on daily use. The chair also has the gas spring height control so you don’t need to worry about the leg angles as you can adjust to your preferred height. If you have been frustrated by use standard gaming seats that are smaller for your size, then this PC gaming chair with a car-racing inspiration can be your best fit.

Beyond what you can see

DXRacer has always been a sign of quality and they have not frustrated with this model. The DXRacer Classic Big and Tall Chair has been design to offer more than you can just observe. Some of the benefits of purchasing this model are:

  • Durability – A construction that is made to serve you for years no matter how frequently it is put in use.
  • Sturdy and comfortable armrests – Though not padded they are comfortable for the arms and strong for wear and tear.
  • Heavy base and strong backrest – To support your back without tipping backwards
  • Warranty – a proof of the manufacturer’s confidence in the quality of the chair
  • Strong and wide seat construction – To support heavy weight gamers. It is one of the best models for larger and taller gamers.
  • Multi-purpose use – can be used for gaming, in your office or home though it is recommended for gaming station.

However, the DXRacer Classic Big and Tall Chair is not suitable for hot gaming rooms as the vinyl leather tend to stick on the skin on high temperature. Though suitable for large body size, it is always important to try on the seat before purchase if you are buying from a physical store to ensure that it is a perfect fit for you. You may also need to compare prices from different retailers to land on the best deal in the market.

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